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Your childhood family cars

My grandparents always owned Station wagons in the 60s even into the late 90s, until my grandfather bought a 96 Windstar van in 2001. So my mom and her younger siblings all grew up riding in a Station wagon, like most large families. They even had to drive them to school when they got their licenses while other kids probably had better cars. haha. Grandpa let me drive the Windstar when my first car died, but it only had 4 months left. When someone came to drive it to the junkyard the brakes gave out. Luckily that didn't happen when I was driving it!

My dad had some sort of light blue Oldsmobile in the late 80s to April 1993 when he and my mom traded it for our 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager which lasted until the end of 2004 when the Vietnam Vets came to pick it up as it was on it's last legs. I miss that van so much. Sometimes I have dreams about it. lol. Sometimes I still see them here and there but they're slowly disappearing now. I saw one on a street yesterday.
There was also a 1986 Subaru--not sure which model--until my dad traded it in for a 1995 Dodge Intrepid. I do remember riding in the Subaru, and the blue Oldsmobile as well. The Subaru had a sunroof. I was turning 6 when he traded it for the Intrepid in February 1995. The Intrepid lasted until maybe 2007. Now we're all driving Hondas. Our 2003 Honda Pilot is still driving well. There's family photos with both cars in them, the Subaru and the blue car but it's hard to tell what make they are just by a photo.

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Between 1977 (the earliest year I can remember our cars) and 2000 (when I moved away from home), my nuclear family had the following cars:

69 Olds Delta 88, 63 Studebaker Lark, 81 Chevy Citation, 72 Chevy Blazer, 71 GM 1/2 ton pickup, 78 Ford Econoline, 76 Chevy 1/2 ton, 71 Pontiac Bonneville, 73 Vega wagon, 74 Opel Manta Ray, 83 Chevy Malibu (had my first wreck, in that one), 59 Chevy Belair, 72 Cadillac Sedan Deville (the first car I actually owned), 83 Chevrolet 1-ton pickup (two of those), 90 Mercury Sable (only one we bought new), 74 Buick Century (sold that to my best friend, and it became the first car HE ever owned), 91 Taurus (ABS on that one; rare, at that time, also my second wreck)...and I think that's it.

Edit: add 1974 Chevy 3/4 ton crew cab. I KNEW I forgot at least one...

Since then, I've had a 76 Buick Electra, a 98 Buick Century, an 83 Chevy Caprice, 90 Chevrolet 1/2 ton (on long-term loan from Mom), an 87 Chevy Caprice (stolen), and two 89 Caprices (one bought from my grandma and sold to my best friend, currently driving the other one).

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1965 Ford (turquoise color) pickup with camper.

1972 Ford Torino (brown two door, basic model) I remember the day we got it. I was a bit disappointed but I grew to love this car, then it got totaled when my mother hit a cow in the road. The car was repaired but the frame was damaged, so it was one of them kind of cars you see that look like they're driving sideways a bit if you know what I mean.

1972 Ford Courier (green)

1979 Toyota Celica - (Brown hatchback) this car replaced the Ford Torino.


Before I was born, my dad had some Mazda. He kept shifting it from Park, to Neutral, to Drive, Park, First, Park, Drive, Neutral, Park, etc., while stopped at a red light. He put it in drive when it turned green and the car went nowhere. Tranny gave out, or engine blew or something. So the story goes...

Dad had an '83 GMC Sierra that suffered from dieseling for as long as I could remember. I learned how to park in that truck. That darn thing never needed an alignment no matter how many curbs I smacked into. Eventually it wouldn't pass inspection anymore, and Dad sold it to a junk yard. He wiped a few tears away that day. I still miss that thing from time to time.

When I was maybe 8, Dad bought "The Blue Bomber." Some 60's Plymouth. He was working on it one day and asked my brother to rev it. Brother didn't rev hard enough, so Dad took over. "LIKE THIS!!!" he shouted, and revved it all the way a few times. I remember a bright blue flame shoot out of the engine, and it seized. Dad sold it to a guy who got it running some weeks later.

Mom always bought old vans without air conditioners.

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The first car I remember the family having was a Pontiac station wagon with the wood siding. Then we had a Ford station wagon for Mom while Dad had a Plymouth Fury station wagon. Then Mom had a Plymouth Fury station wagon. Then Dad got into Mercedes and Mom and dad each had one.


Had a number of cars but my favourite was this one, the Wolseley 24/80:


From the time I was an infant my parents always had good cars and the very first car my parents had was a Mercury and it was a baby blue colored car that was very dependable and we even drove to California during our move in it and Dad really liked it very much until Dad accidently took it to Firestone and they ruined it and so we ended up getting rid of it. Then my parents got a Chevrolet Citation that we got in the 90's and we had that car for a long time until we gave it to charity then we also tried vans and the first van we had was actually my dad's and it was a Subaru that we hardly rode in because Dad had bought it as a project and he was gonna sell it which he did. Then we had a Toyota van that we were gonna give to one of my uncles but we liked it and so we decided to keep it and we had that van a long time and even when we bought a Ford Windstar the Toyota was no longer in style for us and so even though we eventually sold the Windstar and bought our current pickup truck the Toyota van sat in our yard until our landlady told us to get rid of it because a neighbor's tree had fallen on it. But right now my parents are looking for a new van or truck after we find our apartment and I hope we get a nice van soon


The earliest cars I remember my parents owning were a little blue Sprint (dad) and a brown Mazda (mom). In the early 90s, mom got a white minivan, and we had it all the way from 1994 to 2003. Dad owned a green Neon after the Sprint died, and later on a Green Chevy Cavalier that we were able to keep from 1998 to 2013.

The white minivan in particular was very useful because it could carry the entire family and had a cargo area for suitcases, so we often went on road trips with it. Later on, we found we could transport our Alaskan Malamute (our first big dog in a long time), though that only worked if we put up a pet barrier behind the passenger seat. Otherwise, she liked to jump or climb over the seats and sit next to mom while she was driving, hehe.