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80's Songs in 80's Movies Rocommendation List

For anybody interested in some 80's music that played in some 80's movies, here's a list of some of my favorite songs and movies. Of course I know there's a lot more on the actual soundtracks, that do and don't exist today. I just thought it might give some people ideas to new music or new movies they hadn't thought of. Some of these movies could suck to another person, regardless, the soundtrack is worth it for the artists of that time period. You should be able to find all of the music on Youtube, good luck on finding all of the movies to watch. I hope it helps anyone looking for music recommendations. Of course you can shoot me any movie I might've missed in these final days of IMD[]. In order by release date. ;)


1980 American Gigolo - Love and Passion (by Cheryl Barnes)
1980 Caddyshack - I'm Alright (by Kenny Loggins)
1980 Cheech & Chong's Next Movie - Hell On Wheels (by Steve Lukather)
1980 Little Darlings - One Way Or Another (by Blondie)
1980 Prom Night - Fade To Black (by Gordene Simpson)
1981 Heavy Metal - Reach Out (by Cheap Trick)
1981 Hell Night - Hell Night (by Leza Miller)
1981 Modern Problems - Gonna Get It Next Time (by The Tubes)
1981 My Bloody Valentine - The Ballad of Harry Warden (by John McDermott)
1981 Taps - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (by Stevie Nicks)

1982 48 HRS. - Roxanne (by The Police)
1982 Fast Times At Ridgemont High - I Don't Know/Spicoli's Theme (by Jimmy Buffett)
1982 First Blood - It's A Long Road (by Dan Hill)
1982 Hey Good Lookin' - Burnin' (by Ric Sandler)
1982 The Last American Virgin - Teen Angel Eyes (by Tommy Tutone)
1982 Tootsie Tootsie (by Stephen Bishop)
1982 Night Shift - Night Shift (by Quaterflash)
1982 TRON - Only Solutions (by Journey)
1982 The World According To Garp - Long Way To Go (by Alice Cooper)
1982 Zapped! - Shoot the Moon (by Plain Jane)

1983 All The Right Moves - All The Right Moves (by Jennifer Warnes and Chris Thompson)
1983 Bad Boys - In The Dark (by Billy Squier)
1983 Class - Hiding From Love (by Bryan Adams)
1983 Easy Money - Love's Got a Line On You (by Scandal)
1983 Losin' It - Losin' It (by Jeff Alan Band)
1983 National Lampoon's Vacation - Holiday Road (by Lindsey Buckingham)
1983 Private School - How Do I Let You Know (by Phoebe Cates)
1983 Risky Business - The Pump (by Jeff Beck)
1983 Rumble Fish - Don't Box Me In (by Stewart Copeland)
1983 Scarface - Push It To The Limit (by Paul Engemann)

1983 Spring Break - Do It To You (by Hot Date)
1983 Strange Brew - Strange Brew (by Ian Thomas)
1983 Valley Girl - I Melt With You (by Modern English)
1983 Wargames - Video Fever (by The Beepers)
1984 Bachelor Party - Little Demon (by Adrian Zed)
1984 Firstborn - No Guarantees (by The Nobody's)
1984 Footloose - Never (by Moving Pictures)
1984 Hot Dog The Movie - Top Of The Hill (by Clif Magness)
1984 Ghostbusters Hot Night (by Laura Branigan)
1984 Gremlins Make It Shine (by Quarterflash)

1984 The Karate Kid - You're The Best Around (by Joe Esposito)
1984 Night of the Comet - Unbelievable (by Revolver)
1984 No Small Affair - No Small Affair (by Rupert Holmes)
1984 Police Academy - She's in my Corner (by Jack Mack and the Heart Attack)
1984 Repo Man Repo Man (by Iggy Pop)
1984 Revenge of the Nerds - Revenge Of The Nerds (by Rubinoos)
1984 Savage Streets - Exploding Bullets (by Real Life)
1984 Sixteen Candles - If You Were Here (by The Thompson Twins)
1984 Streets of Fire - Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young (by Fire Inc.)
1984 The Terminator - Burnin' In The Third Degree (by Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz)

