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sick of my Nexus 7 2012 1st gen

what do i do? i take it most of the population has given up on tablets, but i am not ready to. i hate going online on my phone for many reasons. i want a tablet!

my tablet is elderly, slow and basically a brick! i've tried all of the usual i.e. reset to factory settings, but lollipop murdered it.

so do i buy a cheapy like an asus or acer or samsung even though they themselves are a bit old now? or wait a few months and see if google surprises me with a september announcement "new amazing tablet coming soon in 2016"

all sensible advice welcome.....


Root it and flash Cyanogenmod 11. Its the only way I could make my N7 1st gen usable. There are plenty of guides online and it isn't too difficult.

My first gen is in a drawer somewhere, the second gen is a much better device and you can pick them up cheap now days.


thank you