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Nessie - very uncanny 1990 sighting

Fits in well with "the paranormal" because this sighting lines up with certain uncanny sightings reported by the late Ted Holiday in his The Great Orm of Loch Ness - where witnesses claimed to have experienced a sharp, unnatural sense of dread and even horror over the creature they saw. Not awe - as, say, in a sighting of the classic Plesiosaur - over a natural wonder, a living fossil, but something else, something like supernatural dread, as if they should not have seen what they saw, or that it simply should not exist in an ordered world. Perhaps this sense of uncanniness is what lies behind the view of the Loch Ness creatures as the each uisge - the water horse...or the kelpie...


Agreed - the shape alone is kind of lumpy and creepy looking...


You might get a charge out of Holiday's book, cheaply priced at Amazon:


I wonder why the sightings stopped? You think Nessie is dead?