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Favorite Female Martial Artists

Who are your favorite female martial artists in the movies of all time? List them...


Here are some:

Angela Mao
Michelle Yeoh
Hui Ying Hung
Cynthia Rothrock
Moon lee
Yukari Oshima
Etsuko Shiomi
Michiko Nishiwaki
Elaine Lui
Lily Li
Jude Lee
Yeung Pan Pan
Cynthia Khan

etc etc etc

This list can just keep going and going lol.So many amazing talents out there


Some excellent performers who are currently active are:

JeeJa Yanin
Gina Carano
Haruka Ayase


Michelle Yeoh
Eva Celia Latjuba
Pei-Pei Cheng


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I guess I'll add Jiang Luxia and Rina Takeda to the list of currently active martial artist.


Michelle Yeoh
Cynthia Rothrock
Brigitte Lin
Angela Mao
Jeeja Yanin
Karen Sheperd
Zhang Ziyi
Pei-pei Cheng
Maggie Q
Zara Phythian
Sandy Brown
Moon Lee
Gina Carano
Judy Lee
Hsia Kwan Li

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I am fan of many of the ones list listed I will add some that are not listed
Selino Lo
Michelle C Lee
samantha Jo
Amy Johnston
Anoa Ma

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Etsuko Shiomi for sure


I'd sayyyyyyyyy Moon Lee. I like her above all. She is simply divine.


1-cynthia rothrok
2-karen shepard
3-yukari oshima
4-Rina takeda
5-jeena yanin
6-cynthia khan
7-zara phytian
8-juju chan
9-Samantha Jo
10-cecily fay