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Hoodman HoodLoupe Optical Viewfinder for 3.2" LCD Displays

If you need to see an LCD display on a camera - or even on a smart phone - but sunlight makes it almost impossible to see the screen clearly, you can put this viewfinder up to your eye on one side and against the screen on the other to see the screen perfectly.

I bought this several years ago and I wasn't using it that much, but all of a sudden, I'm taking photos outside a lot. This works beautifully to see the LCD screen in spite of harsh sunlight.

It has a focus adjust so that you can make sure that your eye is seeing a truly focused image.The way I set mine is use the viewfinder to look at the screen on my iPhone first. I adjust the focus on the viewfinder so that I'm seeing the iPhone screen as clearly as possible. Then I trust it when looking at a camera's screen (that is, I know that my vision has been accounted for when I'm trying to decide if something is in focus).

I hold the viewfinder up to my eye as if it's part of the camera. It has a neck strap so I can let go and just press the viewfinder up to my eye with the camera itself. It's a really good way to see the LCD screen outdoors.