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A film about the Franklin Expedition

AMC's adapting Dan Simmons novel The Terror and director Jean-Marc Vallee announced back in 2014, shortly after the discovery of the HMS Erebus that he was planning on adapting Dominque Fortier's novel On The Proper Use of Stars.
Both are novels about Sir John Franklin's lost expedition in search of the fabled Northwest Passage.
However, I think a better movie made on the subject would be one about Lady Jane Franklin's efforts to find her husband and his men; she petitioned the Admiralty, Parliament, and even then-U.S. President Zachary Taylor and the Congress all to send relief expeditions after her husband and used her own wealth to purchase and outfit vessels, including the one, a yacht called the Fox, the voyage of which in 1857-59 finally reached King William Island where Franklin's party came to grief and where all the evidence was found by Fox's commander Captain Francis McClintock that finally revealed the fate of the Franklin expedition.

The narrative could still be punctuated with flashbacks to the expedition itself following every major find that is revealed during Lady Jane's search(i.e. the graves on Beechey Island, John Rae's reports of cannibalism collected from the Inuit, the aforementioned discoveries made by McClintock, etc.)

What do you think?


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