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The Jedi's Quest (Sign-Ups and Questions)

The Jedi's Quest

The Jedi are dwindling. Whether they were wounded or killed in the Clone Wars, or hunted down by fanatics, they are a dying people. As a last ditch attempt, the remnants of the Jedi Council sent a team to search for a powerful artifact that might just save them from extinction. The journey will be difficult, but with it comes new hope (pun fully intended c;).

This takes place roughly 20 BBY. In other words, Palpatine has rapidly risen in power, but hasn't yet pressed the button to exterminate every Jedi. Anakin is on a dark path, but not yet Darth Vader. Luke and Leia haven't been born yet. The Clone Wars are nearly over.

A Note on Power:

First off, I'm going to be relatively flexible on how the Force can be used. I would like if everyone on the team is at roughly the same level; in other words, no new padawans nor skilled Masters, but everyone should be somewhere in between and have a good idea of how the Force works. However, please don't go directly against "canon" rules. If your character taps into the Dark Side, which I will allow, remember that it will scar them in certain ways and the more they use it the harder it is to stop. If you want to pull a Chirrût and stride into battle protected by the mantra "I am one with the Force. The Force is with me," only use it for very short periods of time, and you can't be completely invincible. If you want to use the Jedi mind trick on another character, ask who's controlling them if it's okay with them; unless it's a secondary character that you bring in just for a few posts.

A Note on Role-Playing:

For those of you who haven't done a forum-based role-play before, here's a brief description of how it works. Basically, everyone creates a character or two based on the "character sheet" provided. Once everyone posts their characters, we can get started, most likely on another thread. I'll post a starting scenario, probably some sort of meeting place like a cantina. From there, just respond for your character(s), what you think they'd do in that situation. Posts can vary from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. We pretty much end up co-writing a character-centric story. If things slow down plot-wise, I'll throw something in to shake things up, like a bandit raid or monster attack or something. If anyone has ideas to contribute to the plot, please don't be afraid to share them!


Jedi Team:
1. Leader: Zahara (LeiaOfLothlorien)
2. Ranbl (Strannger)
3. Open
4. Open
(More slots might be added if need be)

Pilot: Cassian (LeiaOfLothlorien)

(Ask permission)

1. No overpowered characters, no god-moding (taking control of other characters or being insanely powerful).
2. Balance your character(s). No one is perfect. Make them complex and unique. You have three chances. I will be more lenient than I normally am, since I don't know how things are normally run on here, but please try to be reasonably detailed. I will allow some canon characters, but please ask first. I'm already messing with the timeline a bit, and I would prefer not to go too far.
3. You must be accepted by me before role-playing. Again, I will try to be lenient about this, but I just want to make sure we don't have any phony caricatures.
4. Think PG-13. No sexting (romance is allowed, but kissing max). Mild swearing is allowed, but don't go dropping the f-bomb every sentence. If you do swear, try to star out letters, i.e. s***. Violence and gore are allowed, but don't go overboard and make anyone throw up.
5. Use "..." for speaking; (...) for out-of-character in the role-play itself, i.e. asking questions about a plot point or clarification; and *...* for direct thinking/mind-speaking.
6. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Character Sheet:
Nickname: (optional)
Role: (if other than a Jedi on the team, please ask for permission)
Age: (preferably 15-35)
Wearing: (what you're wearing at the start, or a usual outfit/style for your character)
Personality: (I know "show don't tell" is the main school of thought, but give us an idea of what your character is like, since most of our characters probably know each other at least in passing)
History: (optional, but preferred; doesn't need to be overly detailed)
Weapon(s) of Choice: (max 3. If Jedi, include lightsaber color)
Equipment: (you may have a backpack/sack/satchel/bag. What's in it?)
Strengths: (at least 3)
Weaknesses: (balance strengths)
Pet/droid: (optional)
Other: (anything else we should know about your character? Also, please remove my notes-- everything currently within parentheses-- before posting)
Role-Play Example: (just post something as if you were replying to someone. Could be a battle scene, reflecting on life, drinking, hiking... anything that suits your character. I'm looking for roughly a paragraph here)

EDIT: I changed the name. Sorry for any confusion.