1984 The Wild Life - Metal Of The Night (by Hanover Fist)
1985 Back to the Future - The Power of Love (by Huey Lewis & the News)
1985 Better Off Dead - With One Look (by Rupert Hine)
1985 The Breakfast Club - Don't You Forget About Me (by Simple Minds)
1985 Commando - We Fight For Love (by Power Station)
1985 Demons - Save Our Souls (by Motley Crue)
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan - One Thing Leads To Another (by The Fixx)
1985 Explorers - This Boy Needs To Rock (by Night Ranger)
1985 Fright Night - Give It Up (by Evelyn 'Champaigne' King)
1985 The Goonies - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (by Cyndi Lauper)

1985 Gotcha! - Gotcha (by Theresa Bazar)
1985 Hard Rock Zombies - Cassie's Song (by Paul Sabu)
1985 The Heavenly Kid - Heartless by (by Joe Lynn Turner)
1985 Just One of the Guys - The Hard Way (by Brock/Davis)
1985 Legend - Is Your Love Strong Enough (by Bryan Ferry)
1985 The Legend of Billie Jean - Invincible (by Pat Benatar)
1985 National Lampoon's European Vacation - Back in America (by Network)
1985 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge - Terror In My Heart (by The Reds)
1985 My Science Project - My Science Project (by The Tubes)
1985 Once Bitten - Once Bitten (by 3-Speed)

1985 Real Genius - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (by Tears For Fears)
1985 The Return of the Living Dead - Tonight (by SSQ)
1985 Rocky IV - Hearts On Fire (by John Cafferty)
1985 Secret Admirer - No Secrets (by Van Stephenson)
1985 Silver Bullet - Joy Ride Reprise (by Jay Chattaway)
1985 St. Elmos Fire - St. Elmos Fire Man In Motion (by John Parr)
1985 The Sure Thing - You Might Think (by The Cars)
1985 Teen Wolf - Win In The End (by Mark Safan)
1985 Tuff Turf - Love Hates (by Marianne Faithful)
1985 Vision Quest - Change (by John Waite)

1985 Weird Science - Turn It On (by Kim Wilde)
1986 About Last Night... - Living Inside My Heart (by Bob Seger)
1986 At Close Range - Live To Tell (by Madonna)
1986 Back to School - Dead Man's Party (by Oingo Boingo)
1986 Big Trouble in Little China - Big Trouble in Little China (by Coupe de Villes)
1986 Cobra - Angel Of The City (by Robert Tepper)
1986 Critters - No Turning Back (by Che Zuro)
1986 Crocodile Dundee - Live It Up (by Mental As Anything)
1986 Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Beat City (by the Flowerpot Men)
1986 Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI - He's Back The Man Behind The Mask (by Alice Cooper)

1986 The Golden Child - Body Talk (by Ratt)
1986 Howard The Duck - Hunger City (by Lea Thompson & Thomas Dolby)
1986 The Karate Kid Part II - Glory of Love (by Peter Cetera)
1986 Labyrinth - Underground (by David Bowie)
1986 Lucas - King For A Day (by The Thompson Twins)
1986 Maximum Overdrive - Who Made Who (by AC/DC)
1986 Night of the Creeps - Nightmares (by C-Spot Run)
1986 One Crazy Summer - Don't Look Back (by Demi Moore)
1986 Pretty in Pink - If You Leave (by OMD)
1986 Psycho III - Catherine Mary (by Stanton Miranda)

1986 Rad - Break the Ice (by John Farnham)
1986 River's Edge - Let Me Know (by The Wipers)
1986 Short Circuit - Come And Follow Me (by Max Carl and Marcella Detroit)
1986 Something Wild - Temptation (by New Order)
1986 Syd and Nancy - Hot Dogs With Everything (by The Pogues)
1986 Terrorvision - Terrorvision (by The Fibonaccis)
1986 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - Life Is Hard (by Timbuk 3)
1986 Top Gun - Destination Unknown (by Marietta Waters)
1986 Transformers: The Movie - Nothin's Gonna Stand in Our Way (by Spectre General)
1986 Trick or Treat - Stand Up (by Fastway)

