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Question about blank DVD discs with 120 minutes of space...

I know this is the "Audio" board, but I wanted to post this here because the main page for all the boards shows that this one has a lot of users, so I figured it would maximize my chances of a good response.

I am trying to burn some episodes of a show I have onto blank DVD discs. The episodes are 20 minutes each. The discs are 120-minute discs. I want to fit 8 episodes onto one disc. 6 episodes are 120 minutes. But because I want to fit 8, that runs me to 180 minutes.

I hear there is a way I can set DVD burning software in such a way that it will allow me to fit more than 120 minutes worth of video onto a 120-minute blank DVD disc.

Will 40 more minutes make that big a difference if I fit two extra episodes onto the disc? To paraphrase... will two extra episodes really run the video quality down much if I "cram" them on there? It's a cartoon, incidentally...

Any help is appreciated.


A few notes:

1. Your question has nothing to do with "Audio Equipment and Home Theater Audio". I suggest posting in the "Computers and Software" section.

2. A user account lets you post anywhere on the IMDb forums. Posting to a topic where there are more user names will not get you more views, especially if it's off-topic in the area where you posted it. Granted there are some people here who haven't figured out that there's a main menu, but would you take advice from someone like that?

3. While time and space may be interchangeable when discussing theoretical physics, it's a non sequitur when it comes to blank DVD discs. There are single layer discs and double layer discs; they both occupy the same space, but the DL type hold roughly twice as many bits, which is the quantity that matters most here. I did find an old spindle of CompUSA DVD+R discs that were labeled "120 min", right under "4.7GB". The "120" is a somewhat arbitrary number when dealing with lossy compression.

You could either increase the lossy compression (at the expense of video quality) to make all 8 episodes fit onto a single, 4.7GB "DVD-5" disc, or buy a similar sized but greater capacity disc such as DVD-9. I'm presuming that you've already edited out any commercials, as each episode is only 20 minutes long.


8 gig DVD (dual layer) are available


Yes. You do this in the MPEG ENCODING step, BEFORE burning the disc. If your DVD authoring software allows this, set the bit-rate of the video signal lower than the normal 4000 kbps for 2 hours, like 3000 kbps. The visual quality will be horrendous, but that's the trade-off with compression. Or you could encode the video not as a DVD but as a video CD.

Use Dolby Digital or MPEG Layer 2 audio as an audio encoding option, as these use much less space than PCM.


If the show doesnt have a lot of action and explosions, you may not see any loss of quality.


Well, considering it's "a cartoon"... 