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Films like Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train

Ok, despite them both having "girl" in the title (for the smart arses), can you recommend recent films that have similar themes or mystery elements? Not just a mystery film, but films that would pair well with these two.

Despite what people have been saying about the Girl on the Train (I didn't read the book) I really really enjoyed it. Gone Girl I read and then watched and loved even more.

Edit: I've seen Basic Instinct and Girl with the dragon tattoo.


I haven't seen either movie. Furthermore, there are at least three movies with the title The Girl On The Train (2009, 2013 and 2016). You might want to clarify in more detail which themes and elements you'd like to see in the recommendations you'll receive.

You may want to check out:

- Prisoners (2013) - not seen myself
- Incendies
- Gone Baby Gone



Tell No One AKA Ne le dis à personne (action-crime-drama-mystery, France, 2006)


Ne Le Dis A Personne is an excellent choice.

I also recommend...

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed
A La Folie...Pas Du Tout (2002)

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Haven't seen The Girl on the Train and it's not clear what themes and elements you're looking for, but:

Fatal Attraction
The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Single White Female
Eye of the Beholder
Double Jeopardy
A Perfect Murder

Just because I stumble down the road like a drunk, that doesn't mean it's the wrong one.


These are all great recommendations, Assestsonfire! I've seen all of them but Eye of the Beholder, but definitely the kind of list I was interested in.

To elaborate on my original post, I was looking for films that involve a murder mystery, strong female characters (either protagonists or antagonists), plots that deal with disturbing material or violence.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


The Body (2012)


Oh man, I really want to see that one. Thanks for the recommendation!


Something Wild (1961) with Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker.