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Question about clothing.

In movies, shows and real life tournaments, I've seen fighters wearing light clothes. I've even seen men without shirts and shoes. I know that's for speed, but does it mean they can't be fast enough with heavy clothes? I mean, I've seen a few tokusatsu movies and shows where the choreography isn't as... "complex". Is it because the actors/stunt doubles are wearing super suits (specially the metallic ones)? What about masks and helmets? Those affect visibility, right?


You should be able to adapt to either loose clothing or heavy clothing. Training in a standard "gi" is most common, since it simulates a heavy shirt or light jacket.

There will be times where you will be "no gi", like at the beach or if a T-shirt becomes ripped away, and times where you will have on extra "handles", like a heavy jacket or a backpack, or if you're in military combat you'll have webgear and things like that.

And while a helmet might affect your vision and maneuverablility, you'll have extra protection from strikes, and can strike much harder than with just your skull (military kevlar, motorcycle helmet, SWAT helmet, medieval helmet, etc)


Part of this is so they other fighter can't grab your clothes and use it for leverage. I've also seen guys go as far as to shave their head so the other guy can't grab his hair.

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