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DVR/DVD Recorder suggestions

I like to tape movies from TV, DVR, and Cable to DVD. Considering a new recorder. Found the below and wanted to know if anyone has a better suggestion or any thoughts on the two models listed here.

Magnavox DVR/DVD Recorder MDR867H / MDR868H, 1 TB, and 2 TB hard drive respectively.

Video Playback Playback Media: CD, CD-R/CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R/ -RW, HDD
Compression formats: DVD-Video, AVCHD, AAC, Dolby Digital
Video disc playback system: NTSC

Audio Playback Playback Media: Audio CD, CD-R/RW
Compression format: PCM

Still Picture Playback CD, CD-R/RW, DVD, DVD-R/-RW
Picture Compression Format: JPEG

Connectivity Rear Connections: HDMI Out, Analog Audio Left/ Right In, Analog Audio Left/Right Out, Composite Video (CVBS) In, Composite Video (CVBS) Out, Digital optical out, Ethernet, RF In, RF Out

Front Connections: Analog Audio Left/Right In, Composite Video (CVBS) In, S-Video In

HDMI Features: 1080p up-converts, HDMI CEC
Dubbing: HD Contents Dubbing
Wireless Connection: Wireless LAN (Built-in)
2nd Screen in Home Network: Download for Viewing Anywhere
Twin Tuner: Record 2 programs same time


Took the leap and got the MDR868H. Has Six tuners built-in and supposedly can record 6 channels at the same time. The editing functions are an improvement over the older models. A new mode, the equivalent of Super HQ has been added, about 4 times the definition of HD.

Unfortunately it setup only to connect inputs from unencrypted broadcast channels or unencrypted cable connections. I guess I could pay to have my cable provider setup a conversion box or build one myself but since a newer model will be out this fall I decided against that.

I could only get a serial connection setup and found with even that I could only record one channel at a time. To make matters worst many of the channels were protected and could not be recorded or dubbed to DVD. Recordings to the Hard drive were not limited.

End result? Sent it back. Still looking and hoping they work out some of the issues with the new model coming out in a few months.