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Those cameras given away by companies for free for promotional purposes

Here are photos taken with one from the 1930s, the Kodak Baby Hawkeye:[email protected]/28006655955/[email protected]/28143016865/[email protected]/26136503906/[email protected]/27836205830/[email protected]/27624185703/

I think the photos came out pretty well considering the camera doesn't even have a viewfinder (it does have a thin piece of metal wire, which provides no help with composition. In fact composition and framing are purely guesses with the camera. Plus, the fact that it is a small box makes it hard to hold level).

In other words, this is the 1930s equivalent of the trashcams released by Vivitar during the 1990s/2000s (Vivitar was a weird brand. They did everything from high-quality lenses to garbage give-away cameras. Very weird).

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