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The Blue Max 1966 Still a good film

Love this film



I took in this great-war film last night for the first time in at least 20-25 years. WOW! The film has plenty of action, incredible flying stunts, Ursula Andress in the buff, a good story and outstanding direction. Why can't they make stuff like this today? And the best part is that there was no, FLIPPING CGI effects!

George Peppard is a grunt out of the blood and mud of the front lines. He has transferred to the German Imperial Air Service. He is looked on with disdain by the Prussian types who make up the majority of the pilots. Peppard has ambition, and a thirst for honors like the Pour Le Merite. (BLUE MAX)

Peppard is ruthless in his pursuit of the award and is rather disliked by his squadron mates. One of the better squadron pilots, Jeremy Kemp takes great pleasure in putting Peppard in his place .

There is a great sub plot with Peppard stepping out with the beautiful, Ursula Andress. Andress is the wife of Peppard's commanding General, James Mason. Needless to say, this action comes back to bite Peppard on a tender part of the anatomy.

The cinematography is gorgeous with Douglas Slocombe handling the duties. His work includes films like the first three, INDIANA JONES films, THE LION IN WINTER, ROBBERY, THE Italian JOB and THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA.

The director of this fine piece was John Guillermin. His films included, THE TOWERING INFERNO, THE BRIDGE AT REMAGEN, SKYJACKED and DEATH ON THE NILE.

A must see for fans of well-made war films.


yes, I have the DVD actually..

arguably the best WW1 flying movie, or in some ways..


Andress is the wife of Peppard's commanding General, James Mason. Needless to say, this action comes back to bite Peppard on a tender part of the anatomy.

I'm not sure if what happens happens because Stachel is rooting the Herr General's wife...lot of people form the impression that it is, but, you see, half the Jasta/Circus including Kemp have been through her themselves. The Herr General is impotent anyway, after getting shot off his Uhlan horse in the Franco-Prussia war or soemthing...and he has this nympho mare of a wife half his age, silly old fool .

Stachel is becoming a problem/threat of greater magnitude than just borrowing his Gruppen Fuhrer's probably does not help...but by itself, it may have been a survivable offence.

the book itself is worth reading, btw... Hunter S Thompson,of all people, from explains more about certain issue, such as the aerobatic duel around the church spire and what have you..someone was watching on the ground.


Never read the book but I guess I should. Thanks.


I love this film, if one can "love" a movie. It had inspired me to study flying. I had my first run with my then BF in his Cessna.


The rush as we took off! He was teasing me and let me have the controls. I did not have a problem and loved it; I wanted to land.

His teasing backfired and he quickly took over piloting.

Yes I heard Jerry Goldsmith's brilliant score in my mind as we took off. Excellent and I will read the book.

PS---George Peppard did a portion of the piloting.

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