Chevy Cruze

We wanted a second vehicle so we decided to lease a Chevy Cruz with option to buy after two years. We like it except for one idiotic feature they put on them. We actually thought something was wrong with it and took it back for them to look at. They said that is how it is supposed to work. What it does is if you hit the break kind of sudden it shuts the car off. Like if a dog runs in front of you and you hit the break the motor shuts down. Called auto-stop. But say you are in an intersection and the person in front of you stops and you hit the break. He drives on but you are sitting in the middle of an intersection with a shut down engine. Stupid, stupid feature. We will not be buying it after two years just because of this.

Anyone else own one and hates this auto-stop feature.



OK thanks for that hownos. Nice pictures but not sure what it has to do with the Chevy Cruz.