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None of the old stalwarts made it....

Trevor Aclea, Ibrarules, Cornetto, Fishbowl Spacehelmet, Saxondale7............ another time then


Happened across this by chance, and it genuinely warms the heart to be missed. Thanks, and I hope you are well. Same goes for any old pair of eyes that chance across this.

Can't speak for anyone else, since I've not been the greatest for keeping up with those that I did stay in contact with, but I just felt it was best to draw a line underneath forum chat with the closure of the IMDb board.

My interest in box office had somewhat begun to wane anyway, and discussions about current releases had generally become all too predictable and dull. I still occasionally miss discussions that went on a tangent, and topics about older films, but on the whole, I'm happy it ended when it did.

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out. Until next time!


Ha, I only joined here myself a couple of months ago. This site is a valiant attempt, but its really not picked up the slack from imdb.

I guess a lot moved on.