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Region Free DVD / Blu-Ray Player for USA wanted please help

I am looking to get a region free DVD & Blu-Ray player for my home entertainment system. I was hoping I could get some pointers or suggestions from the community here. I can imagine most would want a quality player at a good cost and not breaking the bank. So certainly I'd say that is what I'd be looking for.

I spoke with some folks in retail electronics and all signs point to folks selling region free blu-ray / dvd on Amazon and/or eBay and was given a few suggestions on what to look for. There are some really nice blu-ray players I've seen at the local big box stores that have all of the extra apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc) and appear to have some really good specs coming in at anywhere between $100-$130. So ideally I'd like to find something just like those but play region free (PAL & NTSC's Blu-Ray's & DVDs from UK, Japan, etc).

Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or recommendations. Much appreciated!


There were a couple of region-free no-name players, available from Wal-mart in Canada (Seiki BD-660), and Best Buy in the USA (Insignia). I suspect there are others; try googling any no-name Blu-ray players you find locally. And, I've heard that Oppo players are region-free, but they're expensive.

Otherwise, you either have to buy a modified player from a specialist, or have one modified. This guy sells mods for various Blu-ray players:
I'd suggest making a list of the models, checking on how easy the mods are to install, since most of them require some soldering, then seeing how available the most promising models are, and which have the best features.


Pioneer was one of the best for DVDs and I got one from a place that modified them to be region-free. Try shopping around at,, and


This is one model that is truly region free.

Samsung J5100RF Multi System Region Free Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player
Cost at $157 on Amazon

Many great features but might not have a wireless option if you need that.
There is a Wifi version with 2D/3D for $190 on the site.


It has come to my attention that there is a new Seiki Blu-ray player that upconverts to 4k, and it can also be easily made region-free.