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The Jedi's Quest (Role Play)

The Jedi's Quest

The Jedi are dwindling. Whether they were wounded or killed in the Clone Wars, or hunted down by fanatics, they are a dying people. As a last ditch attempt, the remnants of the Jedi Council sent a team to search for a powerful artifact that might just save them from extinction. The journey will be difficult, but with it comes new hope (pun fully intended c;).

This takes place roughly 20 BBY. In other words, Palpatine has rapidly risen in power, but hasn't yet pressed the button to exterminate every Jedi. Anakin is on a dark path, but not yet Darth Vader. Luke and Leia haven't been born yet. The Clone Wars are nearly over.

1. No overpowered characters, no god-moding (taking control of other characters or being insanely powerful).
2. Balance your character(s). No one is perfect. Make them complex and unique. You have three chances. I will be more lenient than I normally am, since I don't know how things are normally run on here, but please try to be reasonably detailed. I will allow some canon characters, but please ask first. I'm already messing with the timeline a bit, and I would prefer not to go too far.
3. You must be accepted by me before role-playing. Again, I will try to be lenient about this, but I just want to make sure we don't have any phony caricatures. Post your character(s) in the "The Jedi's Quest (Sign-Ups and Questions)" thread.
4. Think PG-13. No sexting (romance is allowed, but kissing max). Mild swearing is allowed, but don't go dropping the f-bomb every sentence. If you do swear, try to star out letters, i.e. s***. Violence and gore are allowed, but don't go overboard and make anyone throw up.
5. Use "..." for speaking; (...) for out-of-character in the role-play itself, i.e. asking questions about a plot point or clarification; and *...* for direct thinking/mind-speaking.
6. Any questions, feel free to ask.

For more information, and to join, please see the other thread: The Jedi's Quest (Sign-Ups and Questions)


Zahara glanced around, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the dimly-lit cantina. The scents of fresh baked food and strong alcoholic drinks wafted through the air, barely masking the odors of sweat and blood. Vita chittered and curled up on Ara's shoulder.

Maz smiled broadly and walked over to them. "Jedi are always welcome," she said, shaking each of their hands in turn. "Yoda told me you would be coming." She looked up at them, adjusting her goggles to get a better judge of their character. "There is a pilot sitting in the far corner who can help you." She jerked her head towards a shadowy table, where Cassian was drinking alone.

Zahara smiled grimly. "Thank you," she replied, then walked over to the young man. "Hello? I am Zahara... Maz said you might be able to help us. We need a skilled pilot, who can adapt quickly to whatever the situation calls for." She tilted her head to the side, looking at the man curiously.

Cassian looked them up and down. "You're not working for that pr*** Palpatine, are you? Nor the snake Sidious?"

The young woman stiffened and shook her head, stroking her pet lightly for support. "No... We're Jedi."

"Who work under Palpatine. Isn't that right?" Cassian scoffed, then took another swig of his ale.

"Well, not exactly..." Ara hedged. "We're working on our own in this."

Cassian shrugged. "You better have a damn good reason for me to help you, and a heck of a lot of cash."

Zahara frowned. "It's for the greater good. To preserve the Jedi Order and the Light."

The pilot laughed harshly. "'The greater good,'" he echoed mockingly. "Do you have any idea how many people use that bloody excuse? People have ordered genocides 'for the greater good', did you know that?"

Ara stiffened. "Please. We'll pay you well. We don't mean anyone harm," she added quietly. The furry creature on her shoulder nuzzled her cheek comfortingly.

Cassian arched an eyebrow, then looked at the other Jedi. "Well, what do your little friends have to say about this? You're a rather motley crew. Who are you? Why are you way out here, going on a wild goose chase?"

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Ranbl Migam sighed. "I'm Ranbl Migam. We came here for help. It's not wise to speak so openly when enemies gain in numbers by the day. Now can you be of assistance? Time is of the essence and all inquirires will be made known too you when trust is earned."

(The pilot took another shot from his glass. The mist spewing over the cup in arches. He slams it down on the table.)

Cassian narrowed his eyebrows and looked Zahara straight in the eye. "A jedi asking for help? Unheard of. What charlatans are you?"

Ara unclasps a purple bag from around her waist and throws it in the table. Three coins of gold glimmer in the dim light. "We are not fancy magicians for your amusement. If you can't be of service, there are others who will gladly take our money elsewhere."

(Cassian stares down at the money laid before him, eyes full of greed, as he considers his next move.)


Cassian set down his tankard and glanced between them, then turned to the man first. "I've gotten out of worse scrapes than you've gotten yourself into. Besides, this place is a sanctuary, no fighting or arresting allowed," he said. "And you'll need more than that, sweetheart," he said mockingly to the girl. "Any idea where we're going, how long we'll be gone?"

Zahara narrowed her eyes. "Don't call me 'sweetheart', filth," she snapped, then exhaled deeply. "There's more in the pouch. Fifty gold." Ara hesitated a moment, then added slowly, "Kashyyyk is the first stop. We don't know how long it will take."

Cassian shrugged and grabbed the bag, biting a coin to check its authenticity, then looking at the contents of the pouch. "Enough to get you there and back here at least. From there, you pay for the next stop, depending on its location."

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Ranbl Migam bows his head slightly and gestures his hand.
"Fine. The agreement has been made. Lead the way."

He bows his head slightly and holds out his hand slightly guesting him out. Cassian took another shot and slams the glass down on the table. He raises his hand, signaling to the waitress that he’d needed the check. Across the smoke filled room sits a dark haired man at a lone table hunched over a large metal cup watching the group. The waitress is paid a gold coin and walks away with her tray through the maze of creatures ranging in size from giants to dwarfs, some with rabbit-like ears and others with fifteen eyes towards our mysterious stranger. The waitress momentarily blocks his view of his targets as they make their way outside of the bar. "Will there be anything else I can get for you hun?"

The man rises, taking a coin out of his pocket and hurries to catch up with them before he loses his chance of collecting the bounty placed on the jedis heads. "That will be all"


Cassian swore under his breath. "Hurry your a**es up, we got a tail," he hissed, then jogged out to his ship and hopped into the pilot's seat, starting to press buttons to get the thing going. "Better hope they can't track through hyperspace."

Zahara followed swiftly, holding Vita tightly to make sure the furry creature didn't fall. She risked a glance back, her gaze quickly scanning for their pursuer.


The black haired man eyed his fleeting captives as they made their way onto the ship. He raised his shirt taking out the blaster from his waistband and took off the safety. He aims his gun to fire sending a beam of light towards the back of the fleeting jedi.

Ranbi catches it from the corner of his eye, he twists his hand and sends the bolt swirving to the side into the concrete walkway. It explodes leaving a smoking black mark. "Hurry onto the ship"

He holds out his hand helping Vita aboard the ship. The man starts running towards them, his boot smacking a puddle of water to the side, leaving water prints in it's wake as he nears the plane. He aims his gun to take his last shot as the last jedi is about to step on board. The man aims his gun as the jedi slowly turns around and see the blast of fire.


Cassian glanced back at the male Jedi. "Hey! What are you waiting for?" he snapped. "Get inside and close that damn door so we can get out of here!" The engines whirred the ship prepared to take of.

Zahara ducked inside and grabbed a seat, watching the mysterious man from the corner of her eye as she strapped in. Vita chittered nervously, wrapping herself around Ara's neck for comfort. The female Jedi stroked her pet absently and murmured soothing nonsense as she the throttled the urge to jump up and kill their pursuer. There was no time for that.



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Ranbl stared into the face of death itself the flare of light headed for him. Using both of his hands, straining the purple pulsing viens in his arm, as he swung the door closed. The sound of a thump as the door caves in leaving a dint in the metal. Ranbl leaned back in, wiping the sweat off his forehead and sighed with the others in relief as the plane ascended down the makeshift runway. "That was close. Tis better to be more cautious in the future when venturing out into the townsquare." He goes to take his seat next to his companions taking deep breaths.

The man watches as the plane, taking shots one after the other until it raises it's heels taking off into the starry black canvas of the night. He puts his gun away, pulling out his transmitter and running towards his own craft for persuit.

A little blue beam springs up revealing a holgram image showing a ceremonial chamber. Dual, corroded Corinthian columns within circles spiraling down with stone steps draped by a red velvet carpet leading to a shallow pit with a stone throne at the center. A dark figure sits upon it shrouded in a black robe covering his face, leaving a dark void looks back at the shooter. The figure growls as he watches the man juggling his transmitter as he makes his way to the craft. The man raises the glass panel and hops over the side and crawls into a sitting position as he places the transmitter in front of him for further orders. "They have escaped my Lord. The jedi became aware of our activities and managed to find a pilot who will take them to Kashyyk. They plan on disrupting the caravan." The glass planel raises above him as he puts the controls in rear rising into the air.

The dark Lord holds up his boney yellowed clawed hand. "Who dare betray the councils orders."

As the ship stakes off at warp speed after the ship, Crypto keeps one eye on driving the craft and the other on his boss. "It was Cassain".

The dark Lord tilts his head. "He wouldn't dare double cross me. He is aware of the consquences of all those who have tried and failed.

The man puts the ship in maximum overdrive. "I saw it with my own eyes. You know he could never turn away a client for the right price. His loyalty was not to be trusted."

The dark Lord curled his hand in rage. "So be it. If he wants to play hero, it'll cost him his head."

The man makes a turn, his full determination set on bringing back the captives. "I'm on it sire."

The dark Lord lowers hand. "Don't let anything stop you, Crypto. It would be an embarrassment for our movement. That ship must never dock.".

Crypto's face fills with determination as he whizes through the depths of space closing in on his target. "Understood." He comes upon the back of the fleeing ship, he zooms in on their position through a green screen microscope as he aims to fire.


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Cassian threw the ship in gear as soon as everyone was seated, speeding off as fast as his ship would carry them, but not risking lightspeed just yet.

Zahara gasped at the abrupt change in speed, hanging on tightly. After a moment, she exhaled and forced herself to relax. But there was no time; their pursuer had caught up. She frowned and turned in her seat. The little creature in her lap hissed.

Cassian cursed colorfully once the other ship appeared on his radar, quickly taking evasive maneuvers. "Can either of you shoot from a ship's blasters?" he asked the passengers. "Or do your Jedi tricks extend to other ships in space?"


Ranbl looks at the pilot. "The distance is too great. We'll have to rely on a academy training. "

Crypt follows them at a distance and guys The projectile causing two shot of purest light to hit it's target from the back. The plane takes a hit from the blasters causing the plane to shake wildly.

Inside red lights and alarms are going off. The captain looks down seeing a red for approaching at a fast speed. The passangers man the battle stages. Ranbl turns a metal wheel like the ones used for subs to remove the side frame of the plane. "Zahara wait until the intruder reaches our position at three centimeters and fire."

As the craft inches forward, bullets rip from the side of the plane. Crypto is rocked back and forth from inside the cock
pit as he tries to steady the craft."We are under heavy fire, sir".

The dark Sith hizzes. "Hit them with the torpedo blaster!"

Crypto starts flipping a few switches causing a panel to pull away as a steele rod rises from out of the top of the ship. A rocket launcher wheels to life as the metal cover pulls back on itself and aims at the ship.

Ranbl sees through the telescope as a burst of smoke shoots forth from the cannon heading towards it fatal end. "Watch out." He throws his hands at the controls and causing the pilot to jerk the wheel to the side.

