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Brazilian Body Wave Hair

The Brazilian Body Wave Hair has a loose wave, S shaped curl pattern. It is our most sought after product and has quite an appeal attributed to its luminous curls. The curl pattern when installed appears as a straight hair that has been beautifully rolled with big hair rollers. It is sexy and exotic when installed properly. The Brazilian Body Wave
gives an authentic look as the waves are just perfect and not over done. For the woman who wants to fool the crowd in creating an undetectable appearance with their luxury weave, this is a definite favorite. Many women choose to wear their Brazilian body wave hair with a Brazilian Body Wave Top Closure especially if their real hair is in its natural state. When selecting a closure, it's important to choose a base foundation closest to your own skin color in really simulating the indistinguishable front part.

It's important to understand that when dyed and washed, the hair does not fully resume the curl pattern in its original state. To replenish the curl pattern of the Brazilian Body Wave, it's a good idea to utilized the flexi rods at nights or use a curling wand to recreate the curl pattern. The Brazilian Body Wave is versatile and appealing in its ability to go bone straight when flat ironed. Additional hair care information can be found on our website. At Beautyforever Hair we only supply AAAAA quality hair, which is the best and highest quality virgin hair available anywhere. Our clients view our hair as an absolute investment as it's not only gorgeous but long-lasting, does not tangle, matte and has minimal to no shedding at all.

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