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Who WAS Jack the Ripper?

So who WAS Jack? After on and off research of many years I tend to plump for Jacob Levy. But I'm sure there are differing opinions.


John Douglas speculated David Cohen or someone like him, and he rarely seems to be wrong in his profiles.

My best guess was someone tied to the medical profession, a surgeon or a doctor.

Dr Frederick Gordon Brown, the City of London Police Surgeon, stated that the person who inflicted the wounds on Catherine Eddowes would have required a good deal of knowledge as to the position of the organs in the abdominal cavity and the way of removing them.

Best clue.

So there was only 5 victims total and there are questions as to the connection of the murders. Some accounts say up to 14?

Did the Ripper have sex with his victims?

Contemporary medical examinations on the Ripper's canonical victims reported that there was no evidence of "recent connexion"

So that rules out one motive.

On some victims there were only a few cuts and stab wounds, while others were mutilated beyond recognition.

Seems like an Inconsistent pattern.


From everything I've read - Francis Tumblety - the US quack Dr was a good bet.

The Police at the time- and susequent findings- had/has Aaron Kosminski as the main suspect though.