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Are You or Someone You Know a Justin Bieber Fanatic?

Do you enjoy the music and antics of Justin Bieber?

I do and I just found this website that is giving away limited quantities of a Justin Bieber Exclusive iPhone protective case.

I just received mine on Friday, all good so thought I would share.

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I believe they are called Beliebers?


I despise Justin Bieber.

"Now, now, he's learned his lesson. Isn't that right my little patient?"-Fluttershy


I'm with you there.


And you should post this in the Pop board.

Please excuse my terrible redaction, english is not my native language


No. Hell could get your ass kicked for saying that in here.

dies ist meine unterschrift


And no Pop Board exists.

BTW I'd love to see a complete archive of the Justin B board posts...

Here's some:
-His writings within the Anne Franke house was a vile and detestable act on a very sensitive topic in world history.
The fact Beliebers defend him is horrific and embarrassing for this generation. Even for humanity.

-His haughty arrogance. Talking and acting with this egotistical "I'm better than anybody else" facade makes me hate him more and more. This right here (even tho he has
a good voice) overshadows his songs, to me.

-The Beliebers. They make me hate him more than he himself makes me hate him.
Defending him for all of his offensive and stupid stuff he does.

JB hater:
Of the top of my head?
-----That Anne frank thing
-----Driving under the influence
-----Pissing in a cleaning bucket and claiming the janitors should feel honored by that
-----"*beep* you Bill Clinton"
-----Several charges of assault
Well, that's of the top of my head. If you want more, just google.

I don't hate this kid, but I don't like him and I definitely get why people would.

He suffers from a severe case of entitlement, which is why most people hate him and that's where most of his probably stem from.

He's entitled to pee in a bucket, drag race, ditch a pet, cheat on his gf, spit on his fans, etc etc etc. Rules are for other people and he can do
whatever he wants and that's a really ugly attitude that most people hate because we all have to follow the rules.

IMO if he didn't feel so entitled he would be an ok person, but the fact is he's been super famous and practically worshiped since he was about 14 years old so he's messed up.

I feel sorry for him but at the same time I think he's a serious a-hole and basically deserves what he gets.

He's gotten his hand slapped enough times and yet he hasn't changed for the better.Stuff like talking about Anne Frank is in SUCH bad taste, but imo it's more like a young person
who's out of touch with reality, like John Lennon saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus.

A lot of kids say some pretty stupid things, I know when I was young I said some stupid things I'm glad haven't been spread around the world for everyone to mock.

IMO the problem with Bieber is that no one remembers he's just a kid and they have too high expectations for him while he himself has too low expectations of his own behavior.

Try that crud on senior citizens. I'm young and kinda grew up on knowing a spammer when I see it ...

Those are some comments there. All of them were archived by me from the good ol' JUSTIN BIEBER