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Anyone here original imdb rpg board or otherwise?

Hi everyone!!

I just found this board and it's a replacement for the imdb message boards (RIP)?

Anyone here?

I can see this as a place to post some writing in the future if there's people who would like to read it. Or any others have something you want me to read?


I'm here! It's TwistedFateL4. Though you probably aren't surprised as we still keep in contact haha.

Any one else from the IMDB rpg days still around? Let us know! I'd like to start an old fashioned RPG possibly with some old timers.


Haha nope, no surprise there, but glad to see you here as well :)

It looks like it's just us right now... That's a shame! I think an RPG may just ask for too much activity with the way the board is now. But maybe you could do it in a way I have with a former member (bullcerifleh) back in the day and in some Battle Royale RPG's?
Basically, it's others who give you the characters and then you write the whole thing - instead of choices, you just get feedback from those reading it (people who didn't sign up can of course also reply!). Or maybe even just discuss some characters together and post here for feedback? You know I'd read it at least.

Just see what you think.