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Sydney: Bishop Emmanuel has a reputation as a fire and brimstone preacher who …

Smiling Muzzy stabs the bishop and 3 others after yelling "Allahu Akbar". People are outraged and riot, attacking police and destroying their vehicles!

Bishop Emmanuel has a reputation as a fire and brimstone preacher who expresses anti-LGBTQ+ views and was highly sceptical over lockdown measures and vaccinations during the Covid pandemic.

In May last year, a video posted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about a campaign targeting the LGBTQ+ community showed him saying during a sermon that “when a man calls himself a woman, he is neither a man nor a woman, you are not a human, then you are an it. Now, since you are an it, I will not address you as a human anymore because it is not my choosing, it is your choosing.”

Emmanuel was ordained a priest in 2009 and made a bishop in 2011. He is a popular figure on social media, with clips of his sermons garnering millions of views on platforms including TikTok and YouTube.


Beginning of article:

Police arrested a 15-year-old boy after a bishop was stabbed during a live broadcast sermon in the second knife assault in Australia’s largest city in three days.

The teenager, who has not been named, is accused of stabbing Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, a senior figure in the ultra-conservative Assyrian Orthodox Church, and three other people.

The attack was captured on video, with graphic footage showing a person dressed in black approaching the altar of the Christ the Good Shepherd Church and launching a furious attack on the bishop’s head and upper body.

In a briefing hours after the attack, New South Wales police said the alleged knifeman was known to them.

The boy had asked to speak with his parents and police were considering the request, said Andrew Holland, the acting assistant commissioner.

He is being treated for injuries to his hands amid unconfirmed reports that somebody cut off one or more of his fingers in an act of vengeance after the teenager was tackled to the ground by members of the congregation.

“Reports are that he has injuries to his hands. I don’t know the extent of those injuries at this point,” said commissioner Holland. “His injuries are quite severe to his hand. He’s fairly upset and fairly distraught.”

In video footage posted on social media, several people appear to be holding down the alleged assailant. He is straddled by a man who has bloodstains on his trousers.

The video shows the teenager apparently smiling at the camera.


Lots of details here:
A multi-agency task force of counter-terror experts is digging into the past of the alleged attacker, including claims he recently converted to Islam.

By this point, a NSW Police officer had arrived on the scene and can be seen helping to retain the male.

A rough translation of the audio indicates the men asked the alleged attacker if his actions were religiously motivated.

There is some confusion about what the teen says in response as it seems he was speaking in broken Arabic. According to reports, he had recently converted to Islam.

However, at a press conference in Canberra today, ASIO Director General Mike Burgess said the intelligence agency was aware of alleged remarks made by the teen referring to the bishop having offended the prophet Muhammad.

In the video, one of the men holding him down strikes him in the back of the head and says in English: “While people are praying, you’re gonna do this? You’re gonna f***ing do this?”

The policeman pleads with the crowd to stop, saying: “Please, you’re gonna make it worse.”

The chilling vision shows the teen’s grinning face being revealed, prompting anger from one onlooker.

“You’re a f***ing idiot. Laughing? You’re a f***ing idiot. You’re gonna cop it. You’re gonna get …”

At this point, it appears someone off camera kicks at the alleged attacker, to which he replies in English: “You think that hurt, my brother? You think that hurt?”


"Bishop Emmanuel has a reputation as a fire and brimstone preacher who expresses anti-LGBTQ+ views and was highly sceptical over lockdown measures and vaccinations during the Covid pandemic."

Oh, he said that??! Well, then burn the witch.


wow he should run for poutus eh ?
I'll he'd have to due is start denying 2020 election , saying dems control everything and use words like 'deep state' and he'd be a shoe in!


Is English your first language?


I was rushing that a bit . I often dont spend time polishing my comments like I would a job application as i dont know if theyll be read , and if they are just disregarded with "tds" or something .
Still , I'm sure you can piece together my meaning.

... and yes I know you have to be born US to run.


The left is trying to get people to cheer on muslim terrorist attacks. The OP has an appropriate username.