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Best 53-man roster of fictional football players

I recently created a roster of the best fictional football players throughout TV and film. Below is the starting 22 of the roster (you can find the full squad here

Who do you think should be in the starting group and who do you think I left off the roster?

The Starting 22

QB Willie Beaman
RB Earl Megget
FB Guard Dunham
X Rod Tidwell
Z Deacon Moss
TE Brian Murphy
LT Bud Kaminski
LG Andre Jackson
C Manumana
RG Jamal Jackson
RT Louie Lastik

DE Julius Campbell
NT Switowski
DE Steve Lattimer
Sam Gerry Bertier
Mike Alvin Mack
Will Luther Lavay
Jack Vontae Mack
CB Earl Wilkinson
CB Stefen Djordjevic
SS Brian Chavez
FS Petey Jones