The plane spirals to the left nearly avoiding the torpedo as it whizzes past nearly clipping the ship. The plane hurls itself down a great distance barely squeezing between two planets.

Crypto turns to see them escaping the onset of fire and tanks the controls to follow suite. "Not this time."

The sith tilts his head. "You cantake a short cut through the center of O'Rien and cut them off at the intersection before they escape your grasp."

Crypto raises the acceleter handle flying down towards the center of a red planet.


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Cassian set the ship to autopilot for a brief moment to fire up the ship's laser cannons and aim at the enemy ship. "Firing," he announced, then shot one major blast at the enemy before re-taking control of the ship to take evasive action.

Zahara managed to get a few other shots in, using the Force to help guide the missiles to the target. She held on tightly as the ship picked up speed yet again.

Cassian made the ship dodge most of the enemy fire, but they were still hit enough to warrant a landing to check the status of the damage. The pilot hurdled towards the closest planet, seeking to lose their pursuer.


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Crypto flew through the red planet's core. He dodged rock bolders as he zig zagged after them. In front of him a snake creature resembling a leviathan with a scaly hid, red eyes, slithered out of a hole in the chrust. It's forked tongue hizzing as it opened up it's mouth to swallow him whole. Crypto eased up on the staring wheel deriving around as it narrowly avoiding the dark cavern of it's mouth. As he made his way out of the planet, the ship passed him. He went on the offensive turning on his shield as the enemy fired beams booming all around him. Crypto launched another torpedo this time hiting the ship's wing bellowing up smoke and fire. He cruised closure towards them.

Inside the ship the pilot waved Ranbl away, cursing him under his breath as he regained control of the wheel. "We have to lose him." (He pointed to a area of the map showing rock sized objects in his field. "Head into the astroid belt. Zahara keep the defensive going."

The ship entered The narrow space dodging the ice chunks. Crypto tried to follow them in averting rocks as they hovered up and down. He got them back in his target range ready to fire when his beam hit one of the rock's splitting it into a million pieces. Pebbles rained supreme in his view as he slowed down to avoid any obstacle in his way. When the dust settled the ship was gone. "I'm sorry sire. They have alluded us again."

The sith struggled to contain his rage. "You fool. You were highly recomanded for this mission and haven't lived up to the stories I've heard about you."

Crypto stared at the dark figure determined to please him and take the glorious reward awaiting the first who would being the captives in dead or alive. "All is not lost. I will head too Kashyyyk. I have a trap waiting for their arrival. They'll play right into our hands".

The sith rubbed his hands together. "Excellent. See that you do. And Crypto...."

He looks down at his mentor full of unease. "Yes, Lord Sideous."

The sith leaned closer to the screen as he spoke with venom. "If they manganed to slip your grapes this time I'll have you impaled and left in the courtyard of my palace." The trabsmition cuts out. Crypto goes stone faced and heads off to meet them at their future destination.

As the ship hovered over the planet the captain pulled up his screen scanning for the damaged inflicted upon them. The report read that the wing had suffered a blow at twenty percent damage. "Well captain, I hope your skills involve being a mechanic otherwise we may have to dock at a terminal until it can be repaired."


Zahara grimaced, concentrating on shooting the enemy ship until it was out of sight. She then turned her attention to the moniter showing the damages and exhaled slowly. That would certainly be a setback.

Cassian grinned once they lost their pursuer, then laughed. "What kind of pilot doesn't know how to fix their own ship?" he scoffed, maneuvering through the meteor shower as he approached a neutral moon. "It'll just take a few hours, perhaps less."

Ara arched an eyebrow, doubting he could fix the smoking mess so quickly, then hugged and stroked Vita to calm the small creature.

"Hang on, might be in for a rough landing," the pilot warned as they approached the moon. The ship wobbled a bit as it entered the atmosphere, but Cassian just barely managed not to crash, pulling up at just the right moment. It landing was still rather jarring, however.

Zahara cursed under her breath, then got up and climbed out of the ship, scanning the area for enemies or signs of life in general. They had landed on a dry plateau, with a market town roughly a mile to the west.


The wind whistled through the lonely baron wasteland. The two suns burned bright over the planet nearly blinding the jedi as the door opened. The metal rail pulled down letting them walk safety towards the grown below. Behind them the pilot had an electronic screw driver out of doctor who as he went to work on the wing. Ranbl survalanced the cracks in the ground as he stood upon the dry surface. "I feel like I'm baking from the heat. I'm surprised any life could thrive with such extreme conditions."

Zahara petted her little creature and seemed eager to him of exploring their new habitat. It would be a nice rest from all the trouble they encounced. It felt nice knowing that the danger had ceased even if it was only temporary. Ran stripped off his robe traveling a black shirt and pants underneath. "I think I saw a city up ahead. Up for a little adventure?"

The jedi treaded across the desert as the scortching Sun beat upon their backs. The sweat poured off every fiber of their being. They stopped once taking a quick water break from a cateen before reaching the outskirts of the city.

It had many dunes, buildings consisting of shops, homes and what looked to be a palace decorated with jewels, fountains, palm trees, as well as modern statues of elephants. Connecting the roofs of many buildings are tightropes and planks of wood hoisting clothes dyed in rich colors of gold, blue and red. They all stood in wonders at the everyday life of the common people bustling around a town square wearing scarves which wrapped around the head, pinned under the chin and gently rests on the shoulders. It is usually worn on top of a cap of the matching colour, which helps to keep the hijab in place ontop of pink flowery robes. The man site similar scarves wearing black rugged robes.

Ranbl had never seen such a rich vivorent culture. "Tis very beautiful. A shining dimond amongst the ruff."

As they walked amongth the people they saw them buying weapons, books, ingredients for food.
Salesmen and women sit on soapboxes offering their products. "This is top of the line. This tonic will cure any disease, cold or illness. One drop. And witness the miracle cure."

They pass a woman getting her fortune told by another woman wearing a turban, purple robes as she stares into a crystal ball. "I see you already know him. He has rosey cheeks, a spring in his step and a heart full of courage. The baker's son is the one you see."

Ranbl smiled as he embraced his new surrounding. As they made their way towards a fountain to rest. He made a cup with his hands, dunk them into water and splashed his face. "This place is a paradise. I feel tempted to never leave."

As his companion was about to speak, a young boy came running up to them with a cut on his forehead. He falls on the ground, gathering the attention of the marketplace as they formed a circle around him. Ranbl used his robe as a pillow for his head. "Are you alright." He helped to sit up as he coughed. "Someone get him some water."

His companion took the canteen allowing him a drink. The boy took long sips as his breathing returned to normal. Ranbl looked upon him with compassion, wondering what troubles a young boy his age could know. "What happened?"

The boy looked upon him weally, his voice cracking as he tried to speak. "Bar-barians....A-nd they are merciless. Three days ago they attacked my home killing every living thing that drew breath. My mother...(his eyes swelled with tears)she told me to run. Not look back. My home was enguled in flames.... On my way here, I ran into four other villages destroyed within the same week. Zimbarow will be right in their path."

The crowd gasped with fear as they murmmered amongst themselves. Ranbl face hardened as his soul bleed with anger at the tragic lose of life. "Who is capable of such cruelty?"

A man within the crowd stood forward with grey hair, wrinkles and hunched on a cane. "Paralegal, I'm afraid."

Ranbl turned to the man as his campipn handed off the boy to a crying woman desperate to help the child. "Who is he?"

The man looked down at the ground with shame and remiss washing over his face. "My son. He was always a troubled soul since his motha died giving birth to him. He blamed himself, thinking his existence was a boil on humanity. No matter how I loved him, he wouldn't see reason. He fell into a bad crowd. The vandalism, petty theft and fights were to much for me to handle. So I sent him away to some cousin's that live in the eastern providence. I thought removing him from a bad environment with a great start is all it took.

A man next to him looking the same age places a hand on his shoulder. "You did everything you could to reach him. You have nothing to wash your hands of."

Paralegal's father looked at his old friend giving him a bittersweet smile. "Thank you, Jacob.


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Cassian was absorbed in his work, doing the best he could to fix his beloved ship and stay cool at the same time. "They'd better pay me extra for this," he grumbled under his breath as oil squirted over him.

Zahara walked along the market with Ranbl, taking in the sights and sounds of the desert moon. She bought a few things on their way to the fountain, such as food and supplies.

Once they reached the fountain and the injured boy, Ara knelt down next to him, taking the medical supplies out of her bag and tending to his wound. "Shh... Stay still. This might sting a little," she warned as she watched the cut with a herbal mixture. The female Jedi listened as the men explained the situation, a small frown creasing her brow.


Ranbl looked at the old man with sympathy, his heart aching as he knew the only to stop a warrior was putting him down like the dogs they were. "You did the best a parent could do. I'm afraid that his murderous ways won't be tolerated any further."

The man looks down at the ground at a lost for words. "I know. But what can we do? He refuses to coexist peacefully among the tribe."

Ranbl stared out into space as he summoned up the courage he was taught and shown since his youth. "We can help. I'm Ranbl. (He points down at the ground) And this is Zahara. Visiters from another land sent by the Jedi Order of Coruscant. If you will spare us a few good men and women in helping defeat these renegades we'll leave you as you were.

The crowd murmured amongst themselves. A snarky young man amongst the crowd steps forward. "How are we sure you are truely the jedi and not Paralegal's spies. (He spins around facing the crowd.) How many of you are willing to die in blind faith alone."
Ranbl stared at the man with a smirk on his face. "If you need a demistration so be it."

He held out his hand causing the white stalkings hidden beneath the young man's robes to fall below his knees. The crowd laughs hysterically. The man looks down, embarrassed, he pulls them up. The young man looks back at him with his cheeks turning red. "Proof enough for you?"

The young man makes his way through The crowd as they continue to jeer at him. The Jedi focus his attention back to the crowd. "Who will step up and defend the fruits of their labour?"

No one moved at first until Paralegal's father stepped forward. "I will happily end the cycle of violence. I only ask If I be given one more chance to talk reason into him."

The Jedi considered the request. "I don't think that's wise. If he is dangerous as we think he is...

The old man cuts him off determined in helping his prodigal son. "Please, he's my flesh and blood. All that I have. I have to try."

Ranbl looked at him as the weight of the situation hit him. "One chance. If he makes the first move, I'll have no choice, but defend this town. Is that understood?"

The man nodded. The crowd is aroused as men and women offered their support in union.

A cave carved into the middle of a mountain houses Paralegal's army. Its made up of passages that join downstream as tributaries. A map hangs on the wall. Flame throwers sit in a heap by the corner. Labor guns sit in frames on the wall. Red armour lays strown across the lair. Battle droid either lay about or service the soilders. Men gamble, drink fine wine and practice gladiator techniques as the prepare for the war ahead. A man with red hair, blue eyes, fat healthy cheeks spotting a scar in the left side, wearing a cloak with two white horns curcled at the end around his uniform. A bulky man with ripped muscles, wearing a helmet stares down at the map awaiting his commands. "We'll attack from the west here. (He points to a drawn stone wall.) its lightly guarded. The patrol man will make his round at the end of the hour. I'll take him out, giving us thirty minutes before he has to check in. You'll have to move quickly to open the concealed door before the palace guards can sound the alarm.

The man looks at his captain. "We'll have the battle droids in place on the defensive. Giiving us the element of surprise.

