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60% of people prefer to watch movies on their phone or tablet

I just read this. Apparently, some study was conducted and it found that most people these days prefer to sit in bed with a tablet or phone and watch a movie that way. I don't see how you can fully enjoy and appreciate a movie that way.

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You can't but 60% of people are too dumb to realise it.

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Good for them! I agree, it's hard to fully visually immerse one's self in a story on a screen as small as a phone, plus good luck trying to hand-hold the thing steady for 2+ hours, plus the tinny sound sucks. I guess for frequent bathroom breaks or other distractions it's convenient to pause the thing right in the palm of one's hand.


Really? I've never met a single person that watches movies on a smartphone. Also, NOTHING beats watching a movie in HD on a big screen TV imo.


I'm guessing that it's a generational thing. People in their salad years don't spend money on large and costly home theaters, but probably watch more than older people do. Time will tell whether they move up to better gear as they make more money, or just settle for less because they never got to appreciate the difference in quality. Either way, it is their choice. 


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That's 60% of the brain dead population that needs to be prevented from breeding. The world is over populated anyway.


Don't forget, people watch media on public transit, during breaks from school or work. An hour here, an hour there, fit it in where you can, only so many hours in a day and endless movies, shows, and life stuff to do.

That's just rationalizing bad behavior. And I wouldn't call the people who do watch films this way to be true fans of cinema. Yeah, watching on a phone riding the bus lets you see the movie, but really, do you actually "see" it? I suppose I'll be accused of being old-fashioned, but when I watch a film I try to limit or eliminate altogether any kind of distractions or detriments to the quality of the video and audio experience. It's called giving something your "full attention." I know this way of watching films seems to have fallen out of favor nowadays, but it's still the way I prefer to watch them.

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some study was conducted and it found that most people

"Some study" and "Most people" are incredibly vague and pretty meaningless statements.

According to Ofcom figures for the UK:

"Most 16-24 year olds are watching on-demand and catch up programmes on computers and smartphones rather than on a TV connected to a set-top box. Nearly six in ten young people (57%) regularly watch on demand and catch-up TV on their laptop or PC. Almost half (45%) watch on a smartphone, and four in ten (40%) switch on a set-top box.
But, despite the growth in online viewing, TV still reaches the overwhelming majority of people. Over 90% (92%) watch TV each week, down slightly from 93% in 2013."

For a wider study the IAB polled 4,800 people in 24 countries including the US, UK, South Africa, and France, and those surveyed in China, Turkey, Finland, Singapore, and Russia and Singapore were the most likely to watch long-form videos on smaller screens.

But you still have to be careful how you interpret the term "Long form video".

"36% of smartphone users confirmed to Adobe that they watch long-form videos that last 5 minutes or longer every day on their devices."

You cannot infer that this includes "Movies" too. The question would have to be more specific.

Beware also that every study, depending on who carried it out and why, gives differing results.

Just some thoughts. :)


I can't do it, not regularly. I need a 1080p screen, preferably 38 in. or more. Physical media still offers more consistent video quality, which is why I will eventually get an Ultra HD Blu-ray player once I get my first 4K TV.