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Fast & Furious 8 opening

The word I'm hearing is that China is on track to open over 1.5 billion yuan (about $215m), and the domestic market should be 110 or more.

Furious 6 did $140m in all other markets, while Furious 7 opened to $250m. The dollar is somewhat stronger now compared to April 2015, combined with a bit of a drop comparable to the domestic drop, I'd estimate the OS-less-China opening to be in the 175-200m range.

215+175+110 = $500 million worldwide opening. Or more.


Hmm, I was off by a bit.

China - 215 vs 195
Dom - 110 vs 98
Rest - 175 vs 236

I suspect it's fudged upwards somewhat in order to take the worldwide opening record away from force awakens. But international numbers can't be checked at all so we'll never really know.