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I'm interested in Cinematography, but..

Not sure where to start.

I want to purchase or rent a 35mm film camera, one that would produce the quality of a feature length film such as There Will Be Blood.

Anyone know a website where I can look at prices of a good quality 35mm camera?


A reputable sales dealer.

Renting a camera depends on your location, but any rental house will REQUIRE you carry insurance. Look up motion picture insurance rates.

And because you're going to need film: a 400' load (roughly 4 minutes of run time) is $317.

And don't forget the cost of your lab to process your negative and either provide a one-light work print or a digital transfer.

You haven't even gotten to lenses or support gear yet and it going to cost you at least $10,000 to shoot less then 4 minutes of footage.

If you've never even touched a film camera before, save your money and go to film school.

Ask if you have any further questions.

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Sweet man, thanks so much for that info. I'll reply here if I have any questions.

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Start with digital, film is way too expensive. There's plenty of digital cinema cameras now that can provide a relatively affordable cinematic look, e.g.-

Sony A7s
Canon 5D Mark III (Magic Lantern RAW hack)
an old used Red One
Digital Bolex
various Blackmagic cinema cameras - the Blackmagic Pocket can be had really cheap

Even the LG V30 smartphone which can be bought quite cheaply now provides log video recording. It's nowhere near the cameras mentioned above but would be a fine starting point.


I recommend you buy a Canon dlsr with 18 to 35 mm lens and maybe get another lens 50 to 200 mm for close ups. 18 mm or lower is good for wide shots and you can achieve the film look. You need to frane the wide angle shot and beware of the composition bit it looks really nice and old school.