Name: Zahara Isolde Sanazin
Nickname: Ara
Role: Leader of the team
Age: 25

Appearance: Zahara is tall and lithe, muscled like a wild cat. Sleek and shiny, her jet-black hair is usually pulled back to keep it out of her eyes. Her almond-shaped eyes are sky blue with flecks of silver. Her facial features are sharp and chiseled. Ara has various tattoos, such as blue swirls on face (supposedly to clear the mind), vines on hands (to show a connection with nature), and flames on feet (to encourage agility). Her skin is golden tan, with a few lighter scars.

Wearing: Zahara has a special cloak, made out of a thick velvety material, that is designed to regulate the wearer's body temperature. Under that, she typically wears a light-colored tunic, a leather jerkin, flexible breeches, and hiking boots. She tends to wear some jewelry as well, including a locket with a hologram of her family inside and a tiny chip of kyber crystal.

Personality: Zahara is spirited and independent, but down to earth when need be. Her temper can unfortunately be volatile, which has dire consequences if she's pushed too far, but she tries to keep herself under control. She is intelligent and cunning, always eager to learn. Ara is fair and just, usually able to listen to both sides of an argument. Zahara has a warm heart and truly cares about her teammates. She would never willingly leave anyone to suffer (even a stranger), unless there was truly no other choice. However, she will fight in defense to the bitter end.

History: Zahara's mother was raised as a Nightsister, but once she realized there were better options, she faked her death and ran away. Zahara's father was raised as a Jedi, but became disillusioned by the strict code, so he went out on his own. Her parents met and compromised, finding a middle ground that would suit them both and building a relationship. As a result, Ara's view of the Force and its uses are more open minded than most Jedi or Sith, seeing pros and cons of both sides. Zahara trained some at the Jedi Academy after her parents were killed by fanatics, never saying a word about her heritage. The Council saw promise in her rational nature and power, but feared her occasional Dark tendencies. They sent her on the mission to get her out of the way, cynically thinking that she might be killed in the wild goose chase.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Her purple lightsaber is slender and long. She also wields a small knife in addition to the Force in general.
Equipment: Rope, snacks (such as granola bars and dried fruit), water jugs, spare set of clothes, a towel, basic medical supplies (bandages, pain meds, cleaning cloths, etc), a compass, a journal, a few pens

Strengths: She is reasonably powerful, both physically and with the Force. She is also rather smart and good with strategy. Ara is a reasonably-skilled medic as well.
Weaknesses: Her temper sometimes threatens to drag her down to the Dark Side. Conversely, her soft heart could be seen as a weakness by some, since she would risk her life for a stranger in trouble. She can sometimes get emotional, but hides her fear under a mask of bravado.

Pet/droid: I don't know what it's called, and I'm gonna make some small adjustments anyway, so here goes. It's like a cross between a ferret and snake. In other words, serpentine body but covered in soft fur. Only two paws, each with retractable claws. Sharp teeth, but no fangs. Big green eyes with relatively large pupils. Named Vita.

Other: Ara has a faint exotic accent, almost a cross between Kenyan and Spanish.

Role-play example: Zahara settled herself on a patch of moss, sitting cross-legged in a meditation pose. She exhaled slowly, then turned her gaze to the tranquil expanse of the lake. The surface was almost a perfect mirror of the clear sky above, a few wispy clouds in the blue depths. If only peace were that simple. Her hand drifted to the locket hanging from her neck, lightly touching the small crystal and feeling the faintest thrum of lingering power. If she listened closely, she thought she could almost hear her parents laughing and chatting at the edge of her range of hearing... but they were one with the Force now.


Name: Cassian Jeron Andor
Nickname: Cap (short for Captain; not quite a nickname, but close enough)
Role: Pilot
Age: 17

Appearance: Cassian is lean and muscular, but far from huge. His hair and eyes are dark chocolate brown. He has a short beard and mustache and somewhat-long hair in general. His facial features are somewhat chiseled. His skin is light golden brown.

Wearing: Cassian usually wears brown leather jacket, breeches, and combat boots. If he needs to sneak around in the dark, he wears a black version of that.

Personality: Cassian tends to be reserved and slow to trust. He has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to speak his mind. His moral compass doesn't always point true, but most of the time he means well. Once you get to know him, he can have a somewhat sarcastic, almost dark, sense of humor. He is loyal and reasonably kind to those he considers friends, who are few and far between. Cassian can be impulsive and rash, with rather violent tendencies at times. He is a bit greedy depending on the situation; if someone offers him significantly more money to betray who he's working for, he probably wouldn't refuse (but it isn't impossible).

History: Cassian was a child soldier starting at 6 years old, where he began learning combat skills and espionage. After a few years of this, he was "rescued" by a group of do-gooders who tried unsuccessfully to "rehabilitate" him. Instead, he "escaped" and started up a freelance piloting/mercenary/espionage business on his own, taking on a handful of different missions. His parents were killed by Clone Troopers when he was young. Cassian tried to get vengeance, but in the sea of clones couldn't find the murderer after that first encounter. Instead, he put a target on Palpatine/Sidious, hating the man with every fiber of his being. Cassian believes in freedom, which to him borders closely on anarchy.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Sporting blaster, sniper-blaster, grenades
Equipment: Extra ammunition, bombs (carefully packed so they won't accidentally explode), navigation device, radio, toolbox (wrench, hammer, nails, screws, pliers, wires, etc), lock-pick, suicide pill, water jug, spare set of clothes

Strengths: Combat in general, spying, technology, piloting
Weaknesses: social skills, lack of empathy, greed, cocky at times

Pet/droid: I'm already messing with the timeline to make him older than he was according to canon, but if someone wants to play as K2SO, I don't mind messing with timelines just a little bit more. c;

Other: He has a faint Mexican-sounding accent.

Role-Play Example: Cassian sat in a shadowy corner of the cantina, observing the patrons as he sipped at a tankard of ale. People laughed, jeered, drank. Carefree, seemingly happy. Some in elaborate getups, others with rags hanging off their thin frames, a handful not even human. *How do they do it?* he marveled. *With everything wrong in the universe, how can they live apart? Don't they know that there are wars happening under their noses? People fighting, dying, suffering?*


... If my long character sheets intimidated you, please come back. Yours don't need to be quite as detailed, as long as there's at least some depth to your characters...


Character Sheet:
Name: Ranbl Migam
Nickname: Ran
Role: jedi
Age: 20
Appearance: Cone shaped bald head, oval shaped hazal eyes and a modern build body type.

Wearing: right pants, fluff shirt, boots, leather belt and Brown cloak.
Personality: A calm rational creature who always look for the higher meaning. In battle passions blaze and you become a deadly force.

History: A slum teen of Geonosis who was ophaned and became a theif to make a living. But as the clone wars started intervened in an altercation with stormtroopers rounding up hostages. The jedi council realized his courage and skills could only come from one in touch with the force.

Weapon(s) of Choice: A green lightsaber that can change into a duel blade.

Equipment: Satchel bag for food and herbs for medicine.

Strengths: Quick thinking and uses camflouge when outnumbered.

Weaknesses: Because I'm so passionate in a fight it could lead to overriding my judgement and quick to act.

Pet/droid: none
Other: Could turn darkside.

Role-Play Example:
(The sky is a startling iced
cerulean, as far as the eye can see. On the ground, the rocky mountains are covered in a bedspread of ceramic ice crystals. Hovering about eight feet off the ground is a woman wearing a peasant-like gown, as white as the snow around her, which contrasts with her waist-length hair, the color of matt black paint. She’s positioned with her legs crossed and her arms out to her sides, in acute triangles, and her middle fingers are pressed to her thumbs, forming an “O” shape. Pulsating glimmers of lilac energy are rushing around her, making it appear as though she’s caught in the middle of a bubble that’s almost ready to burst. Most interesting, however, are her eye sockets, which do not show a pair of eyes, but instead exude hot lavender colored light. The silence of the moment is broken by the soft sound of crunching snow. The MYSTIC’s lips part.]

