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Why are 4k Projectors still so expensive

4k projectors are still really expensive starting at around $10,000. I understand that they have been around for 4 or 5 years years, I would have thought they would have come down in price by now, like the TV's have.

I'm still using my 1080i projector I got 13 years ago. It cost around $5,000 at the time which is a lot but half of what 4k projectors cost now. Also this is back in 2004 and HD had only been around for a couple years then. Anyone know why 4k projectors haven't come down in price? I'd like my next one to be 4k. My current projector will give up the ghost sooner or later!


It makes sense if Sony have a monopoly, but I don't understand why other companies don't make native 4k projectors. It's frustrating because you'd see the benefit of 4k on a 120" projected image over a 42" 4k tv!


That's true, but 4k tvs are everywhere, and the limits of 4k broadcasts and blurays etc haven't put them off making them.

However the limited number of 4k blu rays is the main reason why I'm not madly keen on getting one now, its just that if my current projector was to break I'd want a 4k one to future proof.