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Hopefully there will be no election!

Michigan reports second human case of bird flu in U.S. linked to outbreak in dairy cows.

Michigan farmworker diagnosed with bird flu, becoming 2nd US case tied to dairy cows ! It’s deadly and the goyim farmer is experiencing mild symptoms.

CDC finds second case of H5N1BridFluA Second Dairy Worker Has Contracted Bird Flu, C.D.C. Reports
The new case, in a Michigan farmworker.

WHO have concluded H5N1BridFlu is deadly.

The election needs to stop! This is Covid 2.0 and even more deadly.


Another Plandemic just in time for the election.

This is confirmation that they can’t stop Trump with lawfare.




The political show trials certainly haven't gone according to plan yet, but they'll keep trying and will pressure and threaten juries like they tried to do in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. They'll eventually get a couple of these bogus charges to stick.

After that, the plan is to fortify the election for democracy, and if that gets sticky then they'll give him the Vince Foster treatment.

I think another plandemic would be a Hail Mary if all else fails. And bird flu would be an even tougher sell because no matter how much these ghouls pray for deaths, the current strain doesn't seem to affect humans much.


Dude, there are instances of bird flu and writeups about it all the time. Every month. Every year.

This is a total nothingburger.


This has zero notable political coverage dude.


One is that there has been a mortality (or death) rate of about 50% in the almost 900 people around the world who have been infected with bird flu between 2003 and 2024.

Second is that Covid had only 1% MR

This can turn political at a drop of a hat.


50% ?
Thats amazing .
Can I get a link on that? ...... no its ok , did my own research ...
seems you're correct.


If only these scenarios can play out in reality and it was really deadly, there would be a lot of cleansing on the right of MAGA. You can already see the response and what they would do. Voting trumps vaccines and actual deadly diseases. If it does happen the left will be stupid enough to try to save them which is their usual downfall.