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Why is political news stuff so hard to understand?

Political news programs are always filled with big words, complicated subjects, hard to understand words, and information that's so dense -- it's hard or almost impossible for the average American or person with normal level of intelligence to understand or follow with ease or well.

Why is it like that? How can everyday Americans know how their governments work well, when the information delivered to them publicly about it is so cryptic, hard to understand, and shrouded in hard to understand language and words.

I don't believe the average American can understand any of this stuff that's reported on during these programs, and even though I go out of my way to try and understand the information shown on them -- I have a hard time myself following it and feel confused and lost at times regarding trying to understand many pollical matters discussed. Why is it like that?


I kinda agree.


There's nothing good about politics! Nobody ever wins. That's why I don't listen to it. I vote but that's about it.


"There's nothing good about politics! Nobody ever wins. That's why I don't listen to it. I vote but that's about it."

You don't even know what you're voting for or against yet your vote counts the same as mine. 😏


When I vote, I chose wisely based on intelliegence, leadership skills, attitude, ability to respect and speak in a mature manner.

I don't vote based on popularity, color, or who has the most money.


You admitted you "don't listen to it." Maybe you can elaborate on what you mean by that but to me it sounds like you don't follow what's going on--from both perspectives. I listen, read and watch both because there's bias wherever you go. In fact, I hear more from the lefts perspective because they outnumber right outlets.

The media depends on people who watch just their local evening news to fill them in on the "highlights" but they show these edited clips and fill in their own narrative. They always make Republicans looks like monsters while making Democrats look like angels. They've become a million times worse since Trump became president because of their hatred for him.
I'm not saying he's ALWAYS right about everything but he's certainly not ALWAYS wrong the way they portray him to be.
It's quite disgusting.

Biden's 50 years of "leadership skills" has gotten us nowhere! HE'S gonna fix everything?! He had 8 years under Obama's presidency.

He's anything but intelligent! He can't even speak, he doesn't know where he is and the media ignores this. Did he respectfully speak in a mature manner when he insulted many blacks by saying they're not black if they don't vote for him? Or how about when he said he didn't want to raise his kids in a "racial jungle?" And that's just for starters. You really should look into who Biden is if you're planning on voting for him.

I would never advocate voting for someone based on their popularity, color, or who has the most money so we are definitely in agreement there.


Trump hasn't gotten us anywhere either. He brought this country way down the toilet in a matter of months. I never heard him say or do one smart, intellengent, or unbiased thing in the year 2020. Right now, we need a good leader more than ever, but we don't have one.

And don't say Trump fixed the economy. Last time I checked, the economy was currently a hot mess thanks to a pandemic he mishandled so poorly. People are out of work and buisnesses are shutting down.

The economy was only bad during Obama's FIRST term (2008-2012). Which btw, wasn't completely HIS fault. The stock market crash occured in 2008 when Bush was technically still in office. By 2013-2015, It was slowly starting to recover, not perfect.....but getting better. By 2016, the economy was quite fine, mind you, Obama was still in office in 2016. Trump didn't begin his term until January 2017.


You have to look at Trump's presidency from day one, not just 2020, which most of which was not his fault. He decided to shut down travel even though St. Fauci didn't think it was necessary. Trump made the right call.
All of this has been rehashed on the boards over and over again.

The rest of what you said, you sound like a CNN "reporter."

Do you advise your students to research information for themselves or just follow the popular crowd and say what they say?


I only judge him based on OWN his actions and nonsense that comes out of HIS mouth during press conferences.

I've seen him play covid as a joke saying it would "magically disappear" and that he doesn't believe in lickdowns or masks. There's big difference With the way Trump acknowledges it and when people like Fauci does. Fauci doesn't lie, he's upfront about the status of the covid cases. He gave us a a fair and brutally honest warning about reopening too quickly. Unfortunally, he was 100% correct.

In the past 5 months, I've never seen an ounce of remorse or sorrow in his eyes when addressing people who've personally been affected. He's proven many times he only cares about himself and HIS reputation.

So yeah, my observations aren't based on secondary sources from magazines, but his actions on live TV.

What are you gonna do? Tell me someone "forced" him to to say all that stuff or that he was "joking"? He doesn't deserve to have his actions defended by anyone. He's responsible for his role in this, and should accept it like a mature grown up.


You're not paying attention but believe what you want.

"he doesn't believe in lickdowns"

This time I believe you made a typo but it did make me laugh. πŸ˜…

"Fauci doesn't lie."

That's a lie.

Magazines? Who said anything about magazines?


You can believe and defend your precious president all you want. But every sane person in the world knows he fucked up. He could lie, your could lie, but deep down we all know he did.

This proves he's not a true leader or a man. A leader takes responibility and admits to their wrong doings. He just makes excuses and plays the victim.

But go ahead. Defend your precious little "president".


"...not just 2020, which most of which was not his fault."

There is a major crisis in the U.S. about every 10 years. It's the president's job to show strong leadership and lead America out of the crisis.

It is his fault because:

1. He fired the American doctor in China whose only job was to alert us if any viruses or bacteria mutated and threatened us.
2. Trump ignored health and national security advisors warnings for months.
3.Trump downplayed coronavirus for months calling it a hoax.
4. Trump refuses to create a national plan.
5. Trump repeatedly attacks his own health advisor and rarely attends meetings
6. Trump has called for people not to wear masks nor social distance which is the opposite of what health officials say
7. Trump held rallies which spread the virus and killed Herman Cain.
8. Trump stopped Chinese flights too late and it was too little. New York City cases came for EUROPE, not China.
9. Trump suggests cures like injecting disinfectant and hydroxychloroquine which are dangerous and don't work against covid-19.
10. Trump only began to pay attention to Covid-19 when the stock market dropped. The deaths meant nothing to him.

You sound like a Fox News "reporter". Are you researching the information for yourself or just follow the popular crowd and say what they say?


Most of it isn't that complicated. The problem is that U.S. educators teach next to nothing about civics properly or how their government even works. So the average person and future generations can't figure out their elected leaders are working against their best interest.
How else did so many working-class god-loving Americans get conned into supporting a twice divorced billionaire that declared bankruptcy six times and golfs during a pandemic? Other than the dog-whistling racism anyway.


Can you give an example of what is confusing you?


Here's an example of the stuff i don't understand well.


I don’t find it hard to understand. In fact, much of it is actually quite simple. I would suggest turning off the tv and reading good news sites. You can go at your own pace and look up things that are unclear.


Everybody lies(almost).

If you want to actually know what is going on it takes actual WORK on YOUR part.

Or you could watch TV news and be lied to.

Some people don't have the time or inclination and that's fine. We can't know everything.


It's the exact same thing with finance:

If average, everyday, ordinary people really understood what is actually going on, it would be a threat to those addicted to the power of their positions.

It would be all too easy to blame the educational system, but they are working hard to protect their power as well.


The average American should be receiving a much better education than they are getting at the elementary school level.
Ignorant people are more easily misled than informed people, which is why we keep giving tax breaks to wealthy entities and telling people it will eventually find it's way down to them. The gullible nod solemnly because it sounds like it should work that way but critical thinking would lead us to understand it's simply a money grab we'll never get back. And that's just one example.


because they want people to just associate themselves emotionally with issues - not to think. Not to be able to think, or participate in democracy.