Paralegal looks at him with a fierce fire in his eyes. "It'll strike fear into the eastern providences making them now towards our demands or suffer the consequences. Allowing me to assume my role as emperor of this pesky planet. Every man, woman and child will quiver at the sound of my name. Our victories will be legendary.

The young man from the village strides in. The two men at the table turn towards him. Paralegal pats him on the shoulder. "Lithium, your just in time. We were going over tonight's plans. Have you found any worthy recruits?"

Lithum looks at him as his anger gets the better of him. "No, this town is full of saps either too loyal, too fat or too sick."

Paralegal beams. "Not much has changed I see. They'll be easy pickings."

The soilder across from them crosses his arms and turns towards the young man as he joins in on the conversation. His voice is mockingly merry. "In a way, I was hoping we at least have some competition for a change. These pathetic peasants are starting to bore me. It makes the heart grow fonder."

Lithum looks at him with a sneer on His face and growls. "You may get your wish."

Paralegal and his second in command give him their full attention. Paralegal gives his shoulder a squeeze. "What wild tales are you spinning?"

Lithium winces. "Your battles have reached across the galaxy. The jedi council have sent missionaries from corosaunt to aid them in their time of need. They are busy fortifiying the city as we speak."


Paralegal lets him go and turns to his second in command. "Jedi. A trophey of my achievements. Their skulls will serve as my drinking cups. (He looks at the solider across from them.) Kernis get the man in position and sound the alarm. Kill everything that draws breath. We take no prisioners or spoils of war."

The second in command walks away.


Zahara bandaged the boy's wound and made sure he was alright before standing. A sad smile touched her lips once the old man stood up for his son. "There is hope for him yet," she said gently, putting a hand lightly on the older man's arm. "It is possible to be redeemed and find the Light within oneself."

Vita chittered and crawled down Ara's arm to nuzzle the elderly man, sensing he needed comfort. The furry creature crooned softly, big eyes looking up at him.

Cassia was still working on the ship, oblivious to the trouble the Jedi were dealing with. He had enough of his own.

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Darkness falls across the land. The once viberant city has quoted down as the doors are closed for the night. Zimbarow is quite as one of the palace guards walks around the stone wall, carrying a lit torch as he overlooks the plain. As he leaves the scene a hook comes flying up. The guard reaches the stone cornor and calls down to the men below. "All clear."

Paralegal scales the side of the wall using his feet to project him up as he keeps his finger on the trigger and rises further up bouncing along. A hand reaches to grip the wall, finds a cobblestone and pulls himself up. He crouches, removes the hookl, moves through the piercing darkness like a ninja and heads for the outpost.

The guard places his torch in a holder. Behind him Paralegal appears as the light flickers. A dagger hangs between his teeth as he rises, pulling it from his mouth. The guard turns as the swipe of the knife slices into his neck slattering blood as he falls to the ground. He looks down at the motionless body, pulls back the dagger and stabs him with a sicking thud.

Paralegal, now standing, goes over to a pulley turning the lever down. The fixed and moving blocks with two rope parts as the giant door starts opening with a creak. Paralegal takes out a flare gun shooting two rounds into the night sky. Like a firecracker, the flare explodes.

On the ground, ground rovers move with great speed. Five destroyer droids curled inside of a ball roll through the gates. They stand on three legs and utilize a shield generator.


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Zahara stiffened once she sensed a figure with dark purpose approaching the town. The flare confirmed her suspicions. "I believe he's here, and not for a friendly chat," she observed, putting a hand on her lightsaber hilt, but not yet drawing it. Perhaps there was still a chance the man could be redeemed.

The female Jedi glanced at the droids. "We'll need to destroy that shield," she whispered to Ranbl. As a test, Ara tried to use the Force to throw one droid into the others, aiming to knock them down like Dominos. (Up to you, Strannger, if that works or not. Otherwise they can sneak under the shield)

Cassian glanced over at the town, his eyes narrowing once he saw the flare and heard the distant sounds of battle. "What the hell can two Jedi do?" he muttered under his breath, then grabbed his weapons and sprinted to the battle site.


Paralegal looked down from the tower and saw the droids falling. He grits his teeth, cuts the rope from the pulley, gare a nice grip and swings down landing on the ground. The droids start recovering. His troops approaching fast.

Ranbl looked at his grieving father. "The time is now. I hope you can save him."

The old man nods as he stands. Paralegal freezes as he sees the familiar black figure of his father walking towards him. His outline growing clearly as the torches hanging from the stone towers flicker. "Paralegal, what are you doing? How could you do this to your friends and neighbors? The people that love you?"

Paralegal stares him down. "Love me? You sent me away. You didn't want me."

The old man sighs. His heart pouring out to him. "That was for your own good. I didn't want you going down this path. Why do you think I'm here now? I love you, son. I want you to come home.

His army arrive behind him flooding in the gates as the droids get back into position. They are carrying pistols, flame throwers and swords. More droids accompany them. He holds up his hand. "Wait."

They seem confused by the sudden change in attitude. Kris walks up to him. "What is the meaning of this?"

Paralegal turns to him. "Tell them to stand down. This is personal bussiness. I need a few moments to myself."

Paralegal walks up the man. His father's eyes lighting up with hope. Paralegal circles around him. "Old man. You have great courage I see. What makes you think it could ever be like it was? You've heard the stories and the terrible acts I've committed. There is no turning back from that."

The old man stands straight. "Not a moment a father could be proud of, but you are still my son. I know you have goodness in you. Whatever you have done is forgiven. You can face a jury and I'll be there for you every step of the way. You'll never be alone again."

Paralegal stops considering the possibilities. "What makes you think i wanna change? Do you play me for a fool? I have the whole world at my finger tips and it's be foolish giving it all up only to die in a cell by an angry mob or face an executioner.

He looks his son straight in the eyes. "I was there for your first cry. Your first words. Your first steps. I know somewhere inside of you is that little boy I once knew. I didn't raise a monster."

Paralegal looks at him, his face contorting with emotion. "If you knew me as well as you claimed. You would've never left me to be raised by strangers. I was a slave who toiled in the hot fields everyday. My anger growing inside me until It boiled onto the world. (screams) That is on you."

The old man had years forming in his eyes. "I didn't know. I'm sorry."

Paralegal withdraws his pistol and aims it at his head. "I'm sorry too." He pulls the trigger. The old man falls to the side. Paralegal turns to his men. "Attack!"

Ranbl jumps up. "Now". A villiarger too the side of him loads up a catapult with metal sharpenals. Ranbl takes out his lightsaber cutting the rope holding it in place. It launches through the air, a spear hits one guard mailing him to a wall. A mace spiked ball hits another at the side of the head and he falls to the side. The last piece of sharp metal slices into the neck of a solider nearly beheading him, blood gashes from the sound as he falls out of site.

Palace guards appear from doorways, over walls and windows weapons at the draw. The bolts bounce off the shields of the droids as they return fire.


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Zahara flinched once the old man was killed, then took a deep steadying breath and drew her saber, igniting it and turning her attention to the battle. She focused more on the droids than the human attackers, not wanting to take any more lives than necessary.

The female Jedi slashed through the nearest droids with her saber, sparks flying in all directions. As another droid came up behind her, she sent it crashing into a wall using the Force.

Vita, on the other hand, launched her furry self at any living thing that tried to attack her owner, becoming a blur of teeth and claws in the melee.

Cassian climbed up to a rooftop and set up his sniper, aiming at the enemy troops. "Separatist scum," he muttered as he shot them down, not differentiating between human or droid.


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Paralegal ducked under the enemy fire for shelter by a near by tent.

A village woman jumps out of hiding with a sword to attack a solider as he walks past. The solider side spins, dodges the attack and shoots her.

One man holds a soilder. The other punches him hard across the face. He aims back and knocks the breath out of him with a quick shot into the gut.

Two Palace guards covered by a wall take aim at three advancing Assassin droids leaving barely a dent. The droids hold out their arms firing shots tearing up the concrete. The one behind them takes out a bazooka and target's in. The two guard's jump out of the way as it rips a big hole into the middle.

Paralegal comes out from hiding shooting a man in the back. He turns seeing a sniper gun aimed at him from a barrel. His shot hits the woman in the forehead.

The caltapult is being reloaded when bullets ripe through the air. Ranbl grabs the villiager by the collar and tackles him to the ground.

As the droid comes upon them, he rises with lightsabor in hand and runs up to it jamming it through the shield causing it to flicker and crackle before exploding with an ear popping bang. He twirls around nearly dodging a bullet as the other half of his lightsaber rips through the droid's mechanical body tearing it to shreds.

Flame throws move about the battle field setting fire to shops and tents. The hellish inferno spreads causing homes to go up into flames.


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Zahara exhaled sharply as the bangs and screams of battle erupted around her. She felt the Dark Side tempting her to use Force-lightning to destroy the enemy before they could kill any more innocents. "Not now," she whispered under her breath, trembling a bit as she struggled to suppress the urge to give in.

The exploding wall gave her a welcome distraction. As the droids shot the hole in the stone, Zahara caught the palace guards using the Force and slowed their fall, sending them to a softer landing on a sand dune just out of town.

Cassian ducked under the enemy fire and shot at the droids using his sniper. He rarely missed his mark.


Ranbl looked around him at the screams of battle raged on. Three He saw a man twirling around, his face red, crackling and his clothes melting under the fire. A woman patting her head as it smoked and out out of her misery by a flying bullet. He looked around spotting a towering water capsule. Holding out his hand he attempted to move it only barely budging it. Taking a deep breath he concentrationed
hard, closing his eyes and causing a vein in his forhead to pulse as he willing it to move. The metal capsule swirled like a top as it spilled water over the edge, with one great push, it toppled over sending a tidal wave splashing into the town square.

Small fires growing in density are shouldered out, soilders, villagersl are swept away. The ground turning muddy. Robots rising out short circuit from the moisture electrifying anyone unlucky enough to be in it's way.

Ranbl, turned, seeing their greatest enemy using the distraction to head for the palace. He turned to follow. "Zahara, he's going for the Sultan. Take care of his general. Either are too dangerous to be left alive."

He through his light savor cutting down a line of droids marching into battle clearing a path. He broke out running. A soilder ran up from behind him. Ranbl turned his light savor straightforward gutting him. Another soilder jumped from a pillar tackling him.


Zahara ducked behind a building as the tidal wave swept through town. She grabbed as many villagers as she could using the Force, then sprinted to the captain of the palace guard. "Gather up everyone left. All the enemy troops, human and droid. Herd them into a courtyard and keep them there. Including the general, if you find him," she ordered, a strange edge to her voice. Her usual warmth and kindness were gone.

"Why not simply kill them as we find them?" the captain questioned.

Zahara grasped his chin and forced him to look at her. "You will do as I said," she snapped, using the Jedi mind-trick.

"I will do as you said," the man echoed docilely, then sent out the order to the rest of the palace guards.

Zahara drew her lightsaber and searched for the enemy general, reaching out with the Force to find his distinctive aura. There. She prowled towards the man's location like a cat upon catching a whiff of her prey.

The General shot at her once he caught sight of her, but Zahara blocked the blasts using her saber. One grazed against her leg, but she ignored it, a strange light in her eyes. Zahara Force-choked him and sent him to where the other troops were being herded.

The courtyard was soon packed with enemy soldiers and droids, who were still fighting to get out. The guards fell one by one.

