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A Role-Play of Ice and Fire (Sign-Ups and Questions)

A basic role-play based on Game of Thrones, taking place in the World of Ice and Fire, the Seven Kingdoms, Free Cities, Essos, and beyond. Starks may have direwolves, Targaryens may have dragons, Red Priests/ Priestesses may see in the flames and heal severe wounds, the Night Watch guards against threats from beyond the wall, etc etc. I'd prefer if there weren't really any characters from the books/show, but if you truly want to, ask permission and we'll see. I'm going to place this long before Robert's Rebellion, just a typical time when Targaryens rule from the Iron Throne and magic is common.

A Note on Role-Playing:

For those of you who haven't done a forum-based role-play before, here's a brief description of how it works. Basically, everyone creates a character or two based on the "character sheet" provided. Once everyone posts their characters, we can get started, most likely on another thread. I'll post some sort of starting scenario. From there, just respond for your character(s), what you think they'd do in that situation, or on a normal day of their life. Posts can vary from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. We pretty much end up co-writing a character-centric story. If things slow down plot-wise, I'll throw something in to shake things up, like a bandit raid or monster attack or something. If anyone has ideas to contribute to the plot, please don't be afraid to share them!

Roles: (subject to change; not all need to be filled)

Father: Edrick Stark (LeiaOfLothlorien)
(Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open)
Daughter: Saella (LeiaOfLothlorien)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

(Father Open, Mother Open, Son Open, Daughter Open)

Nights' Watch:
(3 slots Open)

(3 slots Open)

Children of the Forest:
1. Aspen (LeiaOfLothlorien)
(2 slots Open)

Red Priests/ Priestesses
(Female Open, Male Open)

Faceless Men:
(Female Open, Male Open)

(3 slots Open)

Servants/ Farmers:
(3 slots Open)

(3 slots Open)

Bastards (Snow, Hill, Sand, Flowers, etc)
(2 Females Open, 2 Males Open)

(3 slots Open)

1. No overpowered characters, no god-moding (taking control of other characters or being insanely powerful).
2. Balance your character(s). No one is perfect. Make them complex and unique. Three strikes for getting accepted. I will be more lenient than I normally am, since I don't know how things are normally run on here, but please try to be reasonably detailed. I would prefer not to have any "canon" characters in this one, but ask and we'll see. If I forgot any possible roles, please let me know and I'll add them!
3. You must be accepted by me before role-playing. Again, I will try to be lenient about this, but I just want to make sure we don't have any phony caricatures.
4. Think PG-13. No sexting (romance is allowed, but kissing max). Mild swearing is allowed, but don't go dropping the f-bomb every sentence. If you do swear, try to star out letters, i.e. s***. Violence and gore are allowed, but don't go overboard and make anyone throw up.
5. Use "..." for speaking; (...) for out-of-character in the role-play itself, i.e. asking questions about a plot point or clarification; and *...* for direct thinking/mind-speaking.
6. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Character Sheet:
Nickname: (optional)
Role/ Rank:
Wearing: (what you're wearing at the start, or a usual outfit/style for your character)
Personality: (I know "show don't tell" is the main school of thought, but give us an idea of what your character is like, since most of our characters probably know each other at least in passing)
History: (optional, but preferred; doesn't need to be overly detailed)
Weapon of Choice: (max 3)
Equipment: (you may have a backpack/sack/satchel/bag. What's in it?)
Strengths: (at least 3)
Weaknesses: (balance strengths)
Special Abilities: (if applicable, see my post "Magic in GoT?" on the "Game of Thrones" board for ideas)
Pet: (optional)
Other: (anything else we should know about your character? Also, please remove my notes-- everything currently within parentheses-- before posting)
Role-Play Example: (just post something as if you were replying to someone. Could be a battle scene, reflecting on life, drinking, hiking... anything that suits your character. I'm looking for a paragraph)

EDIT: new roles


Name: Saella Visenya Targaryen
Nickname: Ella
Role/ Rank: Targaryen Princess
Age: 17

Appearance: Saella is lithe and graceful, with a reasonable amount of muscle packed onto her small frame. She stands at roughly 5'4", but occasionally wears heels to make herself seem taller. Her wavy hair is light blonde with some silver and gold highlights. It cascades down to her waist when left down, but she tends to wear it is a loose bun to keep it out of the way. Her eyes are bright purple. Their shade can seem to change from lilac to indigo depending on her mood and what she's wearing. Her face is roughly heart-shaped, with a relatively sharp chin and nose.

