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Dipole and Bipole Surround Speakers

In an age of discrete, split surround sound, anybody use these types of speakers anymore? Dipoles and bipoles have two sets of speaker elements, woofers, mid-ranges and tweeters, on opposite sides of the speaker. Dipoles' elements vibrate in the same direction as each other for a more diffuse, out-of-phase, ethereal sound. Bipoles' elements vibrate in the opposite direction as each other for a more directional sound. Back in the pre-Dolby Digital and DTS x.1 Dolby Pro Logic and THX surround decorrelation and interpolation days, these types of surround speakers were all the rage.


I have Klipsch RS62's as side surrounds, and they are amazing.
IF a movie is mixed right, You are there.

Recently watched Dead Pool and it was all you could ask for in theater sound.



Wow. Thanks, altpensacola!