Zahara ran up the stairs to a balcony overlooking the courtyard, then stepped off, using the Force to make herself float above the mob. She smiled cruelly, then called down Force-lightning, her body arching as the bolts exploded from her fingers into the packed courtyard. Screams erupted as the enemy were shocked and burned. Some of the palace guards were caught by stray lightning bolts reflecting off the droids. When the crowd was reduced to a pile of corpses and ash, Zahara stopped. Her eyes rolled up into her sockets and she fell, landing on top of the carnage with a dull thud. Her breath came slowly and shakily.


Ranbl rolled on the ground with the soilder. Both men struggled taking punches as they both clamored to get on top of one another.

Around them a man pulls on a rope dropping
rocks on a group of soilders piling out of an alley.

Two villiagers are running when they fall in misplaced bear traps falling to their knees.

Other soilders throw cocktails bombs through windows and fleeting villiagers.

Ranbl holds the attack at bay with his forearm. His other hand slides across the ground. It feels for a rock, his hand slipping as he stretches his arm to grab it. The soilder seeing him reaching for it, punches him across the face twice. Ranbl thumps his knee into his groin and grabs the tool. Getting a firm grip, he takes the rock swinging his arm and hits it against his head. The man groans in pain as he falls to the side. Ranbl jumps to his feet, running towards the door. Pulling on the handle, they bulge only revealing they are locked from inside.


Zahara groaned softly and stirred, propping herself up on the burnt corpse under her. She yelped and drew her hand back; her palms and fingers were badly burned and blistering. She shuddered and carefully climbed down from the pile of carnage, stumbling yet trying not to touch anything.

Vita zoomed through the streets until she found her owner, then leaped onto her shoulder, chittering concernedly.

Ara laughed weakly and nuzzled her. Her mind was reeling, oddly giddy and disoriented. It was if she were drunk-- or high-- from drawing on the Dark Side.


Ranbl ran down the steps looking up at the palace. He looks around for another entrance. Ranbl takes a running start, leaping at the wall with his foot and uses the momentarily provided grip to push himself up.

Paralegal struts down a beautifully furnished hallway. Furniture is generally elaborately carved and the lighting fixtures highly embellished. Metallic elements are essential, with gold dominating the theme. Rounding a cornor he withdraws his dagger and plunges it into the neck of a guard in one quick motion.

Ranbl rises carefully onto the vertical concrete wall holding out his hand for balance. He quickly walks down the continuous runway until he reaches the the wall at end. Looking over he sees a low hanging balcony on the second floor. With one big heave, he lunges at the metal railing, his fingers bareling grabbing the metal bars. He swings back and forth gaining some air until he performs a back flip landing on the balcony.

Paralegal now dressed as the guard continues up a flight up stairs. He passes a group of guards heading past him. The last man in line grabs him by the arm. "The battle is this way soilder."

Paralegal turns to him. "The captain told me to guard the emperor. He's being fortified on the fourth floor? In the throne room?"

The guard tilts his head back. "The fifth. In the secret room located behind the bookcase in the study. Just pull down the book
Just pull down the book 'Age of austerity.""

Paralegal smiles. "Thank you." He continues his climb.

Ranbl removes the sash around his waist, wraps it around the column with both hands. He jumps, finding his grip, wraps his legs around it and shimmies upward.

Paralegal walks down a hallway and into a room. He sees a bookcase, walks over to it and skims through the books looking for the correct title. On the second shelf, he finds the right title and pulls it down. The bookcase rumbles as a secret compartment opens up. Paralegal enters to see two guards brandishing swords standing at each end of double doors.

Ranbl climbs over the edge of another balcony and lands on the other side taking a moment to catch his breath.

Paralegal opens the doors with his pistol in hand and the two guards laying on the floor behind him. The emporer sitting on his throne.

An older man wearing a long sleeved robe with attached purple tunic and black belt. On his noble brow is a golden crown on the shape of an egg. Dimonds, rubies and crystals are encrusted into the gold. An oval shapled black polished stone resides in the center with three peacock feathers fluffing out in the center. The king turns to the intruder showing neither fear or anger.

Paralegal's grin stretches from ear to ear. He mockingly takes a bow. "Your highness."

Ranbl stands back as far as he can on the balcony, sprints and leaps through a window. Glass sprays outward as he lands on the other side. He gets to his feet, wobbles a little and takes off down the hallway looking through doors he passes for any signs of Paralegal or the emporer.


Paralegal has the emporer by the arm and his gun pointed at his back. They walk towards the balcony door, with one great push, Paralegal sends the king straight through the door bursting it open. The emporer lands on his face. His crown rolling off his head and landing in the cornor.

Ranbl runs up a flight up stairs huffing and puffing. His energy fading, but his determination to save an innocent driving him foward.

Paralegal strides out, pacing around the emporer and looks down below at the chaos. Smoke bellowing from rootops, soilders killing villiagers and carts turning over. Explosions rocking the town square.

Paralegal stares straight into the night and his voice full of authority. "Your army has failed and the Kingdom belongs to me."

Ranbl enters the study, sees the secret entrerence and runs through it. He sees the fallen guards laying in their blood and stopping for a moment to feel for a pulse.

Paralegal paces around the emporer, bends down picking up the crown and stands up holding it in both hands. The emporer weakly raises his head.
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the courage we showed in the face of defeat."

Paralegal smirks as he looks down at his captive. "You are nothing, but an ignorant old man. You fooled your natives into believing you could keep them safe behind these walls and was caste out of the heavens like a star at the end of it's life span.
The emporer gets to his feet and folds his hands. " So is all things in nature. No dynasty lasts forever. And neither will yours."

Ranbl looks around the room and hears the conversation of the two men coming from outside. He looks out seeing Paralegal place the crown on his head.

Paralegal raises the gun. "My kingdom will be one that rules all aspects of life in its breadth and depth. There will be no license, no free space, in which the individual belongs to himself. My warriors will grow in might and my legacy will go down in the history books as a boot print on the face of humanity.



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Cassian had sprinted back to the ship after seeing Zahara call lightning down on the packed courtyard. He swore fluidly as he made last minute fixes to the ship, then hopped inside and started it up. A small part of him wanted to get the heck out of there... but they needed to pay him for the delay, and he hadn't actually brought them to their desired destination. He scowled and flew back to town, scanning the burnt and soggy village for the two Jedi. They couldn't be that hard to find.

Zahara was wandering the streets, holding Vita close as she tried to get a grip on herself. * Too much death. So much suffering... * She shuddered as she stepped over corpses baked by her lightning or drowned by the flood.


Paralegal aims the gun at the emporer. "Time to christian the king of Zambrow." He pulls the trigger and the bolth heads towards the emporer.

As it nears him, the light sabor hits it and disperates it. Both men turn to see the jedi standing there, never taking his eyes off of them as his weapon book a ranges around until he catches it in his hands. "Problem here gentlemen?"

Paralegal turns the gun on the jedi. "Not for long." He shoots the gun.

Ranbl ducks out of the way allowing the bullet to shatter a glass case behind him. Paralegal punches the king across the face kocking him out. He walks back into the safe room and scans the darkness for any signs of life. "It hopeless you know. My army is taking the city as we speak. What do you really hope to accomplish here?"

There is a rumble and he turns shooting at a shadow. Ranbl jumps up planting his foot into his back forcing him into the ground and sending the gun scatttered across the ground. As he struggles to rise, the jedi hopes on his back wrapping his arms into a head lock. Paralegal grasps for air as he takes his hands too try and pull it loose. He gets into a crawling position slowly rising to his feet and forcing theme both back until they hit a column. Ranbl sinks to the ground hurt.

Paralegal spots the gun and runs over in order to retrieve it.

Ranbl faces etches in pain and looks up too see him reaching for his weapon. He waves his hand sending it sparrowing underneath the throne.

Paralegal turns only to be tackled. They knock over a statue as they hit the adjoining wall. He punches him across the face. The jedi is about to punch him again when his opponent blocks with his elbow, pushes him away and grabs his other arm forcing it behind his back.

Paralegal applies pressure. "You should think about joining me. You have talent."

Ranbl strains up words as the pain shoots up into guu a shoulder. "I rather die first." He headbutts him, takes his arm too flip him over his shoulder and twists it as he hands on the ground. "By the orders of the Jedi council, you're under arrest."

Paralegal uses the arm holding him in place and grabs his arm and rolls over forcing the jedi to roll through the air and slide across the floor until he hits the balcony wall. "The problem with the jedi is they over estimate their opponent."

Paralegal spots two swords hanging on a wall crossed in an x. He wall over to it and rips one down.

Ranbl looks over at the limp emperor. He begins to stir. "Stay down your highness." He closes his eyes as if in meditation.

Paralegal raises the sword and walks towards him chuckingly. "You put up a worthy challenge. I hate to end. Its almost anticlimatic. But I guess those are the breaks the fates chart out for us."

He jabs the sword. Ranbl clasps the swords between the his hands on the smooth edges. He uses the momentum to drive the halt back smacking him in the face. He drops the sword and staggers back.

Ranbl gets to his feet. Paralegal charges at him like a wild animal. Thinking fast, he sees a clothes line blowing in the breeze. Grabbing the sword, he cuts the line as the enemy runs towards him, grabs the line and swings around and uses his feet to knock him over the edge.

Ranbl lands on the ground and looks over the edge as he plummets to the ground.


Cassian's ship just happened to be in the area at the time Ranbl was pushed off the balcony. He pilot banked hard so the ship was sideways and opened the door just in time for Ranbl to fall inside. It wasn't a soft landing, but it was less of a fall than hitting the ground.

Cassian smirked and straightened the ship, flying above the palace. "You're welcome," he said. "I think you both have caused enough damage for one day." For good measure, he shot at Paralegal once he saw the man, then circled back around to pick up Zahara.

Ara squinted up as the ship approached; now around the corner from the courtyard where she had slaughtered the soldiers. Holding Vita with one arm, she waved with the other.

Cassian made the ship hover a few feet away and gestured impatiently for her to get in. Zahara did, then rushed over to Ranbl and helped him into a chair, wincing whenever her burnt hands touched anything. She said nothing as she sat down, staring at her hands. Jedi weren't supposed to call Force-lightning.


Ranbl sighed in relief and laid his head on the soft cusions. Glad the battle was over. "Tis an exciting day."

He felt a trickle of blood running down his forehead. Ranbl wipped it away and reached into his pack withdrawing a white glaze banage.

All around they heard the sound of booming explosions. He placed the banage on his head as he stared out at the flashing lights of firecrack dancing across the night sky.


Cassian glanced back at them. "You know... I could bomb the town. Destroy any traces of whatever group you were fighting, and any witnesses to the unconvential destruction you two caused," he commented.

Zahara gaped at him, her face pale. "That would kill hundreds of innocent people!" she protested.

Cassian shrugged, looking back at the corpse-strewn village. "Already half the town is dead. Kill the rest, and you won't have grieving widows at your back shrieking about how Jedi killed her husband."


Ranbl turned to him aghast at the notion. "No, they are innocents who needed us. We can't go against our code no matter the cost."

He stared down at the city below. His heartbreaking as the wounded were dying or treated by concerned neighbors. The houses that were ravaged and torn down. "Someday they will recover from what they lost and will rebuild again. We promised them that if they helped us, we leave them be. We'll honor that."


