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Cat people... your love is needed...

But first... an ode to that species that has inspired various narratives in cinema, in the form of a few brief little homages and references...

1) It has now been over twenty years since the fruition of our cult classic Cat's Eye based on the Stephen King work. Hopefully the myth that these guys steal one's breath at night has been alleviated from the minds of millions.

2) How amazing did Nastassja Kinski look in that famous scene from the film Cat People, when her character awakens in the middle of the night and, uh, goes for a little walk through the woods (if you have not seen this, it is recommended that you do)?

3) How intriguing was the dynamic between the cats and the sleepwalkers in the film Sleepwalkers? And that little prologue at the beginning with the fictitious definition of this fictitious race, which included the little tidbit about them being vulnerable to the scratch of a cat - pretty good stuff (especially in conjunction with the ending).

4) That second segment in the the Tales from the Darkside anthology movie- not the greatest segment in the world, but, still a fairly fun time (again, if you have not seen this, it is worth at least a watch).

5) Mr. Jinx from Meet the Parents/Fokkers - 'nough said, right..?

6) Yes, the alluring Michelle Pfeiffer is likely forever unbeatable as Catwoman. But it may not be for all the reasons we think. I believe the atmosphere Burton surrounds the character with in that film, in addition to the sultrily surreal vibe he gives her, makes for a suave and slick menace of a villain that is too unique to be matched. It would be rather challenging to conjure up another Catwoman character that is anything more than a joke at this point, as the character just screams cheese and camp in most films with a serious tone or setting.

7) Neytiri is one of the more impressive original characters ever generated by computers. A 9-foot-tall humanoid of a species descended from felines just as we humans are descended from primates; good stuff, Mr. Cameron, and imaginatively so. That's one gorgeous blue lady.

8) Sassy sure held her own in Homeward Bound. She was the glue that held Chance and Shadow together (well, until she got injured and lost for a bit). She could have showed that kind gentleman who nursed her back to health a little more gratitude in that one scene. But, all-in-all, cats certainly rule... to some extent ;)

9) What's up with that Keanu film last year? A cat being the focus of its plot premise is the only thing appealing to me enough to give it a whirl. I hope it's at least halfway funny whenever I do.

10) And lastly, for the real reason I made this post; and shamelessly, I might add... my fat boy had a crisis experience a few days ago. Perhaps you can assist him with even a small contribution:

I put some work and thought into this post to at least make it entertaining and not just a hand extended outward. Trust me... this thread comes from the heart (it has been one stressful weekend).

Feel free to name your own references. And if possible, contribute in any way you can to Nikolai. Thank you kindly...


I love cats.


I love 1-5! Great movies! And I have 5 of my own :)