Wearing: For formal events, Saella wears a lilac floor-length gown with silver and gold embroidery. The shallow v-neck has a small round amethyst embedded at the lowest point; the fancy belt also has a slightly larger amethyst in the center, surrounded by tiny diamonds. She also wears a tiara shaped like a slender serpentine dragon, silver with sapphire eyes.
When she doesn't need to be on display, she wears simpler ankle-length dresses made of sturdy yet flexible material. They usually have a slit from the knees down to make riding easier. These gowns are less gaudy and decorative, far more casual but still nice-looking. With this, she often often wears a leather jerkin with dragon embroidery, a dark purple cloak, and light leggings.

Personality: When in court or among nobles and royalty, Saella acts like a princess, more or less. She's polite, following all the laws of court etiquette. She doesn't speak unless spoken to, unless she has something important that must be said. She remains calm and calculating, listening and planning behind an emotionless mask.
When among her own people, she's helpful and sympathetic. She will aid her people however she can; whether it be providing food, rebuilding houses, training, dressing wounds, searching for lost ones, or simply being there for comfort.
When she's alone, she is freed from all responsibility and etiquette. She can be herself, which means spending all her spare time in the forest with her dragon. She'll run, leap, climb, laugh, with not a care in the world. She'll often simply find a perch in a tree to watch and listen, becoming nearly one with nature. Not many people see this side of her, other than her brother.

History: (I'll probably add this later)

Weapon of Choice: Saella convinced her parents to allow her to learn how to wield a bow and arrow. She also keeps a small jeweled dagger with her at all times.
Equipment: medical supplies, change of clothes, some food, writing supplies, a book or two

Strengths: Saella is good with strategy and negotiation. She is also graceful and spirited.
Weaknesses: Ella isn't all that strong physically, although she is stronger than most court ladies. She can also be a bit naive at times when it comes to matters outside the Seven Kingdoms.
Special Abilities: Saella has a bond with her dragon. She is also slightly fire-resistant, meaning that fire doesn't hurt her as much as normal people, but she can still be burned in some situations (by a hotter-than-usual blaze, or longer contact).

Pet: A young dragon named Aelor, roughly cat-sized. Aelor's scales pale blue that shimmer silver in the light. His eyes are sapphire. (I'll update this as the dragon grows. C;)

Other: I'll need someone to play her older brother. No incest, please.

Role-Play Example: Saella sighed in relief as the court meeting was adjourned. She curtsied respectfully to the noblemen, gracefully backing out of the room. The princess walked as quickly as her ornate gown would allow to her bedroom and changed into a more breathable gown made of light blue cotton. She let her hair down in a single braid, then sprinted outside through the hidden servants' corridors.
Once outside, she took deep breaths of the crisp fresh air, a smile tugging at her lips as the breeze toyed with her hair. Aelor trilled and flew over, landing on her shoulder and nudging her for affection. Saella laughed and pet his scaly head, murmuring soothing nonsense to her young dragon.


Name: Aspen
Nickname: n/a
Role/ Rank: Child of the Forest
Age: unknown, acts late twenties but looks early teens, yet actually much older

Appearance: Aspen is the size of a large child, standing at 3'10". She is rather thin and a bit bony, but stronger than she looks. Her pale skin has a faint greenish tint, with some darker green designs resembling leafy vines or tiger-like streaks. Her large eyes are bright green between lime and a tropical sea; ironic since she has only ever seen the snowy lands north of the Wall. Her hair is calico: various shades of brown, black and yellow-gold. These locks are usually piled on her head in a rough beehive shape.
Wearing: Aspen tends to wear a fur cloak, a hide tunic, and a skirt of woven leaves and vines.

Personality: Unlike most Children of the Forest, Aspen is curious about the humans. She is eager to learn as much as possible about everything she can. Aspen is also easily excitable by little things, especially new things that she hasn't seen before. Sometimes she can be rash or impulsive; surprising considering that some of her people can take years to decide things. Other times, Aspen seems much wiser than she appears, drawing upon knowledge gained from her centuries of life. Aspen is also warmhearted and generous. She often offers humans obsidian upon meeting them, to give them a weapon against the White Walkers, which she feels the guilt of her people over.