1986 Vamp - Now I Ride Alone (by The Dream Syndicate)
1986 The Wraith - Never Surrender (by Lion)
1986 Youngblood - Winning Is Everything (by Autograph)
1987 Adventures in Babysitting - Real Wild Child (by Iggy Pop)
1987 Beverly Hills Cop II - Hold On (by Keta Bill)
1987 Can't Buy Me Love - All Night (by Randy Hall)
1987 Creepshow 2 - Driving to the Edge of Time (by Tim Broughton & Eddie Jones)
1987 Date With An Angel - Understanding Jane (by The Icicle Works)
1987 Dragnet - Just The Facts (by Patti LaBelle & Ira Newborn)
1987 Dudes - Mountain Song (by Jane's Addiction)

1987 The Hidden - On Your Feet (by Shok Paris)
1987 Hiding Out - So Different Now (by Felix Cavaliere)
1987 Hot Pursuit - Lessons in Love (by Level 42)
1987 The Howling III: The Marsupials - Wipe Your Tears Away (by Vitamin Z)
1987 Less Than Zero - A Hazy Shade of Winter (by The Bangles)
1987 Like Father Like Son - Wild Side (by Motley Crue)
1987 The Lost Boys - Cry, Little Sister (by Gerard McMann)
1987 Mannequin - Do You Dream About Me? (by Alisha)
1987 The Monster Squad - Rock Until You Drop (by Michael Sembello)
1987 My Best Friend is a Vampire - Same Man I Was Before (by Oingo Boingo)

1987 My Demon Lover - Let Go by (by Intimate Strangers)
1987 Near Dark - Naughty, Naughty (by John Parr)
1987 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - Dream Warriors (by Dokken)
1987 Over The Top - All I Need Is You (by Big Trouble)
1987 The Pick-up Artist - She's Crafty (by Beastie Boys)
1987 Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol - Dancin' Up A Storm (by Stacy Lattisaw)
1987 Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Modigliani Lost in Your Eyes (by Book Of Love)
1987 The Principal - Woman's Touch (by John Waite)
1987 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise - Back To Paradise (by .38 Special)
1987 The Running Man - Restless Heart Running Away With You (by John Parr)

1987 The Secret of My Success - Something I Gotta Do (by Restless Heart)
1987 Some Kind of Wonderful - Turn To The Sky (by March Violets)
1987 Spaceballs - Good Enough (by Van Halen)
1987 The Stepfather - Run Between The Raindrops (by Pat Benatar)
1987 Summer School - Mind Over Matter (by E.G. Daily)
1987 Three O'Clock High - Something To Remember Me By (by Him Walker)
1987 White Water Summer - Life In A Dangerous Time (by Cutting Crew)
1988 Big - Hot in the City (by Billy Idol)
1988 Black Roses - D.I.E. (by Hallow's Eve)
1988 The Blob - Brave New Love (by Alien)

1988 Bloodsport - Fight To Survive (by Stan Bush)
1988 Bright Lights, Big City - True Faith (by New Order)
1988 Earth Girls Are Easy - Baby Gonna Shake (by Royalty)
1988 Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood - Magic In Your Eyes (by FM)
1988 Fright Night Part II - Come To Me (by Deborah Holland)
1988 Ghoulies II - Scream Until You Like It (by Wasp)
1988 Heathers - Teenage Suicide Don't Do It (by Big Fun)
1988 Killer Klowns From Outer Space - Killer Klowns (by The Dickies)
1988 License to Drive - Waiting For The Big One (by Femme Fatale)
1988 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master - Back to the Wall (by Divinyls)

1988 Night of the Demons - The Beast Inside (by Dennis Michael Tenney)
1988 Return of the Living Dead II - Flesh to Flesh (by Joe Lamont)
1988 Tapeheads - Beat Me Senseless (by Circle Jerks)
1988 Vice Versa - Crazy in the Night (by Malice)
1988 Zombi 3 - The Sound of Fear (by Clue in the Crew)
1989 Back to the Future Part II - I Can't Drive 55 (by Sammy Hagar)
1989 The 'Burbs - Machine (by Circus of Power)
1989 Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - The Darkest Side of the Night (by Peter Fredette)
1989 Loverboy - Anywhere's Better Than Here (by The Replacements)
1989 A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter (by Bruce Dickinson)

1989 Say Anything... - In Your Eyes (by Peter Gabriel)
1989 Shag - Tommy Page (by The Shag)
1989 Shocker - Shocker (by The Dudes of Wrath)

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