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Another thing iphones can't do:FM Radio

Disclaimer: Im and Android guy but actually like iphones and used to have a 5s which I enjoyed for a year. I still play on buying an SE as a second phone.

Why can't iphones do FM radio? Before you jump on me and start screaming "iheart, spotify, itunes radio, pandora.." stop. Im not talking about radio apps that use data I'm talking about DATA-FREE radio that uses your headphone wire as an antennae.

I thoroughly enjoy the NEXT RADIO app on my cheap LG boost mobile phone. I can listen to it basically all day, any station worry free without using data like the other apps.

Most Android phones can do this, even windows and blackberry phones can too. I read an article about it yesterday and it seems Apple doesn't allow their phones to be capable to do this. Why?.....Its pretty obvious. They make $$$$$$ off paid apps.

The comment section was hilarious and showed how blind isheeple were: "No phone can do that!" Another said "Oh only phones over seas can do that". I wanted to jump in a gloat about how other smartphones could do it but didn't feel like registering on the site.

It's just another way iphone sheeple are getting screwed. End of rant.
Did you isheep know about this?

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True. I like to listen to radio a lot as well. Recently got a new Samsung smartphone.

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Here's a dirty industry secret. Most smartphones can receive terrestrial FM radio signals with your headphone acting as an antennae but manufactures refuse to enable it. The only one that seem to allow this feature on most of their phones is alcatel.


Nah they just want you to use up data, or lock you into subscription services or target ads based on your recorded usage.


Yeah that is true, I have music that I synched to my phone but sometimes I get tired of that music and want to hear something on the radio even though radio can suck but there is a couple of stations I like the light rock yesterday and todays station. I had a phone back in the early 00s I think it was in 2006 I believe I had a Samsung or Nokia phone and I was able to play FM/Am radio.

OP this is a good question I will listen to I Heart Radio at work but I know I may be charged data and pay for it when my bill comes.