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What ---to you--- is the perfect hamburger?

Here's mine.

Chopped habaneros, black pepper. garlic and Montreal Steak Seasoning and some mustard (liquid not powder), and maybe some Tony Chachere's, added to the meat.

Lately I've been frying some sliced mushrooms with some butter in the microwave for several minutes and add them to the meat/spices mixture.

Very fresh hamburger so I can leave it somewhat undercooked.

Chopped Onions. Lettuce, Mustard, Ketchup on a toasted bun.


Most importantly, not big. I don't like giant hamburgers or giant buns. For me, I like somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 pound. Next, the ground beef has to be fresh, and none of this super-lean stuff for me. I like my burgers juicy. I like chopped onion, ketchup and American cheese. That's it.


Just with mustard, lettuce, tomato and a slice of red onion.

Another way I really like them is with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, tomato and lettuce.