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Edison 3D - Bringing You 3D Functionality to Any TV (Indiegogo)

Enjoy high-definition 3D video from your existing 2D TV at the comfort of your own home with “Edison 3D (2D to 3D Converter) and 3D Active Shutter Glasses.

Product Link:

Btw, I'm not the creator of the project. I'm just a regular backer trying to help spread the word. Look through the description on the product page and make up your mind whether you want to help support the project or not.

Thank you!


So, far this is a great product once you set it up (know how to set it up).

Some cons:
- Constant flickering on glasses. This can be avoided by adjusting TV backlight as well closing shades/blinds (should be enough to keep the room just dark enough for no flickering). Constant flickering is an issue with devices similar like this (2D to 3D converters).
- No instruction guide but I have created a forum and made an Installation Guide as well as Help/FAQ (I'll link the forum down) that should help you with setting up.
- Only glasses created by them work. Their glasses are active shutter and run RF 2.4GHz but no other glasses in the market work with their product. A pair of glasses cost $40 on Indiegogo.
- No firmware support.

- The 3D quality is pretty great. It's as comparable as a 3DTV (minus the flickering).
- You can watch native 3D Blu-Rays as well as play native 3D Blu-ray games.
- Many options for adjustment.
- It's very inexpensive compared to similar products out there.

Here's the link to forum: