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Presidential Assassin John Hinckley Jr released without conditions

The fact that Reagan survived the assassination attempt of March 30 1981 was a miracle; the bullet was lodged an inch from his heart.

If it had gone but an inch further, Reagan would have died instantly.

Hinckley would never have been released if that were the case.

So why should somone be let out just because the bullet didn't kill?

Reagan was nearly killed; his press spokesman was wounded in the head and disabled for life.

While I get mercy and compassion and 'paid his debt' etc, I think when it comes to someone who tries to kill a President, and nearly pulls it off, they should remain behind bars till the end of their days.



I think that the fact Hinckley tried to kill a Republican icon helped get him released in today's political environment. I guarantee that if Chapman had only wounded Liberal icon, John Lennon, he would not have gotten released.


I just looked up Chapman and found an eerie link to Hinckley; they were both born in MAY OF 1955!



It seems like they were both obsessed with "A Catcher in the Rye" too.

I don't know. Maybe not.


Chapman was going to kill David Bowie as well after Lennon.


I can think of one condition that should be set. Jodie Foster better have an iron clad restraining order set up IMMEDIATELY.


"So why should somone be let out just because the bullet didn't kill?"\

Because murder carries a different sentence than attempted murder.