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Adequate boards software would allow all of the following things:

1. Administrators would be able to assign privilege levels and privilege categories to other users.

2. The chief administrator would be able enable a muting sandbox feature upon any user, and this feature would cause any new posts made by the user to be invisible to all other users except for the chief administrator, in such a way that the user in question wouldn't really know that the content of board as it is viewed by that user is partly or totally a simulacrum, unless that user had a sock account to arouse suspicion. The feature would also be flexible enough to trap multiple users in the same presentation where they can interact with each other (much like a "bad sport" lobby).

3. Administrators, technicians, moderators, curators, ushers, guides or other privileged users would be able to make posts that are invisible to users of lower or adjacent privilege than themselves. Users at a given privilege level would be unable to see posts designated for users had a higher privilege level.

4. Reply posts inherit the properties of the original posts, while threads inherit the properties of boards, while boards inherit the properties of board system sections.

5. All posts would have metadata that included the their respective authors' IP addresses and the name resolutions of those addresses along with the user agents and HTTP metadata altogether as well as cookies.

6. Administrators would be able to assign to themselves or other users the power to view some or all of the metadata in posts.

7. Administrators would be able to assign to themselves or other users the power to observe in real-time the entirety of board activity at a given privilege level. The presentation of the posts would be sortable and filterable in a variety of different ways.

8. The chief administrator would be able to modify every access control scheme present within the system, and there would be automated mechanisms to assist with doing so.

9. The option would exist for the message database content to be stored on drives linked together via cluster computing or cloud computing.

10. The administrators and technicians would be able to exercise their observations and controls through not only through a web-based interface but also chat-based interface, a shell-based interface and a VR-based interface.

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What other administrative features, implied ones notwithstanding, can be thought up?