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Anyone who used to own a Chrysler or Dodge minivan in the 90s

I LOVED those. It was the van of my childhood. We had a 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager in maroon. Until 2004. I loved how the Dodge caravans were basically the exact same car but different grills and taillights. I really wanted a red Caravan but noooooo, we had a Voyager. lol. Even recently I loved seeing the newish looking models (circa 1996-1997) of Caravans and Voyagers. My aunt drove a 1999 Grand Caravan but I actually wanted to see what the Voyagers and Town & Country looked like. lol! I also used to love how some of them had the black luggage racks on top but our van never had one. It made them look "cooler" in my eyes.

My grandpa bought a used 96 Ford Windstar in 2001 and I ended up having to drive it until it started to break down on me, in 2008. I drove it for about 5 months.



I had a '94 Plymouth Voyager that I bought used in 2001, which I drove for a month and a half, until some old drunk driver turned at an intersection right in front of me. Both his car and my van were a total loss.

I like the ones made between 1991 and 1995. I personally thought it would've been fun to stick the grille lettering from the '74 full size Voyagers in the grille.