MYSTIC: I know what you’ve come here for, Child.

(The sound of snow crunches again, in quick succession in time with someone’s heavy snow boots. A figure walks into view, dressed in sleek black pants, boots, puffy shirt and cloak, obstructing the view of the person’s face.)

PERSON: Then I suggest you make this easy on both of us. (He pulls back his hood, revealing a cone shaped bald head, oval shaped eyes and high cheekbones.)

MYSTIC: I’m disinclined to not enter the battles between good and evil.

RANBL MIGAM: This isn't the councern of the council. I come for answers that only you can teach me.

MYSTIC: A name


MYSTIC: What you’ve been seeking these few months was locked away a century ago because....

RANBL MIGAM: I don’t need a history lesson, I’ve already seen it. My dreams are troublesome and I've searched for answers that can't be understood. I need a name.

(The light from her eyes suddenly starts to darken, gradually becoming a deep plum color and then turning black. She gasps and the darkness disappears, leaving a pair of milky white eyes staring back at him.)

MYSTIC: No…Darth Sidious. He's going to destroy the balance....

(Before she can finish a blast hits the bubble of energy surrounding the MYSTIC. As the forces collide, an energy pulse detonates. The lilac energy waves vanish and the MYSTIC topples to the ground, landing roughly in the dirt and snow. Ranbl Migam face twists into snarl as he sees three storm troopers advancing and grabs for his lightsaber.


Yay! Accepted!

Just a few notes:
1. Some minor spelling/punctuation errors, but nothing serious. I've seen much worse before, so you're fine.
2. Great detail in the role-play example; the only thing is I prefer more of a story-style than play/screen-writing-style.
3. Does the cone-head mean he's a race other than human? If so, what is it?
4. How do you pronounce his name? Just wondering, lol.

Other than that, great job! I'll add your character to the OP and hopefully more people will join soon.


Gotcha story style.

I based it on Ki-Adi-Mundi, so my race is Cerean.

Pronounce it RAN(ran) bL (bill) MI (my) AM (am)


Okay. Who is that again? Is he in the Clone Wars or Extended Universe or something? Never heard of him, but that's fine.

EDIT: Alright, thanks for the pronounciation guide. Wasn't quite sure what to do about the "nbl" part, but that clears it up. ;3


He was a jedi shown in three revenge of the sith when order 66 was initated.


Ah. It's been a year or two since I saw the prequels, so my memory is just a bit foggy. I started watching the show, though. 3 episodes in chronologically as well as the movie. And frantically Wiki-ing everything possibly relevant to the rp. XD


Let me ask you Leia. When you get more will you alert us and how do we move forwad? Just write further on or will you give us a template to follow?


Yep, I'll let you know when we start. If we get PMs by then, I'll message you there, otherwise just keep a look-out.
And there isn't really any specific template to follow. I'll post another thread with a starting point and we'll just go from there.


Alright. It's up. Start whenever you're ready!


Psst. It's up and ready to go. Sorry it took me so long, I was waiting for people, but they still haven't joined... 😬


Hey Leia sorry this weekend was really busy for me. But I'm good to go. But I so have one question how do we start. Did you prepare something or just start writing? I saw on the other thread you started something so do I expand that?


Yay, you're alive! 🤗

Just respond to what I posted on the other thread. I tried to make it easier by giving you some questions to answer from Cassian. ^.^
It doesn't have to be too long, just write what you feel like. Most posts (replies) will probably be closer to one or two paragraphs, but feel free to write more if you're so inclined.


I'll do that. I never wrote in story mode. So I'll start out short and when I get the handle of it, it'll be longer.


Just a few small problems:

1. Only control your character(s), not mine. Controlling other players' characters is called god-moding, which is a big no-no in role-playing. (See the rules). I'll let it slide and go with it this time, since this is your first try. Just try to avoid it in the future.

