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In my view, the heyday of the classical music board was 2007-2010, when a confluence of good posters made the board a superb place at which to discuss music and aesthetics.

Regrettably, I drifted away from posting, though I occasionally did make time to return to see what was occurring. I was horrified to notice in early April that the message boards have entirely disappeared.

A measure of horrour disappeared when I discovered that this site has archived the old posts. Whilst it seems as quiet as a crypt, and whilst I do not think the prospects of returning to the 2007-2010 glories are necessarily good, I am prepared to do what I can to return to that golden age...

So - let us have one of the finest works of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745):

De profundis in D minor, ZWV 50,

Now, with any luck, I shall soon be joined by Fudlush, Alma Winemiller, Carl-laFong, Aulic Exclusiva, austendw, fontinau, christomacin, Tony-358, and Dorisa!

ὑπερθορὼν δὲ πύργον ὠμηστὴς λέων
ἄδην ἔλειξεν αἵματος τυραννικοῦ


Haven't heard from any of those people since. Any way of tracking them down?