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I can't explain this

Three of us traveled to a Steeler football game. We had some time to kill so "Joe" saw a fortune telling shop and wanted his fortune read. Most of the stuff she said to him was kind of general. But she said three things that made us think twice. She said to him you have a brother living in Boston (he does). Then she said his new business will be a big success. His brother had just opened up a bar/restaurant. Now a year later he is making a ton of money. Maybe she guessed he had a brother but how would she know he open a new business? But even more amazing is with the thousands of cities across America how in the world did she know to pick Boston.

The other thing she asked is who's driving home. He pointed to the other guy because we went in his car. She then said someone else please drive home. He took whiskey into the game with fake binoculars and got plastered. He insisted he wanted to drive home but we remembered what the fortune teller said. So I insisted I drive. He finally agreed. I don't know if she saw us in a bad accident or what. But I did get stopped on the way home because of a burnt out headlight.