Photoshop in faces??

Like Sharon Stone in Catwoman and Basic Instinct 2. It looks like she has the clone stamp in the entire film. How is that done with film?


A few ideas:

- Skin filter type effect being used during editing, one of the most commonly used of these in the TV industry to improve skin is called BeautyBox. I'm sure it wasn't around back when those movies were out but they possibly used a bespoke software solution like that or just used masks and blurring. Essentially the same way you would in Photoshop but more time consuming since things are moving.

- Lens filters to soften closeups have been used for decades.

- Soft, flat, frontal lighting. Very common in older actresses as since it's coming from the front it's extremely flattering to wrinkles and skin.

- Don't discount a really good makeup artist.