Cassian shrugged again. "By taking out their water supply, you have condemned most of the town to die of thirst within a month. Unless someone down there has a working ship, but the flood would have caused most of those to short circuit," he observed. "First rule of desert warfare: take away their water and transportation. Nature will do the rest. Bombing would be a mercy kill."

Zahara shuddered. "Let's just go," she said quietly, her mind still reeling from using the Dark Side. She felt sick.


Ranbl turned to him. "They have a side and good king. If need be they can barter with the neighboring providences. It was my act and cross to bear alone.

Ranbl looked on as the ship headed out.

A silence took on a life of it's own as they headed off the desert planet. No one could muster the strength to talk or make any noise.

Ranbl treated his wound using herbs mixed in a mortar to make a clearing cream. He throw in some milk thistle and crumbled up comfey leaves. Stiring it well until he got a nice white cream. He placed it across the cut to stop infection and replaced the glaze with a fresh one. Placing the ingeidents away, he laid his head on his arm to sleep.

(Dream. Ranbl awoke in a swirling fog. The ship landing on a distant planet. Quick shots of a cavern wageon carrying off children in chains. Screaming children calling out for their parents.

Ranbl ran to help. "Release them."

The little gremin like creatures wearing hoods and dark faces swormed him with spear.

(Another quick shot of a demicmated city. The roads are tore up and buildings on fire. A dark shadow in the shape of a man or woman stares down at a frieghtened group of villagers. They wave their hands sending a spark of electricity and turning them to ash. Dream ends.)

Ranbl awoke with a gasp. The terrible dreams weighing heavily upon him.


Cassian grumbled under breath as he returned to flying the ship, heading towards Kashyyk as agreed. He went silent after a few minutes.

Zahara borrowed some of Ranbl's medical salve, carefully applying it to her burned hands and wrapping the in soft bandages. Once they were tended to, she exhaled slowly and tried to relax.

By the time Ranbl woke up, the Wookiee's jungle planet could be seen in the distance. Zahara glanced over at him concernedly. "Nightmares?" she asked. "Or do you receive visions in your sleep?"


Ranbl looked over at her. The sweat pouring down his forehead. "I'm not sure. It was foggy, but I felt I was involved in another combat. It was so jumbled."

He reaches into his pack taking out a container containing water and took a drink."I think it was a nightmare, like the ones I suffered before. It could be left over imagery from the horrors we experienced. I pray that it is."

He out the water down.


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Zahara nodded slightly and adjusted the bandages on her hands. Vita cooed and climbed onto Ranbl's arm, nuzzling the man lightly to comfort him.

Cassian scanned the jungle of giant trees for a suitable place to land the ship.


Ranbl looked down at the furry creature and petted it. The night terror leaving him already as he took comfort in the close circle of people he was journeying with. "She's cute." He rubbed his hands down her body. "Where did you get her?"


Vita purred and nuzzled his hand, curling on on his lap. Her fur was soft and thick.

Zahara smiled sadly. "I saved her," she said. "Her previous owner had been killed in battle. I heard Vita keening distress, so I took her home and nurtured her back to health. We've been inseparable ever since."

Cassian landed the ship carefully and checked to make sure his fixes held up after the flight.


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Ranbl looked down at the creature smiling. "Well thanks for cheering me up, Vita." He picked her up, kissed her on the nose andhanded her back to her owner.


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Vita chittered and climbed up Zahara's arm, draping herself over her owner's shoulders.

Ara pet her gently, then stood and looked around the jungle. They were perched on the leafy canopy.

Cassian glanced over at them. "You owe me five gold," he said. "More if you want me to fly you somewhere else."


Ranbl sighed. "You earned it for risking your neck." (He reaches into his pack taking out the money pouch. He counted out five coins as he walked up to him.) You know Cassian you have been a wonder. First impressions do seem misleading. You are a very brave man and showing humanity was surprising. (He hands him the coins.) "You may show the world a hard exterior, but when the occasion arises you are capable of mercy. Unorthodox methods, but a good man."

He steps off the plane. Taking in the fresh air. The planet was a beautiful sight. It was like a garden of Eden with tall thick trees, flowers booming in different colors of pink, purple and red. Exotic animals that look like monkies with three legs scattering amongst the thick vines. A deer with three antlers and a hairy torso prancing through the woods. The sound of water rushing from a water fall in the distance. Ranbl took in all the wonders of creature and the energy required to create such a landscape.

Crypto's ship rested on a mountain side. He looked down below with advanced goggles watching his prey arrive. He looked down at his wrist at a telecommunication device. "Target on site."


Cassian smirked and pocketed the coins. "High praise coming from a Jedi," he observed, saluting him jokingly.

Zahara smiled faintly. "Thank you for your help," she said to the pilot, then followed Ranbl off the ship, careful of her burned hands.


Ranbl looked over at his campion. "Quite a character isn't he?"

He smirks. He picks up a shiney smooth stone and skips it across the water. A rustling in the bushes as to what looks like to be a large sided bear stares at them. "Did you hear that?"


Zahara chuckled softly, then frowned upon hearing the low growl. She turned her head slowly to look around for the source of the sound, holding a finger to her lips for silence.

Vita was poised to attack if need be, her back arched.


Ranbl looks around the vast jungle hearing the rustling of leaves. "I hear a noise."

He puts a finger to his lips and darts out of site. The creature watches as he disappears and looks around. A hand reaches out, pulls him out of the bushes and into sight. The Bigfoot looking creature towering at feet 11 inches raised out of the bushes wearing a spiked hat and a chest emblem covered in metal spiked designs.

Ranbl looks at it in astonishment. "Must be native.

The creature arches up it's head letting out a cry sounding like throat gargles.

Ranbl released his fur. "Don't worry. You aren't in danger. Can you tell us why you came?"

The wookie lets out a sad lonely wooing calls.

Ranbl turns to his compaion. "He says traveling vehicles have roamed into his village." (The wookie nods it's head and keeps wooing.) It lured all the children away with it's music." (He lets out another painful sigh.) "Gaartatha followed them for three days trying to find them."

A shot from a distance hits the creature. A hole it's chest spurting blood and he falls to the ground. Ranbl looks around not seeing where it came from turns as another bullet hits a tree near by embedding into the wood.


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Zahara gasped once the Wookie was shot, shocked by the sudden death of the poor creature. She drew her saber and ignited it, searching for the source of the gunfire as she slowly backed away.


Ranbl surveyed the area trying to find the source of the fire. Another shoot lands near the ship. His gaze leans up towards the rolling hills and mountains.

Another shoot rings out clipping his ear. He grabs it in pain as a small cut appears around the rim. Ranbl into the forest as shoots rain down where his foot prints land. A fired shot clips his heel making him fall to the ground. Around him a cage made up of pure yellow light as bright as the sun appears.


Zahara sprinted after him, trying to deflect the shots using the Force or her lightsaber, but one hit her leg and caused her to trip, landing a few feet away from where Ranbl was captured.

Vita chittered in agitation and futilely tried to help Ara to her feet.


Ranbl looked around as the pain shot through him. He garnished his teeth as he tried to look down as he tried to get into a sitting position. Ranbl backed into the cage, sending a bolt of electricity through his body and making him wince. "Zahara what is this?"

Crypto turned the telescope mounted on the weapon towards the cages. "Bingo. The threat has been naturalized."

Down at the screen. A blue hologram showing the sith once again in shadow. His claws overlapping together. "Excellent. Bring them before me. You'll be rewarded handsomely."

Crypto pushes a button on his sleeve. "As you wish, master."

The hologram cuts out.

Ranbl takes off his shoe seeing the cut bleeding professedly. He unloops the leather lace, wraps it around tightly and makes a knott. "I've never seen a cage like it."


Zahara tore off a strip of fabric and wrapped it around her wound, not wanting to waste time with medical supplies. She then looked at the cage. "It's electric," she said slowly. "If we can find the source, perhaps I could shut it off somehow."

Cassian glanced towards the commotion and groaned. "These damn Jedi attract more trouble than I do," he grumbled.


Ranbl looked around as the wind blew. The leaves rustled, creating shadows allowing parts of the cage to falter. "It disappeared." He put his hand forward cautiously as the wind died down. His hand touches the yellow bar as it reappears.

Crypto ran down the mountainside. His feet scurrying rocks as He made his way towards the caged animals.

Ranbl looked at where the bars had disappeared and thought deeply of how such a trick could work. He touched it again, put his finger to his mouth and kissed the hand being shocked. "So it didnt do it on it's own or a faulty wire. It must be powered by some source." Looking up into the clear sky as the sun burned bright. He looked from side to side when a glare caught his eye. He covers his eye as he looks over seeing a reflective mirror. Ranbl's eyes following a piece of clear white line, looking quite like fishing line, lead down towards the pages powering it. "The Sun. Zahara, the trap is being supplied by solar power." He points over to the tree holding the mirror. "We have to find some way of knocking it out before whoever set these traps finds us."


Zahara sat up carefully and looked at the mirror attached to the cage. She concentrated on it, trying to knock the mirror down using the Force. Her leg and hands throbbed in pain.


Crypto ran through the trees and vines. He looks both ways before crossing over a small trickle of water.

Ranbl kept his eyes shielded as the mirror swayed back and forth.


Zahara gave the mirror another shove using the Force, knocking it down and shattering it. (If that's okay)

She ducked as the mirror shards rained down, careful not to get hit, then used the trunk of a tree to support herself as she tried to stand.


The cages vanish instantly. The flimsy wire drops to the ground. "Your magnificent."

Crypto stops by a tree with a splitting branch and sees them staggering to stand. He places the gun on top of the branch and shoots at them. It hits the ground and makes dirt fly up.

The jedi look around not seeing where it came from. Ranbl staggers away into the brushes trying to lose sight of the would be assassin.

Crypto runs upon the scene, checking the mirror and seeing it in pieces. His face contorts in anger and notices a drop of blood leading into the brush.


(Narrow again...)

Zahara limped after Ranbl as fast as she could with her wounded leg, cursing in multiple languages under her breath. Vita clung to Ara's shoulder, chittering encouragement.


(i keep hoping it would straighten out.)

Ranbl limped behind some bushes. He crouched down.

Crypto paused in front of him. Like a hawk took a look around the area. His eyes searching for the lost group.

A sound in the distance. He runs towards it. The sounds of screaming and crying.

Ranbl turned his sight in the direction of the commotion.


Zahara crouched next to him, catching her breath silently as she watched Crypto.

Cassian had been wrestling with whether or not to help them. Eventually, he decided to. The pilot skillfully maneuvered his ship through the thick foliage to where the Jedi were. "Need a lift?" he asked once he opened the door for them to board. "I believe this is the second time I've saved your hides. Are all Jedi like this?"

Zahara smiled grimly and climbed aboard. "Thank you," she said.


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Ranbl turned to the pilot. " Something strange is happening here. I heard noises. See if you can take us in the south direction."

Crypto walked across the forest setting following the track of the sound. He wounded upon a dirt road. A cavern is tearing children away from the wookies and putting them in shackles. A sandman behind him shocks him with a crystal pole causing him to fall into the ground.


Cassian shrugged and turned south.

Zahara fixed up her leg wound carefully as the ship headed towards the source of commotion.

Another sand-person was herding the children inside the cave. She looked towards her companion. "Who is that?" she asked in their guttural native tongue, gesturing towards the unconscious man.

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EDIT: changed the sand person to be female.)


