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Get together trip!

Hi all,
Me and my cousins are planning to a get together trip next month. It’s been awhile that we have not met each other. We searched online for the best spots for trip and happened to find , we don’t know much about the place. They have Algonquin Park and we thought the kids would love it. But we need to know more about it. If anyone has experience been there, please advice. Whether this would be a good option for a get together trip? Or there are any other ideas?


I'm not familiar with it. But, I wonder if you've contacted them about winter activities.
I didn't see anything on the website that addresses that. All photos, and descriptions fit warmer weather. There is mention that the morning temperatures, during the spring and fall, can be chilly. But, there's no reference to winter, that I could see.

As you're planning your visit for next month, you might check to see if they provide equipment for cross-country skiing, ice skating, etc.. That could be fun. For warmer times of the year, it looks beautiful.