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My ombre hair experiment!

I’ve been wanting a change with my hair for a while now, and after procrastinating for months, I decided to finally “ombre” or “dip-dye” my hair.

The ombre hair trend has been really big these past couple of years among celebrities, bloggers, and well – what seems like everyone. I

What does ombre mean? Ombre (a french word) specifically means “shadow” or “shade”. If you own some hair weave, lace closures, you may have spotted the word here and there – such as Ombre Body Wave Hair
or the Brazilian Ombre Straight Hair Weave
. When referring to clothing, hair, etc, it simply implies a “gradient”, a graduation of a color from light to dark, or vice-versa.

So it makes sense to name this hair trend “Ombre hair”, as it’s a gradient of hair color.

Overall, I really like it, but I’d still like to make some minor changes. I’d like a little more blond, and possibly additional highlights throughout my hair to blend it all together. I’m going to let my hair breathe for a few weeks, and by that time, I’ll see what I’m going to do.
In the meantime, I wrote out how I achieved this look to my hair, and provided the names of the products I used from Beautyforever hair mall.