2. The () are just for things that you as a person are saying, not part of the story. Like my comments about your posts not needing to be as long and pointing out edits, or if we're on a roll posting soon after each other and one of us has to leave.

Other than that, it's a great start.


Ok, I got it. But just clear up two things () so that's only for actions for your character otherwise they don't have too be. Also when you add a new character each time will they need a character sheet? I think that would help those who need too know where to take a character, but it can be time consuming. I just want to make sure I get the full scope and keep it running smoothly. So far it really has been fun and it may actually help me in my own writing. I knew in the past I always got my characters in some real had situations with a simple way out of it. It will be great working on more challenging gigs. I wish we had pms too discuss details like that. But I guess I could write them on this thread so that way the scenario is very well rounded.


Glad you're enjoying it! I definitely think it helps me with my writing, especially character-wise.

I'm confused about your first question... () is only for things that do not relate to your character or the setting, just things like what you and I would say to each other.

You need a character sheet for every major character, but if it's only a minor secondary character that you'll only use for a short time, than you don't really need to post one. Kinda like how I just used Maz in the starting post without a character sheet, but I don't plan to use her much (if at all) in the future. Does that make sense?

And I am still in control of Cassian, even though he's not an original character. Sorry.

Yes, PM's would be very useful, but I believe Jim said he was busy with personal stuff this past week or so. And now he has to deal with Ben again.


Ok, also you answered it. Ok, now I think i understand it all.

Also I have a good idea, but first I need to make a character sheet for our mysterious man.


Sounds great!


Lea, i have plans tonight, but I didn't want to leave you high and dry I posted my part.

The only problem is I forgot the name of
the planet you want to send them to. So I out blank and will edit it to add it in. Also I didn't get a chance to full out the report yet but will have it some by tomorrow. Also it may work in my favor as the dark Lord is still up for debate as I have him a generic name and didn't reveal to much about him incase you had plans for that. St least we get our first sneak peak without having to rewrite history later on.


Alright. Assuming the Dark Lord is Sidious? Your post made it seem like he and Cassian had worked together in the past, though.

The planet was Kashyyk, the Wookie planet with the huge trees. Kinda picked it at random for a jungle feel.

And no worries about being busy; it happens. We seem to be running on different schedules anyway.

Also, would you mind "replying" to one of my earlier posts next time? It's annoying to have to tilt my phone sideways to write, lol.


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are starting tomorrow, April 2nd! If you haven't posted your character(s) yet, please do so soon! You can still join after the role-play starts, but it's easier if we all start together.


So do I have your permission for this character since he isn't a jedi?

Name: Crypto Sarhroon


Role: A bounty hunter

Age: 34

Appearance: He has black hair, black puppy dog eyes, a slinder nose with a crook in it and light facial hair around his face. He is a human man with a slinder body and slight musclear build.

Wearing: black shoes, black slacks, grey shirt, a vest with a triangle down the front.

Personality: A wild card who leaps before he looks. A very trusting man who will follow a cause and will even die for it. He believes in himself as worthy of respect and not a common man who should mix with the locals.

History: Once a body guard for royalty who served in the clone wars as a double agent under several separatist leaders noteably general Grievous. He would leak information or sabatoaging the war
efforts of the loyalists in Naboo allowing Queen Amidala to be taken hostage in order for her to sign over a treaty making the war legal in the eyes of the republic. He was abandoned by those he trusted when the war was resolved, found out and was condemned by the republic empire for war crimes. He served six years, exscaping from prison and going on his own as a rogue bounty hunter to keep out of the public's eye and make a living. He eventually grewed tired of watching lesser known smugglers reap in the benefits turning to the darker side of the force as an assassin for hire.

Weapon(s) of Choice: A deadly sia and pistol.

Equipment: A black case holder for his sai

Strengths: Fast runner, weapons expert and vast knowledge of fighting manuever

Weaknesses: Arroganance overloading his judgement, trusts without question and a little slow on the draw.


Other: His voice is loud and commanding like a general.

