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Are you better off in 2024?

The coming presidential election rematch presents Americans with a profound opportunity to compare their lived experiences under two very different presidents. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump diverged over the Covid-19 pandemic, disagree on how to help less fortunate American children, chose to do very different things with taxpayer dollars and have opposite views of American democracy — all of which impacted everyday American life to some degree.

Biden may benefit in November from the power of incumbency. Trump may be helped by a nostalgia for pre-pandemic life. All voters will have to ask themselves: under which president were they better off?

My life definitely improved with President Biden in office. I'm a US Army veteran and Trump disgusts me. Most veterans I know feel the same way. Things at my VA hospital have been improving ever since Trump lost spectacularly in 2020.


I really like paying more for things.

It makes me feel happy inside.


Yeah... Biden is solely responsible for the worldwide inflation rates. 🤣 Why are you struggling? I'm thriving, my family is thriving and my friends are thriving.

I'm sorry for you because the huge recession you wished for never materialized.


Do we live in the same world?

Where I get tickets to Fantasyland?


It must be nice living in a "Let them eat cake" world...

Meanwhile, I'm seeing tons of depressed people at the checkout counters.


If you're struggling so much then maybe you should get a better higher paying job. With the unemployment rate lowest in decades you shouldn't have any problems finding a hew job.


I guess that's the problem with paid bots, they don't shop at Walmart and Costco and know what's going on in the real world.


The privileged muthafucka just told you to eat cake, Bro...

It's just that easy, yo...just get a better paying job. Learn to code!





Robocat where do you live my man?


He lives in eastern MA... the 2nd most privileged part of the US outside of Greenwich CT. They like to talk down to others.

They think their bougie way of life is the default, and everyone should bend to their desires.


I'm doing pretty good. But I work with a number of young people, they are really stuggling.

And we're looking at colleges for our daughter, man... the costs for such...weak advantages for jobs that have had stagnant wages for so long.

It's disheartening.


We are so happy that veterans get special treatment. Good for you and your ex-military buddies.


Thank you for your support. 🫡


Oh I never donate to veterans.


Yes, but I never relied on a politician to improve my income.

My only complaint is about covid, which I blame on Trump's mismanagement, for curbing my travel/leisure activities and shutting down my favorite eateries. 😷


Exactly! My answer to am I doing better than 4 years ago is always yes, and that has fuck all to do with who's ass happens to be sitting in the oval at the time.

My lone exception to that is Jim Webb, who introduced the Post 9/11 GI bill on his first damn day in Congress. That piece of legislation actually did profoundly improve my situation.


The US economy is a bobble!

Bubble 1) Student loan debt

The cost of higher education in the country has increased 4-5% per year over the last decade, dramatically outpacing inflation.

Bubble 2) Per capita healthcare costs

The US pays far more per capita for healthcare than literally any other country in the world; approximately double the average of other developed countries:

Bubble 3) Unfunded state pension liabilities

According to Moody’s, the combined sum of state pension unfunded liabilities is $4 trillion, and even in the “best case” scenario of stock returns over the next few years, liabilities won’t go down.

Bubble 4) Federal debt

A country can increase its debt forever and never go bankrupt, as long as its economy keeps growing.

Bubble 5) Zionism

It’s bleeding this country dry!

Multipolarity is here and an end to U.S. hegemony is near!

❌Russia will take the first step of de-dollarization by convincing the bloc to accept a new BRICS Bridge payment platform. The move could be devastating to the U.S. economy as America will find it hard to fund its deficit.

❌The following US financial sectors will be affected by this new platform:

1.Banking and Finance
2.Technology and Fintech
3.International Trade and Investment
4.Consumer Goods and Retail
5.Travel and Tourism

❌The multisided digital payment platform aims to grow as an alternative settlement without the need for the US dollar.

❌The Russian Finance Ministry and the Bank of Russia confirmed that a BRICS Bridge payment platform is on the cards. The development could see the light by the end of this year in 2024.

✅As more countries join BRICS and seek to ditch the dollar, where will that leave the U.S. economy? How will the U.S. respond?


where will that leave the U.S. economy?

With worthless paper money.


Robocat893 could never respond intelligently to your talking points.


If the response to his talking points was a Yahoo news article he could copy and paste the shit out of it though.


lol, he vapes weed oil everyday, his brain is mush. all he can say is Trump bad.


stupendous post

this should be a sticky....


You are a'lyin' through yer four teef, Lige


Good job doubling down on stupid. Your commitment to it is impressive.

Personally, I don't like making half as much, while paying double for everything and watching billions being sent to foreign countries while our southern border is open to invaders.


If you spend $1 million everyday it will take you 2,740 years to reach $1 trillion.

The U.S. national debt is now $34.7 trillion and rising by $1 trillion every 100 days.


When he prints it digitally, the new money is used to purchase Treasury securities which adds to the national debt and must be paid back at interest through income taxes. $1 trillion every 100 days means we're going to see a lot more inflation coming our way.

And none of this $$$ is going to working class Americans but a lot is going to Israel. Someone’s got to fund their:
Border Wall
Free Healthcare
Free University
Free public transport
Welfare payments to those who just want to study Torah (Yeshiva) and not work

Oh and the tonnes of US high tech weaponry needed to commit genocide.