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Craft beers VS Domestic beers

I posted this on another board and thought I would post it here because has not been a post on Food and Drink for over a month.

Love beer and have tried many, many kinds of beer. I know some people make fun of beers like Busch and Budweiser. A popular place opened in 2014 near me called Numbers Brewing Company. They only serve craft beers. Four of us decided to check it out. We all like our beer but one of the girls said she would only drink two or three and she would drive us home. Two of us usually drink Busch and two of us usually drink Bud. The place was nice and had a fun atmosphere. Now for the beer. They had probably over 12 different craft beers to choose from. Since we had a designated driver and no one had to work the next day we decided to try as many as we could. (ended up trying them all) We took turns buying rounds. We had a blast but after we finished our last beers we all agreed NONE of them were as good as Bud or Busch. And the thing is if we would have went to a regular bar and drank the same numbers of beers and had say Busch we would have spent half the money. The moral of the story is you can spend a ton of money on fancy beers but none of them are near as good as Budweiser or Busch.

Some places near where I live you can get a 30 pack of Busch for &15.99 plus tax. Can't beat that!