Role-Play Example: A man wearing the traditional robes of a councilman walks down a busy street uneased. A man with black hair rounds the corner as he watches him walk amongst the crowd. Crypto makes his way through the mass like a snake about to strike. The councileman feeling as if he is being watched only sees the happy go lucky patrons buying from merchants or feeding their kids treats. He turns around, a haste in his steps and crosses the busy intersection. Crypto comes back into view crossing with two arguing men over a broken carved doll in front of him. The man held up the toy. "Is this the tripe you pass off to all your customers."

The merchant's face was turning red and waved his hands in the air. "There is nothing wrong with my merchandise. You are trying to cheap me. I should have you arrested."

The councilman couldn't stop the little smile forming on his face.

The skies darken as rain drops pelt the sidewalk drenching everything and anyone causing them to seek shelter. What few lights shone in the darkness of the night were swallowed up by the dark gray mist that accompanied the rainfall. As a result, hardly a soul was in sight.

As he made is way through the last three blocks of his condo he saw the same man from before standing at a street corner. The councilman turns into an alley, hearing the ruffling of shoes and the sight of flicking dim lights causing shadows to move all around him. As he made his way between the buildings the side of a trash can knocks over making his knee buldge as he held onto the wall barely standing. A cat runs out clutching a piece of meat between it's teeth as it runs out into the night. "Stupid animal. Nearly scared the life out of me."

As he got back his feet, a man's hand held a sia around his neck. "Councilman Palentine. By the orders of Grievous your services are no longer required."

The councilman grasped for air and his faced filled with fear. "Your mistaken. I'm in his good graces. He said I was under his protection until the war is ov....

Crypto tightened the blade cutting him off in mid sentence. "Yes. Your family will be spared. You on the other hand are a liability. Too loyal. An honest councilman close friends with our newly elected Queen and her jedi special force.

Palentine's eyes shoot up as he looked as he strained too look at his would be killer. "Wait. Whatever he is paying you I'll double it?"

Crypto is about to cut into his neck when he stops. "What am i? A cheap trolip selling themselves so easily in the district."

Palentine lets out a nervous laugh. "Not only money my boy. Absoulte power.


Just a few notes:

1) The Clone Wars are technically still happening, but it's close to the end. So you might need to adjust his history a little.

2) I feel like Palpatine would have put up more resistance to an assassin, lol. But it doesn't really matter.

Accepted overall, though.


Happy Easter.

Leia, alright this is our chance to do this right. Now I got some use as for a battle, but I want it well rounded. I'm not good at starting one, but I did get the ball rolling. So I'm gonna post what I've got now and take it from there. That way we both can shine here. Let see if we can outdo the movies. Of we really get into it I'll see about catching up with your schedule and that way we can do the battle back to back.

God speed ahead!


Booyah! Let's do this thing!

A brief warning, though: combat can get a bit complicated in role-playing. Some people devise elaborate rules just for fighting in role-plays, but I'm not going to be too strict about it. Leave it as no killing without permission (unless it's side characters that no one really cares about; dang, that sounded cruel). Also, allow each other's characters to dodge to some degree; granted, we can't dodge everything, but we shouldn't be getting pummeled to a pulp, either. Does that make sense?

EDIT: Oh, and I don't have classes today because of Patriot's Day, so I'll be available most of the day.


That's the spirit and sorry Leia. I've been tired from work so I've just been looking and visiting specific biards. But i am going to try staying on in the mornings. What time are you free from classes? Also I realized my story was left incomplete. I must've been really exhausted.

I'll add the rest and a little extra I thought up. I just need help staring it as I'm not sure if guards should attack at first sight or not.


Well, I'm done with classes for the day, lol. Tomorrow I'm free 7-9:30am (although some of that is waking up, haha), 12:30-2pm, and 3:30-8 pm. Roughly.

Depends what kind of guards they are. If they're strict and battle-hardened, they'd probably shoot on sight. On the other hand, they could demand surrender first if they're a bit more merciful/lenient.


Alright, we can some of it now and pick it back up in the morning.


Sounds good. 👍🏻

I think there might be a character limit; that could have been your problem.


