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Just a one answer puzzle or riddle.

Well, maybe it's more of a shaggy dog joke, but here goes.

The setup:

The Clinton daughter has a sex change; let's call her/him Chad now. Chad starts a career as a singer, specializing in odd medleys. Chad inserts the garage rock song that introduced Van Morrison and Them to American audiences into the middle of "The Banana Boat Song."

The question:

The transliteration (into English) of what Latin phrase that is used in the mass, liturgical works, and a hymn would best describe that middle piece of music?

Sorry, the explanation is a bit wordy, but I think it works.

¿Dónde están los kits de molde?


A Christmas song: "Angels we have heard on high". (Gloria in excelsis Deo)

There's a difference between being frank... and being dick.


Yes, Gloria In Excelsis Deo is the phrase I was looking for.

"Gloria" in ex-Chelsea's "Day-O"

We're singing Vivaldi's Gloria in choir, and I keep thinking of that.

Thanks for playing.

Here's the Vivaldi, if you haven't heard it. Even if you have heard it, here it is anyway. Great piece of music and fun to sing:

¿Dónde están los kits de molde?