History: Aspen has never ventured South of the Wall, but she wishes to. She spent more than half her life in the cave under the weirwood with the other Children of the Forest. Aspen learned everything she could from her people, but felt confined. She wandered outside and started south, searching for things to peak her interest. One of which is humans. Aspen came across wildlings and tagged along with the tribe for a few years, learning whatever she could. Once she was satisfied and getting bored with her companions, she moved on and continued the process.

Weapon of Choice: an obsidian spear and dragon-glass dagger
Equipment: many pieces of obsidian, medical supplies, emergency rations, hand-made flute

Strengths: Aspen is wise due to her long life. She can remain hidden for long periods of time without being detected. She can also move rather quickly if need be.
Weaknesses: Despite her wisdom, Aspen sometimes rushes into things without thinking through the ramifications. She is sometimes too quick to trust people. She could be easily overpowered by a human. She is also more vulnerable to physical attack while skin-changing.

Special Abilities: Aspen can skin-change with Ve'rac (see below) and other animals that trust her. She can also see through the Weirwood network, but only for the present time (she can't see the past or future).

Pet: A raven named Ve'rac. Aspen has taught Ve'rac some words in the Common Tongue.

Other: Yeah... I took some poetic liberties with this. Because I don't really like how the show handled the Children of the Forest, but I love the idea of them. 🙃

Role-Play Example: Aspen peered through the leaves, perched in a branch several yards away from the human camp. She watched as the humans set up their-- What was the word again? -- tents. Strange things, to protect them from the weather. Why not just use caves or trees? The tiny woman inched forward on the branch to get a better look, a spark of interest in her large bright eyes.

EDIT: added history


Alright. Let me try this again, now the new season is airing.

Name: Edrick Stark
Nickname: Ed or Rick
Role/ Rank: Lord of Winterfell (father)
Age: 36

Appearance: Edrick has an imposing stature and rugged look, standing at roughly six feet tall with broad shoulders. His shoulder-length hair and thick beard are dark brown, with some lighter highlights that make his hair seem speckled in snow. His eyes are a piercing ice-blue. He has a chiseled jawline and somewhat large nose. A few scars cover his body; including a small one by his right eyebrow, one on his left arm and a long jagged one down his back.

Wearing: Edrick tends to wear a thick fur cloak over his leather armor and other layers of clothing to keep out the chill. He also has a piece of obsidian on a pendant, which he believes will ward off White Walkers.

Personality: Edrick seems cold to strangers, but he has a warm heart deep inside. He often keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself, unless he sees good enough reason to share them. Edrick is slow to trust others; however, he is very loyal to family and allies and would do anything to protect them. Edrick can be ruthless in battle, but he rules Winterfell fairly. He cares about his people and isn't above chatting with a farmer about the crops or sharing a drink with his soldiers. As devoted as he is to being a leader, he sees it as his duty and responsibility, nothing more; he would much rather live as a hunter and carpenter. Edrick also fully believes in tales of what lies north of the Wall. He is very brave, but his bravery can border on recklessness and foolishness at times.

History: (probably later)

Weapon of Choice: Valyrian steel broadsword with a wolf on the hilt, knife, crossbow
Equipment: coin pouch, whetstone, writing supplies, maps, hunting horn, tent, blanket, odd-shaped pieces of wood


Strengths: Physical strength, strategy, able to see both sides of an argument
Weaknesses: rarely can be swayed once he has his mind set on something (maybe this could be a strength in some light, but weakness in others), sometimes audacious, ignorance of southern customs, superstitious
Special Abilities: bond with his direwolf, although he can't skin-change for long.

Pet: A large direwolf named Tundra, mostly white with some gray and tan markings.

Other: I'm flexible with his family members, so feel free to make your own Stark.

Role-Play Example: Edrick hunkered down by the weirwood, drawing his fur cloak close and watching the snowflakes drift down to the ground. *Winter is coming,* the Stark words echoed in his mind. Winter, and all that came with it. "Ah, Tundra. Ye think we're ready for it?" The direwolf shook out her fur and howled.