I can counter that by posting it after my first reply. Is that against the rules or consider spamming?


Um, I think that's okay. As long as you warn me that there's more coming, lol.


Alright I think some time for planning can commence. Pick it up tomorrow? I wanna make the war more destivating and give it a Grande finale before leaving, but I need some time to think.


Sorry about disappearing. And I do have an idea about a big finale; I just need to figure out how to get there.

EDIT: Hmm. You kinda stole my thunder a bit there, haha. It's alright. I got it. Zahara's going Dark briefly.


Oh, the general? If you want paralegal you can have it. I'm not picky. I forgot about Kris as we wnt back and forth so it was a last minute addition anyway.


Wait, what? Now I'm confused, haha. I thought Ranbl wanted Zahara to kill the General (Kris?), while he went after Parelegal.

And that was my big finale, lol. She'll be out of it for a few posts.


Oh, i thought when you said I stole your thunder you wanted the big bad. So if you already covered the general fantastic. Alright let me see what I can do.


If you're stuck, maybe you could just edit your last post to be fighting Paralegal instead of the random soldier, then in your next post find Zahara amid her carnage? *shrug*

I think most if not all of the enemy soldiers have been taken care of by now.


I had to set it up a little and I'm going to post that. So if you wanna add anything else now is the chance. Otherwise tomorrow I'll add the finale fight. I'm thinking we could have a short celebration and leave the town. So if you wanna cover that part.


Alright. I'll rely to your post when I have more time to read and digest what you wrote, haha.

And I do have idea for them leaving town, but it's more like "We need to get the f*** out of here before they turn on us." XD


Well Leia if you don't mind me asking. How has college been going? I remember the hustle and bustle of a hectic schedule.


These last three weeks are extremely busy, haha. I had a short story due today. I have an essay due Friday, and two projects due next week. Then come finals.

But I get good grades, so I'll probably be fine. Just getting a little stressful.


Remember take a break. Don't over work yourself.

What kinda career are you looking at?


Yeah, I know. One thing at a time, deep breaths. I tell myself that multiple times a day, haha.

And I honestly have no idea. I'm studying Computer Science, but I don't know what to do with that major when I'm done.


Really? I haven't kept up with it much. But I keep hearing robots are the future. With your skills wouldn't they be valuable for their systems?


Computer science and robotics do go together, yes. There are many things I could do with the major, I just don't know what kind of job I want.
Honestly, I would rather just write, but I know that is a hard market to get into and doesn't pay well, so computer science will be for my main job and I'll write stories on the side.


I hope you accomplish it as you are a bright girl.

Also, I think I came up with a good idea. So for the caravan I'm thinking they can be like sand people who are rounding up kids for slaves.

Now since I took control of the first and may be second do you wanna do the third?

That is when we'll face the darkness and of you want to turn evil or stay good at that time will be up to you.


Thank you.

Do you mean for me to play a sand person? Sure. Is that part of Crypto's trap or something in addition to it?

Zahara will flip flop a little, lol, but her heart will stay in the right place.


If you want. Well I had another idea for them. How are gigantic death stars created? They must have workers who can create them, but have flaws that allow their destruction. Think about that hole Luke shot into. So the slaves are being taken to create them and that's what leads is to the dark side. I'm thinking of thing it all around where Zimbrow was a place that palentine wanted conqured with Paralegal being his recruit and a test pilot for conquering planets. So good ole fashion war fare failed, but could more advanced technology? So you see each story will follow the last beautifully.


Have you seen Rogue One? Galen Erso willingly put the flaw in because he didn't like what the Empire was doing.

Also, what's the cage of light in your last post? Is that the Force? Or just electricity?


Just electricity powered by sunlight. Also I keep waiting on netflicks and nothing.



You could try RedBox, it's pretty cheap to rent from them short term.


So, since Strannger has left indefinitely, the role-play is officially stuck. Which means I could really use another player, if anyone wants to post a character and jump in.


Lara is available😉


Excellent! As soon as you get your character sheet posted, I'll help you get started.