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Did Thousands Of New Factories Open When Trump Was President?

Fair Trade for the American Worker

"President Trump confronted unfair trade practices, imposed tariffs on China that brought billions of dollars into the federal treasury, expanded American agriculture, and opened thousands of new factories."

I'm assuming Trump means "thousands of new factories in the USA" but I've also heard that details are not important.

I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find unbiased data on this.

And to be fair, IMO we should only count January 2017 to February 2020, as Covid probably caused several factories to close or ratchet down operations.

I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find unbiased data on this.

This chart says that there were 12.366 million people working in Manufacturing in January 2017, and 12.828 million in January 2019. (That appears to be peak manufacturing employment) - declines until 12.785 January 2020... then the pandemic... so 419,000 additional manufacturing jobs in three years.


I'll be gracious. 12.3 million mfg jobs Jan2017 to 12.8 million Jan2019 (peak) is 462,000 in TWO years.

You're welcome. Why didn't YOU catch that?

I don't know how that compares to Obama's last 2 years.


The Economic Policy Institute is a 501 non-profit American think tank based in Washington, D.C., that carries out economic research and analyzes the economic impact of policies and proposals. Wikipedia
Founders: Robert Reich, Robert Kuttner, Ray Marshall, Lester Thurow, Barry Bluestone, Jeff Faux
Founded: 1986
Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
President: Heidi Shierholz = Party: Democratic Party

finding fair news about Trump is almost impossible. all I know that is the 3 years prior to the plandemic were amazing.


the 3 years prior to the plandemic were amazing

⬆️ ^^^^ This 💯%


I don't know about new factories opening, but I heard from people I personally knew in manufacturing, of multiple contacts from European companies looking to possibly invest in American factories to start production in American to dodge possible tariff barriers.

Unfortunately, imo, Trump was far more restrained than feared, and those work arounds, that would have led to large numbers of new US jobs, were not needed.


Please, tell me more stories. I trust you.


That's all I have relevant to this subject.

China is the worst trading partner, no doubt there. BUT, the EU are a bunch of assholes too, and only look not so bad, because CHINA is utter poison.

And they know it. Which is why they were taking steps to deal with a stronger trade policy from US.

We have been WAY too generous for WAY to long, to people that are not evolved enough to understand the concert of gratitude.

Time to stop being the world's bitch.


When I google "how many factories are in USA" I get the following:

"Overall, there are 292,825 factories in the United States. The vast majority of these factories (268,000) feature 99 or fewer employees. There are 846 factories that employ 1,000 or more employees in America."

That data is by some organization called "Converged by Propel" dated May 20, 2021

American Manufacturing Statistics - Converged by Propel

converged dot propelsoftware dot com >blogs >american

That 292,285 number is nowhere in the website in that link.

I don't think there is any source to aggregate the number of factories.

When you file your income tax return, Schedule C, maybe a Partnership, LLC, etc. there are fields for a code for "Trade or Business" so you check "Manufacturing" and then there's another box for "what kind of manufacturing" and you check something like "apparel" or "baked goods" or "steel." I don't know where there is a box to check "Do you have Property, Plant, and/or Equipment." If you do have those things, then you report them as assets and you get some depreciation deductions, but what if you're just renting the location of your bakery or custom apparel boutique? It's still "manufacturing business" but not really a "factory" as anyone would understand it.


I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find unbiased data on this.

When I google "how many factories are in USA" I get the following:

And yet, you proceeded to use google which is a leftist biased source, lol.


Like I posted, I'm on the fence with his assertion of "thousands of new factories." Why is the burden of proof on ME find evidence that it's false?

Do YOU have a number for how many factories there are in the USA, today, 2016, 2019?


I'll take that as a "No."

"I'm assuming Trump means "thousands of new factories in the USA."

Why should I give Trump the benefit of the doubt? He only said "thousands of new factories." Maybe none were in the USA.

He's not soft on boasting, everything is the biggest, the greatest, etc. "Billions and Billions" dollars taxed on private universities' endowments" to pay for "tens of millions" college educations.


that data is from May 20, 2021.

has any website compiled data from 2021 to now? prob not, because they know it will be bad so therefore it will not be published as liberal sites will not publish anything that makes their Dear Leader look bad.

example: when Trump put tariffs and China and everyone freaked out. well Joe just did the same thing and no one said a thing. it was just a blip in the news.


"that data is from May 20, 2021."

I think we have to assume that data is crap, no one's counting factories.


of course its crap. the internet has been scrubbed for anything good that Trump did. although it might be on

the fact remains that no one cares about anything Joe does. Joe bypassed the supreme court to pay off student loans. no one cares.

China Rages Over Philippines Deployment: Did Biden Just Sleepwalk Us Into Another Cuban Missile Crisis? no one cares.


I want to say Trump is full of shit about opening thousands of new factories, but I don't think I can, because I don't think anyone's doing an accurate count.

OTOH, I could say that Trump might be right if he opened "2 thousand new factories" which would back up "thousands of factories" but if there are 292,000 existing factories, 2,000 more isn't much to brag about.


Biden is also full of shit when he said he would BBB. 3 1/2 years later. our economy sucks, inflation sucks, have 2 wars, the border sucks, the national debt sucks. but no one cares because everyone is so worried about Trump winning.


Yes, I intended to strike that link to the Economic Policy Institute. I saw that it was a Robert Reich outfit, and yes he is biased. Note that I didn't quote anything from that link.


"the 3 years prior to the plandemic were amazing."

I've posted this before:

"American households had a median balance of $5,300 in their transaction bank accounts in 2019, according to data collected by the Federal Reserve. Transaction accounts include savings accounts as well as checking, money market and call accounts and prepaid debit cards."

The same accounts in 2016 were $4,790.

$600 more in the bank after three years is "amazing?"

Note that this doesn't report mortgage debt, auto loan debt, credit card debt, etc.

I'm guessing households with numbers like that don't have a pile of money put into retirement accounts.

I don't think a household of ONE person can live for six months on $5,300 without borrowing. That's $204 a week. Even in 2019.


The median transaction account balance of $5,300 was calculated from almost 5,800 weighted responses to the 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances, a triennial survey by the U.S. Federal Reserve. This figure only reflects responses from households that had active transaction accounts at the time of the survey. The weighted average savings account balance was $41,600.

Americans think the economy is worse under Biden

even though Joe has over 50 years of political experience and said he would BBB. the US economy has not grown and no one has confidence in that other guy.


"average savings account balance was $41,600."

The "mean average" of chilidoggg and Warren Buffet's bank accounts is $2 billion.

The "median average" of chilidoggg and Warren Buffet is either $4 billion or 20 bucks. 

Americans were broke in 2016, they were broke in 2019, they'll be broke in 2028.


no person or political party can help average americans being broke. in any society there will always be haves and have nots. not everyone can be rich.


But policies can help or hurt.

Unfettered "Free Trade" with China was and is hurting. Trump took a BABY step with his push back on that, and it helped.

Unfettered immigration, was and is hurting. Trump took a DECENT SIZED step with his immigration policies and that helped. But, the problem needs about a LOT MORE STEPS of similar size. And the faster the better.

For two limited examples.


good point. I think chilidog was alluding that Trump was bad for the economy blah blah. which is getting old. anyways.

like I was telling others, my 401k constantly grew under Trump but the past 3 years I have gained and lost so much, its dumb.

even dems know Trump is good for the economy but they are so blinded by their rage that they cant see that he is good for america.