The Sand Peoples eyes are covered with visor and had womp rat tusks stitched into their attire. The two male looking humanoids picked up crypto and carried him forward. They spoke gibberish as they carried him.

Crypto held up his head. "This is a mistake."

The two speak back and forth speaking back and forth.

Crypto sees them shocking the wookie parents ripping kids away and placing them into the carovan with steel bars over the wooden door. The faces of tiny bears look out and hope for freedom.

Ranbl looked below seeing the raid. "Ghorfa."


Cassian carefully landed a safe distance from the caravan.

Zahara grimaced and stood, supporting herself on the back of the chair. "We have to help them," she said.

The female Tusken looked at the strange man. "Name," she growled. It barely sounded like a word, but she was trying to speak Galactic Basic.


Crypto looked up at the creature. "Crypto. I was sent by Darth Sid....

One of the sandman hits him in the stomach with a long barreled cycler rifle making him heave.

Ranbl moved as fast as he could on his injured foot. His lightsaber close on hand.


The female Tusken hissed at her companions and held up a hand for them to stop. She grabbed the strange man's chin with her gloved hand, making him look up at her masked face. "Speak," she snarled.

Zahara limped after him, hand on her lightsaber.



Crypto sighed. I was sent to help Caravan. Its purpose is to..

Ranbl raised the savor cutting off the limb of a sandman and back kicked another one running up behind him. He stood before them wielding it with authority. "Release them."

The little gremin like creatures wearing hoods and dark faces swormed him with spears.

Crypto looked at the intervening force and dashed away from the action, hiding underneath the weagon.


Zahara exhaled deeply, then limped towards the caravan itself, trying to avoid behind seen. She drew her lightsaber and carefully started cutting off locks of the cages. "You're free. Go home," she whispered, hoping they understood.

The female Tusken raider looked towards the sound of commotion, reluctantly letting Crypto leave. "Darth" was a word she recognized as someone who should not be crossed.


Ranbl took his light sabor cutting at the sharpened spear head knocking off four.

A sandwoman poked him in the side drawing blood that soaked through the robe.

Ranbl turned to look at the wound. "Awe." He grabs the stick in the crook of his arm, hits her in the back of the head and twirls it around like a tamborine. He hits one up the side of the head. Another sabdman runs at him as He takes the stick, hits him in the stomach and tripes them with a swift kick to the feet. Two rush at him as He holds them off at the neck using the makeshift weapon as a barrier.


Zahara managed to cut off the lock of one of the cage-carts before she was discovered. She cursed under her breath and sliced at the nearest sand person with her saber, sending the others away using the Force.


Ranbl was pinned near a tree. He used the momentum the stick allowed to push them off and stack another sandman running at him. As he turned three held their guns on him and speakin in their native tongue. Ranbl dropped the stick slowly to the ground. "Easy."

As he through out his hand to knock them down a sandman came up behind him and shocked him.

(Dream. On a charred and pitted street, a woman who has a slight limp, split lip bleeding gash on her forehead and dirt covered face. As she passes an alleyway, a silver probe floats out and shines its light over her and begins to follow her. She makes it to the bottom of the hill and enters an abandoned building.

A shadowed figure arises in the room raises it's hand sending out shrieking bolt of electricity at the woman making her fall crashing into the hard wood floor.

The woman raises her hand sending the figure flying across the room, crashing into the plaster wall and fall to it's knees.

The figure holds up it's hand slinging the jedi off the ground and pinning her against the wall, choking her to death with its incredible power. The figure jumps, removing it's blade and covered in a dark robe. The blade is pressed against their throat. "You couldn't avoid me forever, Selesta."

Selesta turned to It with a look of defiance. "It kept you busy enough. The resistance is on the move as we speak."

The dark figure throws back it's head crackling with laughter. "I knew about it for weeks. My army is on the defense and bombing your base. Your moment will be up in flames by morning."

Selena's face flashes with horror and dispair.

The dark figure slings the blade beheading the jedi and lets it roll on the floor.

(the dream ends.)


Zahara freed a handful of Wookie children before she was surrounded by the sand people. She was outnumbered, and she didn't dare call Force-lightning with the children so close. The sand people closed in and overpowered her, tossing her into a cage with Ranbl.


Ranbl moaned and groaned feeling pain across his whole body. His vision blurry as he looked around seeing Zahara looking down at him. "What happened?" Ranbl sat up and looked around at the huddled faces peering at him. He raised his arms only to find them confined by shackles.

All around the dark cramped space, the only light coming from the bars, were white eyes. He could barely make out any features. They hit bumps and holes as they drove away.

Crypto raised up his head. "A slave. You've been captured like the rest of us. If I knew it were so easy I'd of had them waiting for you.

Ranbl pulled against the chains trying to release himself and finding them constricting. "So what does that say about the great bounty hunter, Crypto? Incompant?"

Crypto pulls on his shackles. "A simple misunderstanding. I'll be freed once we reach port and signal for help. My master....

Ranbl laughed. "So experienced. Yet so native. The dark side of the force frowns upon incompance and weakness. Your master will leave you to rot.

Crypto roars. "When he comes I'll see you on the chopping block.

Ranbl keeps laughing inferating him.


Zahara sat in silence for a while. Her hands were burning again, but there was nothing she could do about it at the moment. It would be too dangerous to try to escape now; they might hurt the child-slaves in the process.

Once the men started arguing, she glared at them. "Quiet, both of you!" she hissed. "At the moment, we're on the same side. Or so it seems."

Cassian had remained removed from the fight, keeping an eye on the Jedi. He followed the caravan at a distance, looking for weakness.


Ranbl stared in silence at his surrounding. Thoughts of how to escape and what his dreams were about. So far they had accurately depicting what had pass.

The cavern stopped several times in many cities repeating the process of stealing the children and spooking the townspeople into submission.

The cavern passed through a guarded gate made of wood. Stopping once to show a form and passing on. Guard towers sit atop at every point. The doors finally open momentarily blinding Ranbl as he took his first look at the world outside. Two sandman raced inside gargling between each other. One unhooked the chains from the walls. The other took a crystal stick and poked it into the side of a wookie making him\her stand. The prisoners rose one by one and lead outside into the fresh air.

Ranbl looked around at the prison watching as guards walked back and forth. Others sat at tables as prisoners passed through a line getting stamped. His attention came back into focus as the doors behind him closed.


Zahara blinked as the bright light flooded the cage, then stood carefully at the prodding of the sand people. She frowned deeply upon seeing how the poor Wookies were being treated. "Don't hurt them," she protested. "They're only children, they don't understand."


A guard poked her with his stick and garbled angrily.

Ranbl hands were tired behind his back as he was lead forward towards one of the lines. He wishes he could be free to end their suffering.

The line moved slow as he made his way through the line. As he was shoved forward they turned him ruffly around and used a needle to draw three round circles on his hand.

Crypto moved down the line cursing at them. "Keep your smelly hands off me." They pushed him forward and he looked the guard right in the eye. "You are making a big mistake."

They talked among another and forced his hand out making another incision.


A guard threw Zahara into a cell, then locked the barred door and left. Zahara grunted as she hit the ground, trying not to land on her injured leg. Taking a deep breath, she examined her surroundings.

A man strode down the hall between the cells, his footsteps heavy yet quick.

Zahara forced herself to her feet, gripping the bars with her burned hands. Her eyes widened upon recognizing the man. "Anakin?" she whispered.

The man stopped and looked back at her, a strange light in his eyes. "You shouldn't be here."

Zahara stiffened. "I know. Can you help me, please?"

"The Jedi are a lie, a failure. It's no use helping you," he replied coldly, then turned to leave.

The young woman flinched. "Please wait," she begged softly. "My father knew that the Jedi are not all they claim to be. He was a Jedi long ago, but he left the Order. He ran away and started a new life."

Anakin stopped again and this time walked closer to her cell. "Your father left the Jedi Order?" he echoed.

Zahara nodded. "Yes. Karim. He abandoned the Jedi Order; he saw the error in their ways and wanted to be free to choose his own path."

"Then why did you train with the Jedi?"

"I had no choice after my parents were killed."

Anakin went silent, looking at her strangely. After a few tense moments, he asked slowly, "Why did your father leave?"

Zahara sighed. "The Jedi Council took too long to make any decisions. He didn't agree with their limitations.... And... he fell in love."

Anakin looked away. "I will help you... But not now, and not how you think," he said cryptically, then left without another word. Once he was far enough away, he contacted Palpatine/Sidious to request that his new Master teach Zahara the ways of the Dark Side.

(Not sure if that required messing with the time line again, but oh well. You can take it from here with Sidious, and I'll let Anakin face back into the background.)


Ranbl's hand burned as he was lead to the cell. The two guards unlocked the door and walked him inside hooking his chained hands to the wall.

Across from him a human shaped man was turned over in a fetal position.

Ranbl felt sympathy for him. "Have no fear. I'm a jedi and once I get out of these chains..."

The man rolled over revealing himself as Crypto. "I don't need your pity, Jedi scum."

Ranbl teased. "Still no rescue weagon?"

Crypto sits up. "Your confidence betrays you. He's on his way.

Ranbl shook his head and teased. "My instincts are always right, my friend. He will betray you if you risk his plans or survival.

Crypto curses at him and turns away.

A ship arrives landing on the roof. The door opens automatically as a man throws down a red carpet that rolls out onto the runway. Sandmen now their heads and out their fists against their chest.

A dark figure in robes glides down the stairs and past the walkway heading inside the prison.

A door is opened by a sandman who is followed inside by the dark Lord. A velvet chair spins around and reveals a grey haired man with strong cheeks. He dears a blue velevet shags and uniform. The sandman bows once and closes the door.

Darth Sideous clasps his hands together. "Gorth, word has reached me you picked up the two jedi. Are the rumors true?

Gorth looks at his papers nervously. "Yes, sire. We picked them up on the road near Rwookrrorro." (His hand shakes.) it seems we came into contact with your personal bounty hunter, Crypto. Their was a cultural misunderstanding and they assumed he was with them. But our chief sandwoman recognized him mentioning Sideous. We humbly regret our transgression and...."

Darth Sideous holds out his hand to stop him. "No, need. Crypto has been nothing, but a neausance for me. I have learned from Paralegal's recent activities that the old ways of conquering the republic can not work. The jedi are to trained, to wise and can defeat any army.


Gorth looks up at him. "What will we do with him, sir?"

Darth Sideous tilts his head. "Leave him be. Like the other jedi Ranbl have them work on my new project.

Gorth looks down. "Would that be wise? The jedi could escape and stop construction on the death....

Darth Sideous waves his hand. "No, fear."

(He reaches into his cloak taking out an ornament box. He opens it up revealing a clasp made of crystals. )

Gorth looks at the object, leans over and picks it up. "What is this?"

Darth Sideous tilts his head. "Kaiburr crystal. It harnnesses the power of the jedi. It use to be found across the galaxy and what is used in construction of lightsabors. I had it personally made to weaken the jedi and he will be as a mortal.

Gorth looks down as he felt the rumbling power held within. "He will make the weapon that destroys it all. Genius.

Darth Sideous crackles. He looks up. "I feel a presence. Its strong, violent and conflicted as my new apprentice."


Zahara watched Anakin leave, shocked by the encounter. Once he was out of sight, she exhaled deeply and lowered herself to the ground, leaning against the cold stone wall and resting her wounded leg. Her hand drifted to her pendant, lightly touching the tiny crystal with her burned fingertips. She tried to mediate to keep herself calm and centered.


