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Nikon Film Festival

Hi everyone,

Its my first fiction movie. In comptetition at the Nikon Film Festival. 2 minutes of long take. 37 taken. A great team. A message. Emotion. 2 professional actors

Please click on the red button once time per day. It wil take only 2 seconds if you had subscribe or you had facebook.

The best movie will win one prize and i want to show it to everyone.

As its a french movie, i will give you the translations:

- I don't know how to thank you.

-You are in one piece, It's all that matters

-Sorry, i feel weird all of a sudden

-Take all your time. You cannot recover of a shock so quickly

-I see all white

-There is certain things you had to forget.

-I don't understand its a feeling very very...

-Its normal

-Its like as i..

-Its normal

-that is the way of things of live. We cannot come back in the past.

-Follow me there is only one way to warm up

- It's not too gloomy ?

-You will acustom.

imdb file: