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How many of you like The Judds?

I was born in 89 so my first memories of Wynonna were from 1992-1993 when I was about 4. Our country radio station did play some 80s Judds stuff, but I remember when No One Else on Earth, I Saw the Light, She Is his Only Need and Tell me Why were new in 1992-1993.
Sucks how after 1993, Wynonna kind of faded away. Hearing her voice brings me back to my childhood. I wish I was around when the Judds were popular. At least she's reunited with Naomi a few times and she still sings here and there.
And I had no idea I saw the Light was the biggest country hit of 1992--there were much better songs out there that year. I like it but I'm just surprised it was #1 for the year.

Like the proverbial cheese, I stand alone. Even while seated.


I like them very much, saw the duo twice and Wynonna solo a few more time. Wy has a voice like no other.
First time I saw them was with Alabama, George Strait and Randy Travis.


Love The Judds.


One of my first memories of music is their song named "Have Mercy". My most favorite song from them is "Turn It Loose". (smiles)

God bless you and them always!!!


P.S. I also love their song named "Stuck In Love" (smiles)

Check out my most favorite singer, James Otto, when you can! I love him SO much!!! (smiles)


They've got some good radio singles.

"Mama He's Crazy"

"Why Not Me"

"Love Is Alive"

"Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ol' Days)"

"Rockin' with the Rhythm of the Rain"

"I Know Where I'm Going"



If I recall "Achy Breaky Heart" was the most popular country song of 1992. But whatever

I remember them well

The most found memory that stands out in my head of them is "give a little love" it was quite a popular trend down in Texas where I lived at the time in Houston. I remember seeing moms and daughters dressing a like back then quite often. In fact I think I even dressed up with my mom for the song at the time. If you try to catch the trend its pretty cheesy and lame and not what it use to be back then, but it was fun while it lasted.

I remember every little girl singing along to "I know where I'm going, don't you wanna come to" Country music was big in Texas even with Michael Jackson and Madonna riding up the charts.

I remember I saw them once in 1984 in concert singing "Why not me" they look the same as they did in their hey day" Wynonna wore a sparkly hat. It was quite dangourous at the time at their concerts A lot of rednecks and hillbillys and people that were out laws where there. It was sorda of a free for all of anyone can come. They let a lot of pedophiles and children their as well. Granted that was just where I lived in Texas.

They definatly lived up to their sterotype and their image back then. With Wynonna pretty much singing and the mom working the crowd with her simles and her waves. She was real energetic and fun back then.

Theres a stick that I still think came from that concert with them singing "Why not me" that I still think moves the points in the system in nature. A pretty dangourous and health hazord stick if you ask me.


also wanted to add if I recall wynonna Judd had a second album that was pretty popular in country music. I remember the song "Tell me why" playing on the radio back then at least on all the country music stations I listend to back then. Like us 99 which is pretty popular country music station in IL where I lived at the time. I also remember "only love" and the music video being on TNN all the time. That was before CMT existed.