Darth Sideous turned. "Yes, the girl is feeling alone and anger. Being her here.

Gorth stands and salutes. "Yes, sir."

He hurries to the door, opens it and walks out down the hall. Two standmen follow behind.


Zahara opened her eyes upon hearing footsteps coming. She hid her pendant under her tunic and stood slowly. "What do you want?" she asked crisply.


Gorth stick the key into the heavily metal door and walked inside. The two sandman still following behind as they walked down the rows of cells. He spoke to them as if clearing his throat sending them off into another direction while heading onward.

Ranbl looked down. The doors open and two sandman walk in.

Crypto turns smiling. "I told you. You were wrong."

The sandman unclasp his chain, the jedi struggles as they hold him in place and place the cuff over one wrist.

Ranbl looked at it. "What is this thing?" (He throws out his free hab d.) "What did you do to me?"

The sandman talk amongst themselves and head out.

Crypto struggles against his chains. "Wait. Where are you going." (They close the door nehind.) I don't belong here! (The door is locked.) I don't belong here!"

Crypto sobs years of frustration and vengeance.


Zahara looked at the man warily (Gorth, assuming he's at her cell). "Where am I?" she asked, not necessarily expecting a reaction. "What is happening?"


Ranbl looks down at the bracelet trying to take it off.

A door at the bottom opens as a tray containing brown slop and a piece of bread in two bowels slide across the floor.

Crypto turns over from his sleep and sits up rubbing his eyes. He stands, walks over to the tray and looks down in disgust. "Pig slops."

Ranbl pays him no attention as he tinkers with the contraption. "It will keep you alive."

Crypto kicks the tray, sending it spewing over the floor. "I rather starve."

Ranbl gives up in frustration. "You could've kept the bread."

Crypto looks at him, picks up the two good pieces or bread, goes to sit down and eat. "Someone of my status deserves a feast fit for a king."

Ranbl looks at him. "You think to highly of yourself. Please share."

Crypto gives him an annoyed look and garbles it down. "Nothing left."

Ranbl stands up. He runs into the man, pelting him with his fists. Crypto rolls over and hits him. They both get into a crouching position and circle one another.

Crypto smirks. "We are on equal footing, fuzzball."

Ranbl circles him. "And you'll always be bantha fodder."

Crypto rage builds up. "Slimy piece of worm ridden filth."

He lunges at the jedi. Ranbl grabs his arm and flips him on the floor putting his foot on his neck.

Two guards hearing the commotion open the door, carrying two crystal wands and shock them.

Gorth walks down the corridor and down the cell line stopping in front of Zaharah. "You have a visitor." (He sticks a card into the lock opening it.) Right this way."


Zahara looked him up and down, then followed him cautiously, holding her head high and trying not to limp nor show fear.


Ranbl woke up in a metal cage. His clothes different from before as it was a grey uniform. A light went on overhead. A siren blares over the loudspeaker and the doors open. Around him different types and ages of wookies walked out of their cages. They walked over to a metal rotating production line. It rolled out mechanical parts consiting of the acceleraor, flouransant tubes and bolts. They assimilate the parts together and place it back on the line for the next to add another contraption.

Ranbl watched and talked lowly. "What are they building?"

After the contraption has been built, a crank picks up the pieces and places the heavy motor into another trolly that disappears behind a black curtain.

As he watches he recurve a A shock from the guard. He turns to him and watches him from the other side of the cage. The yard sticks it back through the hole again. Ranbl grabs his arm, the other holds the stick and he jabs it back hitting him in the face fliging him back.

The other guards rush him. The first he bludgeons without looking at him as the second gets a heel to the face followed by being hit with the stick to the throat.

Three others chase him as he runs. The slaves look about them to see what the trouble is as the siren signals once again.

Ranbl looks back seeing them chasing him. He takes the stick in his hand throwing it at the nearest approaching one and hits him in the chest. As he steps behind the black curtain, he crosses over a red line, falling to his knees and his eyes blurring only seeing what appears to a moon sized space station hovering as the workers add onto the almost complete project.


Gorth walked down the hallway. "His Excellency is excited to see you." (He turns a corner.) "He doesn't make special trips like this unless it's of the most importance. You should feel honored."

Gorth opens the door. A white haired man, aged face, velvet clothes of light blue and purple attire stand there. Palenine smiles and looks out.


Zahara sighed in relief upon seeing Palpatine. "Your Excellency," she said, bowing slightly. "Whatever are you doing out here?" She straightened and smiled wryly. "I suppose that would be classified. There's been a terrible mistake, Ranbl and I have been captured and imprisoned here. I do not know where he is now, but it can't be good."


Ranbl woke up as a dim light burned brightly and sat up in a rush. He was contained in a holding cell.

Crypto stares back at him in the cage across. "Bout time you awaken."

Ranbl stared at him. "What are you doing here?"

Crypto looks off into space. "Mouthy. They don't like defiance or mentions of freedom here."

Ranbl sighed. "I told you never trust evil. In the end you always be alone."

Crypto stood up and walked around his cell back and forth. "I don't know where it went wrong. I did everything he asked. I was his messager and now I'm a common criminal."

Ranbl stood. "Who?"

Crypto faces him. "Darth Sideous.

(flashback. A man wearing the traditional robes of a councilman walks down a busy street uneased. A man with black hair rounds the corner as he watches him walk amongst the crowd. Crypto makes his way through the mass like a snake about to strike. The councileman feeling as if he is being watched only sees the happy go lucky patrons buying from merchants or feeding their kids treats. He turns around, a haste in his steps and crosses the busy intersection. Crypto comes back into view crossing with two arguing men over a broken carved doll in front of him. The man held up the toy. "Is this the tripe you pass off to all your customers."

The merchant's face was turning red and waved his hands in the air. "There is nothing wrong with my merchandise. You are trying to cheap me. I should have you arrested."

The councilman couldn't stop the little smile forming on his face.

The skies darken as rain drops pelt the sidewalk drenching everything and anyone causing them to seek shelter. What few lights shone in the darkness of the night were swallowed up by the dark gray mist that accompanied the rainfall. As a result, hardly a soul was in sight.


As he made is way through the last three blocks of his condo he saw the same man from before standing at a street corner. The councilman turns into an alley, hearing the ruffling of shoes and the sight of flicking dim lights causing shadows to move all around him. As he made his way between the buildings the side of a trash can knocks over making his knee buldge as he held onto the wall barely standing. A cat runs out clutching a piece of meat between it's teeth as it runs out into the night. "Stupid animal. Nearly scared the life out of me."

As he got back his feet, a man's hand held a sia around his neck. "Councilman Palentine. Your intrusion into the droid army with Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray has not gone unnoticed by my master. By the order of Count Dooku your services are no longer required."

The councilman grasped for air and his faced filled with fear. "Your mistaken. I'm in his good graces. He said I was under his protection until the war is ov....

Crypto tightened the blade cutting him off in mid sentence. "Yes. Your family will be spared. You on the other hand are a liability. Too loyal. An honest councilman close friends with our newly elected Queen and her jedi special force.

Palentine's eyes shoot up as he looked as he strained too look at his would be killer. "Wait. Whatever he is paying you I'll double it?"

Crypto is about to cut into his neck when he stops. "What am i? A cheap trolip selling themselves so easily in the district."

Palentine lets out a nervous laugh. "Not only money my boy. Absoulte power.

Throwing out his hands, he sends sending him flying. Palentine stands. "If you want to see what it can do follow me.

(End of flashback.)

Ranbl rattles on the cage. "Lies. He is a real respected senator. No way he would turn against those oaths and promises he made.

Crypto paces and chuckles. "You believe in honest politicians? I am the one who pities you."

Ranbl face hardens. "Why?"


(Flashback. In a room, Palentine rolls out a blue print of a lazer construction. )

Crypto looks over the map in awe. "Why are you showing me this?"

Palentine chuckles. "Because boy this is the project that will bring it all to an end. No more rebellions, no more wars, no more jedi...

Crypto looks at him. "You speak madness. They have been around since time begun. How can they be so easily disbanded? No one in history could permanently end their existence."

Palentine leans in closer. " My master Darth Plagueis worked endlessly to execute a long percolating plan of supplanting the former Republic with a new Sith Empire.

Crypto turned his back on him. "Fairytales."

Palentine angers spews forth revealing an ugly toad like face. Before changing back. "You doubt me?"

Crypto turns back around. "If it is true. What is he waiting for? What is his master plan?"

Palentine looks down at the print and points. "A lazor capable of destroying a planet. No one would dare to defy us. Plagueis would have reigned along side me now as a senator if I hadn't killed him like he had done to his before. The order of the Sith in that way."

Crypto face fills with fear. "You have grown crazy."

Palentine looks off into the distance, his face somber. "Perhaps. Even he had fears of losing that power and I will not risk anyone standing in my way. A few dead politicians who paved my runway can testify to that."

(End of flashback. Ranbl stared at him. "How do I know you aren't lying?"

Crypto stares at him. "What do you think they are building in there? (sarcastically) A droid factory. A ship to host it dufus."

Ranbl looks at him. "That could be the source of my dreams. This new dark power rising up to turn the tide of the force towards the darkside."

Crypto waves his hands. "I don't understand your jedi hocus pocus, but it could be warning you. I only wish I had hindsight. I was suppose to be his partner. His number one guy."


(Flashback. A wookie village is on fire. Crypto shoots a set of parents and two sandwoman grabs the child loading it onto a carovan. Gorth runs up to him.)

Gorth smiles. "The distress message has been sent."

Crypto looks at him smirking. "Fullfilling when you follow a dream and it starts following you. And the Oracle?

Gorth looks estatic. "Died before the megi could treat her. The secret went along with her."

Crypto pats him on the back. "The chancellor will be proud. I'll tell him to be expecting some new arrivals and we should have the death star completed on time."

Gorth walks over to the sandwoman and gargles. She signals to the caravan and they head out.

(End of flashback.)

Ranbl stands there shellshocked. "That murdering socko. Will you help me to stop him."

Crypto leans in close. "How can you? He disempowered you. Face it jedi. He had won. No one had ever beaten him before and you won't be the first."
(He walks away.)


Palentine smiles at her. "Yes, I know. I came here to sort out the matter and see if we can work on getting you out of here."


Zahara nodded, then glanced around the room, trying to get her bearings. "Where are we, sir?" she asked slowly.

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Palentine looked her over. "A prison of sorts. The raiders thought you were pirates taking advantage of a warlord in the local area. We have been aid and supplies to women & children. We have been sitting them out and once we see who they are release them."


Zahara grimaced. "I know it's a prison," she replied tartly. "What planet and system?" She shook her head. "We only attacked the caravan because they were kidnapping children, innocent young Wookiees."


Palentine smiles darkly. "You are an inquisitive creature." He waves his hand. "Tell me have you thought about the good this prison does for the poor refugees? Giving them three meals a day. A roof over their head and a safe guarded location away from the violence." (Palentine stands) "Yes, dear we use extreme measures for the greater good. Those children would die of starvation, disease or as a causity of war." (He walks over to the door opening it.) "Let me introduce you to my friend. You may have talked to him already and he can give you more insight into the grand operation that could establish permante peace. Why the project could make the republic last for a thousand years. This was only phase two."


Zahara frowned deeply, a knot forming in her stomach. Cassian was right-- Palpatine wasn't who she had thought. Ara exhaled deeply and refrained from saying anything offensive.

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Palentine walks out. "I'll be right back." He smiles as he closes the door.

A few minutes later a dark shadowy figure appears in the panel glass. The door opens by itself as a figure dressed in robes and a toad like face appears. "So this is the one I keep hearing about?" (He walks over to her looking the girl in the eyes.) "Yes, a great power grows inside of you. A seed that was planted long ago and now ready to harvest. (He turns his pale face.) Tell me your name?"


Zahara took a small step back, watching the odd old man warily. "I am Zahara," she said slowly. Her hand drifted towards her lightsaber; something about this man didn't seem right.


Palentine gasps. "Awe. Beautiful." (He waves his hand.) "You won't need that. Your among friends."

Gorth stands up and walks over to them. "May I introduce you to his Excellency. He has been waiting all day for you. Don't insult him by pulling out that silly thing. He may be frienghtening, but underneath the ruff exterior is a savior. A peace maker traveling the galaxy in unitiy. His message has united races, healed old wounds and wants only brotherly love."


Zahara glanced between them warily, but let her hand fall back to her side. "What do you want, sir?" she asked the cloaked man.


The figure darted away towards the edge of the desk and turned his face towards the window looking out. "What I want is for the echoes to end. A truce amongst the blood shed." (He turns back to her.) "But in order to do that I need missionaries willing to follow order. Spead my message. Lay down the sword of destruction and bend them into plows.I need someone like you. I know of the struggle between doing what is right and wanting to go another way by solving problems by the fists. Its tearing you apart."


Zahara took a few steps closer to the crooked man. "And what is your message?" she inquired.


The dark robbed man turned to her. "On my mission, I learned from the Neimoidians that they had plans to assissiante Queen Amidala. They were going to set up a puppet government in it's place and transform the Senate into a shadow organization of superstates waging perpetual war for the remaining unconquered lands of the galaxy for ultimate control." (He walks over to her, removing the hood.) Once my ship intercepted the message, I was attached on my way to Naboo. I crashed landed on Coruscant as the lone survivor and was scarred beyond recognition. (He smiles.) But the Gungans took me into their care and nursed me back to health. I was relieved to learned that the plot failed and it was set back for a few years. (He turns away.) I need some qualified persona fearless even at the expense of their life who will go forth and take out this conspiracy of leaders within the Senate who not only know of the secret, but bringing it to pass. I am only a humble man in need of trusted Jedi who have the power to stop it."


Zahara frowned, taking a moment to digest the information. "Do you have any proof of all this?" she asked slowly.


The dark figure removes a shiney metal sphere that bursts forth light. The Galactic Senate Chamber was a large, open area with swirval seats like the Roman collisum that circle around upward contained within. Halle Burtoni, Riyo Chuchi and Rush Clovis are standing over a dim lit table. Rush Clovis turns to his associates. "What are you suggesting to ensure the peace for not only the small planet we inhabit, but our neighbors who occupy us? Certainly not by a faux Galactic empire imposing it's will by force?"

Riyo hands him a document. "See for yourself. Since our newly elected Queen has taken power she has closing training camps, restricting covert operations, prohibiting shipment of weapons and withdrew five hundred troops from her home planet. It allowed for the enemy to attack and employing our own forces to defend it.

Rush looks over the document his eyes widening. "You are being to hard on her. Naboo was facing a deficit crises and needed the resources from her military division. She restored stability.

Halle turns to him and slams her hand down on the table. "At our expense. The Jedi were paid for their labour on the wealth and the lives of our people. They were ready for revolution since the clone wars started and one more war could tip that anger into anarchy. That is why we must find a way to keep them safe and secure that the head of states who represent them serve their best interests.

Rush looks at both senators. "But the resolution is to costly. The comissions would limit their rights and the voting power needed won't be there.

Riyo looks at him. "We have ways of persasuion. We'll have the votes of need be. We can not stand by as the enemy drains our resources. That is why I propose we group the treasury and our armed forces together financing the wars equally. Each planet that needs help in distress will have it at its disposal."

Rush broads over the suggestions. "It seems a little extreme. The Republic has endured peace for thousands of years


Halle"This will ensure it lasts for another thousand. It's the only choice we got.

Rush stamps the document.


Zahara frowned, watching the hologram thoughtfully. Nothing seemed too suspicious, yet. "Sir, I'm afraid I don't understand the issue," she said cautiously. "They are acting for the benefit of the Republic."


The dark figure leans in closer as it makes a new image. This time the committ are sitting early in the morning looking through papers. Halle Burtoni, Riyo Chuchi and Rush Clovis are talking. Rush holds up a proposal. "I think the new bill is a little extreme. It would declare an act of war during a time of emergency or struggle."

Halle looks at him. "That would give us the control we seek."

Rush looks at her. "But that would make a declaration of war immanent for any trrasonious act or mob uprising."

Riyo looks at him. "That is needed for the treasury department. That would enable us to find off any threats without costing us a dime."

Rush turns to her, shaking his head. "But that would leave us without any judicial control of where the troops are deployed and used. They would be under the complete control of the elected chancellor and would make any one They choose a target and could make any one an enemy of the state."

Halle turns to him, taking the paper and signing it. "Desperate times, Mr. Clovis. This would make what our Queen did a capital offense and force her hand into submission. Her second solo mission nearly bankruped the capital."


Zahara watched warily, her gaze flicking between the hologram and the cloaked man. She remained silent, waiting to see if the man would explain or if anything else happened.


The image changes to thunder cracking as the rain begins to fall harder from the sky. Storm troopers pumpel into a horde of guards pushing them behind a broken gate.

A buggy carrying villagers tries to escape. A storm trooper aims it's gun and shoots a laser hitting it, creating a loud explosion as it turns over. A fiery explosion erupts blowing open the canvas roof. As the blaze dies down dead horses and passengers lay on the ground. Villagers are pulled from burning homes as storm troopers take them under arrest or kill them on site.
A guard hits a storm trooper and leaves a black mark on his chest. Another hits a guard in the head.

Inside a cavern. Halle walks down some steps with rows of torches of light, illuminating a rocky hallway, leading to where a treasure trove of heels and boxes sit around a massive cage. A man of noblity sits staring at her. Halle moves briskly to the cage, where the man inside looks up. She clasps her hands together. " I have a proposition for you."

The man tilts his mighty head up to look at the small framed Halle. He opens his mouth and speaks in a very deep voice. "What do you want? What have you hope to accomplish?"

Halle title her head. "A ruler should make full use of the beings who serve under her."

The king stands and rattles the cage. "What do you propose?"

Halle's eyes dark a little, but she chooses to allow his tone to slide. "You’ve been trapped here a long time. I’m willing to free you from your prison, but in return, I want you to send your armies to one of three separate planets for conquest. Plunder it's riches and miser it's inhabitants if they refuse to join the new alliance signed in by the senate.

The King looks at her. "If I refuse?"

Halle laughs. "Not an option. You will be branded as a tratior to the republic, assisnated and your planet put under republic rule." Silence. "Do we have an agreement?"

After a beat, the king bows his head. " I’m at your service, my leige."

Halle smiles wickedly. "Splendid


Halle dips her hand into the inner pocket of her scarlet cloak and emerges with what appears to be a crystal key and raises it to the bars of the cage. The door opens and she turns to leave.


Zahara frowned deeply and took a step back, not wanting to believe what she was seeing. "This can't be true," she whispered, shaking her head slightly but her gaze never left the hologram.


The dark figure frowns. "Tis all true my dear." He puts the sphere away. "Come. We prepared a feast and I got someone special I like you to meet."


Zahara exhaled slowly, then her stomach growled softly in anticipation of food.

She followed a servant to a bathroom, thanking the polite man before locking the door and preparing the bath. She itched to be clean again after all the travel. Her skin was caked in a thin layer of dirt and grime, and her hair was a greasy tangled mess. She undressed and slipped into the warm water, allowing herself to relax for a moment and soak away her worries.

Anakin waited in the dining hall while Zahara bathed, wearing black and red silk robes with some silver embroidery. He fiddled with his lightsaber, tossing the hilt from hand to hand and twirling it around. Waiting annoyed him, especially when he was hungry and forced to tolerate the presence of sand-people. And the fancy robes were confining.

Zahara finished her bath and picked up the gown that had been put out for her, inspecting it dubiously. It was far too fancy for her tastes: deep purple silk with gold embroidery and tiny diamonds, floor-length, with a tight corset meant to go on under it. But it was all she had at the moment; her satchel had been confiscated once she was captured and her dirty clothes were not fit for a banquet. With a resigned sigh, she put on the gown, leaving the corset on the chair and braiding her hair. Once she was ready, she walked to the dining hall, following the directions the servant had given her.

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Ranbl and Crypto are standing around not speaking to each other. Crypto looks around. "So I’m guessing it must be a holding cell within a holding cell?"

Ranbl turns his head. "Come again?"

Crypto smirks. "Stupid Jedi. The cells won’t allow you to get out of them, but apparently you can use your abilities outside of the cell, but you can’t use it to get out of the…penitentiary. It’s a cell within a cell.

Ranbl straightens his pose. "Come again."

Crypto scoffs. "It has an achilles heel mongro."

Ranbl gets closer and peers at him through the bars. "I have just about had it...

The door to the prison opens as two guards are beating a man with their electric batons. He’s on his knees, screaming and pleading with them until one knocks him in the back of the head, electrocuting him and knocking him out cold. The guards picks him off the ground and begin to drag him down the aisle towards them. As they drag him in, Crypto takes his fist and drops it over his head knocking him out. The other guard walks in with a baton and he elbows him across the face, reaches down and grabs a wick from his side belt. Taking the wick, he throws it through the cell. Ranbl catches it and looks down at it.

Crypto loses his patience. "We don't have all bloody day. Free yourself."

Ranbl puts the wick in the lock and turns it. Crypto kneels down starting to undress the sandmen.


Anakin looked up upon hearing footsteps, clipping his lightsaber to his belt. "Zahara," he said, inclining his head. "I see you are out of the cell. You're welcome."

Zahara smiled grimly and took a seat next to him, smoothing out her skirts. "I assume you had something to do with that?"

Anakin nodded. "I told my new Master about your dilemma." At Zahara's look, he said firmly, "Obi-Wan Kenobi is no longer my Master. I found someone stronger, wiser."

Zahara still wasn't convinced. "And who might this new Master of yours be?" she asked cautiously.

Anakin frowned. "If he has not revealed himself to you, I will not tell his name," he replied slowly. "But he is far powerful than Obi-Wan or any of the Jedi will ever be. You know the Jedi blind themselves to true power and shackle themselves to the Code. My new Master does not share those inhibitions. He promised to save my Padme. And we will someday rule the universe."

Ara sighed softly. "General Skywalker, with all due respect, I urge you to walk carefully. The Dark Side is very powerful, but it is also very dangerous. It must be used in moderation, or it will destroy you."

Anakin's eyes flashed. "What do you know of the Dark Side?" he demanded.

"My mother was a Nightsister. She used the Dark Side exclusively, until she realized what it was doing to her. Then she ran away, as my father ran away from the Jedi Order. They both knew that neither side was the way, but a middle path would benefit them far more."

Before Anakin could respond, their food was served. Steaming, sizzling platters were placed in front of them, and they both dug in without further comment.

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